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Binary Studio 26.06.2013

CherdakJS report

Cherdak JS took place at our office last Saturday. And we can boast – it is the best event we ever had! It is the most popular as we had twice as many registrations as we were ever able to host and the most productive one!

Cherdak is either an event platform or just the name of the day, when we invite the coach our employees would like to learn from and we arrange training! This time Cherdak was devoted to studying JavaScript. Frontend technologies tend to gain more and more popularity both among product owners and developers, to follow this trend we wanted to deepen our knowledge in the field.

Our coach Artem explaining hands-on task at CherdakJS.

To make it all happen we invited a very talented and experienced speaker – Artem Trityak. He is currently a Frontend Team Lead of a US based Product Company; he manages both Ukrainian and American Frontend developers.  Artem has previously headed Frontend Departments and Teams for a few years now and he is also a JavaScript evangelist, who is passionate about organizing conferences, trainings and all kind of talks, devoted to Frontend in general.

Engaging such an experienced coach we had nothing else to face but a complete success! The day was hard to survive because of the amount of the information grasped, but also extremely productive as our agenda included not just some theoretical talks but also a live-coding session, hands-on workshop and Frontend unit testing session too. By the end of Cherdak we had not only broaden our knowledge of Backbone and Require JS but also a working application built on NodeJS and tested using Karma server.

Front End developers enjoy  Lunch break on our terrace at CherdakJS (Donetsk).

In spite of the fact, we had a full-time training day on Saturday each and every participant was happy to attend the event, where he could learn some of the most modern trends in JavaScript. We are grateful to all the participants, Artem and the organizing team for arranging such a great and fruitful event!