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Binary Studio 09.07.2013

Academy 2013 in full swing

CEO of Binary Studio Artyom Goncharov opens Binary Studio Academy 2013.

This year's lectures, which include both common ones and technology specific presentations, are half over! Lectures useful for all the developers no matter what language they are developing on include modern commercial programming, communications during the development process, development tools, the life of a program in production, OOP, Web applications (HTTP, HTML, CSS), Javascript, etc, while presentations designed for each group will enable the students to get to the core of the concrete language.

This week the .Net and PHP groups will get to start working on a real project: corporate social network. That customized social network will allow the employees of Binary Studio not just to chat, send messages, view the news feed and upload pictures to the gallery, but will also be a great HR tool to exchange\ share information, gather opinions (there will be a voting function, thus it will be very easy to collect the information about e.g. what film to choose for corporate go out to the cinema, etc). What's more, the application will contain a corporate calendar to help us all keep track of colleagues' birthdays, corporate events, official days-off, to see who is on vacation and get notification letters about forthcoming  events. In other words, we`ll create an easily customized corporate tool.

The first lecture at Binary Studio Academy 2013.PHP lecture at Binary Studio Academy 2013.