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Kirill Stepkin PHP Developer 05.02.2014

From Academy kid to PHP Developer: Kirill, six months later

This is my first six month as a PHP-developer. Being junior is definitely exciting for me. Before I came to Academy I haven't kept an eye on web development for a long time. Looking back - finishing school I enjoyed web much, it was close to me, mostly because my dad is a seo-specialist. Those days I was a graduate kid also in Shag evening computer academy, created two or three simple web sites using plain HTML/CSS. Comparing to making some search optimization things (that I've learned from dad) it was good practice for me. Next, the most of university days were stuffed with lectures not connected with web-development, teaching C++, Java. Nevertheless fortunately enough during the last term we had subject, something like "Web basics" and my diploma project was PHP based.

It was then I found out information about Binary Studio Academy. Dshh.. and now I'm almost six months here, really doesn't feel like that long, more like - "in a blink of an eye". So this jumping into development of web-applications, again, is like deja-vu for me, really nice to go back to the thing that excited you so much some time ago.

Kirill with Binary Studio team in Amsterdam.JPG

Second, it's great to see web-development become that powerful comparing with the times I've first tried creating web-sites. That web was for me like - create some plain web-page, mostly containing some information, add some simple markup, that's all. Developers didn’t pay too much attention to dividing front-end and back-end, people who came to those resources acted like - visit and forget. There was no concrete focus on site those days. Now stack of using technologies increases day by day.

I want to improve my PHP skills, try some new different PHP-frameworks, like Laravel, become more and more JavaScript-lover – want to dive into Backbone.js and some MV*-frameworks; try Node.js; use design patterns and more and more. There's also a lot of new development stuff I've never used before, so I turn myself into all of this.

Referring to the topic of blogs for  PHP-developers, I found very interesting and helpful blogs like  http://www.phptherightway.comhttp://net.tutsplus.com, some entries from http://php.net, blogs of some developers like http://nikic.github.io, resource aggregate github pages like https://github.com/ziadoz/awesome-php, also try to find something interesting on github trending pages; then some frontend blogs like http://frontender.infohttp://www.html5rocks.com,http://www.smashingmagazine.com/, http://addyosmani.com/blog/ and so on; follow tutorials and screencasts. I also found some interesting books from Binary Studio library, now I’m reading “Learning JavaScript Design patterns”.

Binary Studio Academy Kid Kirill.JPGI enjoy my current project, for 5 months I've worked very close with other remote German developer, and the customer, and then also with his wife, and sometimes I can even hear screams of their teen children over skype. I've started to work on this project not from zero, kind of rework. The customer gushes with the ideas, so I have a lot of interesting tasks.

In the beginning I was mentored by a skilled expert, Sergey Golovin, who helped me a lot in hard questions.

Finally, I enjoy working at Binary Studio 😉 I'm happy to have such a cute team of passionate professionals around and will do my best too.  For this time we had so much fun, so as they say, can't stop, won't stop.