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Alexandra Gavrylyuk Operations Manager 20.12.2013

Amsterdam Trip 2013

1 Amsterdam next to Van Gogh Museum.jpg

3 months of preparation, 5 day trip, 30 people, 3 cities, 3 flights, hundreds of interesting places. And no one got lost. The HR team is proud =)

Our route went through Dortmund and Milan which made it possible to experience the best things of three countries in one trip.

2 gluhwein in Dortmund.JPG

We flew to Dortmund and had a few hours to explore this small industrial German town. We wondered about, had famous German sausages with gluhwein, and of course tried German beer in a small pub right next to the Christmas fair.

I have to say that we felt a bit nostalgic about last year’s trip to Munich but at the same time we were excitedly anticipating adventures in Amsterdam.
3 Canal in Amsterdam.jpg



The train took us to Amsterdam and at midnight having checked in, tired after long journey but excited we set off to explore Amsterdam. The first thing you notice there are the fairytale houses, canals and millions of bicycles.

Red Lights street and overall aroma are also an inevitable part of the city and contribute to the atmosphere greatly.


The second day started with free time, where everyone could choose what to do. Some went to the Van Gogh Museum to admire the techniques the painter used at different periods of his life and follow the evolution of his style. The others continued exploring the city, visited Christmas fairs and famous Dutch coffee shops.

Van Gogh Museum...JPGVan Gogh Museum..JPGVan Gogh Museum.JPG

Chess in Nemo science center.jpgThere was also some cool stuff in the Nemo Science center – a huge ship shaped museum we went to in the afternoon. A chess board with almost human sized figures, water clock, enormous soap bubbles and lots of other things to touch and move.

In mid-December in Amsterdam there is a Light Festival, so many places and bridges are lit up, and different kinds of lamps are all over the city. It was a perfect time for a boat trip through the canals, which we took that evening.



Light Festival in Amsterdam.jpgDay 3 also started with free time. Some went for shopping, some rented bicycles and went to a nice old park. Personally, I can’t express how cool it was to investigate the city on a bike, like a true citizen. It saves so much time and makes it possible to see the sights staying warm.

bike rent in Amsterdam.jpg
restaurant in Milan.JPG

What we all enjoyed in the afternoon was the Heineken Experience and Brewery. It not only guided us through the whole process of making beer, but brought us lots of fun: we sang and danced, relaxed and drank beer. The unusual thing about the Heineken Museum is that it is full of interactive experiences. A 5D movie, the possibility to make your own music video, become a DJ or certified draught master and even brand a bottle of beer (now we have a bottle of Binary Studio Heineken).
brand your beer at Heineken Experience.jpg



In other words, Amsterdam was fun. The only problem we came across was the absence of quality food. That is why we were looking forward to the pastas, pizzas and lasagnas of Italy.




Then followed 2 wonderful days In Milan. We saw the incredibly beautiful Duomo di Milano – white marble cathedral. Delicious Italian food and wine proved our expectations. It’s hard to be amazed by dessert, but the tiramisu at Osteria del Gambero Rosso literally sent me to heaven.

You’ll find more pictures on our Facebook page.