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Binary Studio 21.06.2013

Selection process for Academy 2013, how was it?

To start with we have to admit that the competition for Academy 2013 was really large. About 300 students took the qualifying test and more than 55 were interviewed. More than 60 % of the company took part in the whole process and even more employees of Binary Studio are going to be involved into the project later on delivering lectures and couching our young talents.

After one and a half months of preparation for actual start of the Academy 2013, we made up lists of those, who passed screen tests and were successfully interviewed by our technical specialists and an HR Specialist. Thus we have 5 groups (2 for .Net, 2 for PHP and 1 for C++) with 27 students who are lucky enough to spend 2 summer months studying at Binary Studio under careful guidance of our experienced programmers.

.Net group is divided into 2 subgroups 6 students in each the same as PHP group. It was PHP group which we complete the last because of the additional selection test which unlike the planned one took place in the office of Binary Studio.

We are all excited and ready to launch the biggest Academy in the history of Binary Studio on July 1st!

Selection process for Academy 2013 in Donetsk Technical University
.Net group
Anton Pryadko
Alexandr Nosov
Andrey Shkimba
Saveliy Bondini
Andrey Spivakov
Anton Golovin
Pavel Porfirov
Ilya Bibikov
Mikhail Bratukha
Alexandr Tovstonog
Artem Trubicin
Oleg Beloy


Second round test for Binary Studio Academy 2013 (PHP group)
PHP group
Ilya Antipenko
Vlad Dyachenko
Sofia Nepochataya
Kateryna Kachalova
Viktor Linkin
Igor Velikokhatko
Philipp Ignatov
Alina Papish
Mikhail Serik
Yevgeniy Dobrorodnov
Kirill Stepkin
Ivan Glushenko
C++ group
Anton Rayev
Svyatoslav Toder
Artem Polyanskiy