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Binary Studio 04.10.2013

24 hours of coding for fun or how smart software developers spent their weekend

28-29 of September Binary Studio hosted one of the biggest annual IT events in Ukraine, DOU Hackathon – a 24 hour IT marathon, during which developers in teams develop software projects. They start from scratch and end up next day with usable software.

Many talented developers from different cities came to Hackathon 2013 (Donetsk).

That was the third Hackathon in Donetsk and the second hosted and organized by our company. More than 80 programmers from different cities of Ukraine attended the event.

All the developers were provided with food, drinks, good coffee and cookies. So they did not have to wary about anything but coding. The majority of participants didn’t sleep a wink all night. Some teams were more relaxed than the others and even found time for PlayStayion, ping pong, foosball or a nap. At 6 in the morning the contestants watched the sunrise listening to the guitar.

24 hours passed really quickly. And at midday all the teams had to present their projects. In total 14 projects were successfully launched during project demonstration.

DEMO was the most exciting part of Hackathon 2013 (Donetsk).

With the help of show of hands vote the participants chose a winner – Binary Studio team with their project 7 bits. The idea was to recreate playing the game consoles, starting browser game emulator Nintendo with the ability to connect two mobile devices that act as a joystick. The application was done on Node.js, socket.io, backbone, Marionette, Grunt and require.js. It’s the second time the team from Binary Studio won the first prize at DOU Hackathon in Donetsk. We are really proud of our young talents.

7bits, winners of Hackathon 2013(Donetsk), presenting game emulator Nintendo. Developed using Node.js, socket.io, backbone, Marionette, Grunt and require.js.

The second place was taken by the team which also developed software connected with games - dimensional team multiplayer space shooter (Node.js, Socket.io, Underscore.js, Impact.js).

The creator of PeopleTrack application was the third winner. The software written on Java, OpenCV counts people passing the camera.

Check out more pictures at facebook. Video from DEMO is available here.