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Kirill Buga JS developer 24.03.2014

Guide to becoming a software developer C#

They call us "geek", "that guy wearing a red sweater" more and more often. Girls don't understand us, “gopniks” (chavs) dread to have a deal with us. We are in the midst of rumors and anecdotes. But we still stick to our styles. But who are we? We are programmers. If you are already up to buy cheeses for 500 UAH and make great money without any visible labor, then I am, glad for you. But in the case this article is not for you. Because here we will focus on young Padawans of computer science and their formation on the difficult Jedi way.

One of the main questions that people who want to step into IT industry are interested in- whether I need computer science higher education? My answer is - yes. I fully agree that our education system is not perfect. But it is not supposed to give you 100% of knowledge. In my case, the university gave me about 10 %, other 40% is self-education, another 50 - Binary Studio Academy. We will talk about it later. University became my starting point, and who knows where I would be now without getting there. Basics of algorithms, OOP, software engineering and network programming, agile, mobile and web development. Such "advanced" knowledge I received from my higher school. But even if you came from Faculty of Economics when realized that you couldn’t imagine your life without computers, or just you're too lazy to wipe the chairs in the state-owned university, you have a chance to step in IT.

Note: Computer specialty was only a trick, an attempt to circumvent the parent’s prohibitions to spend more time at the computer.

As you can see from my personal statistics self-education is a way to success. It doesn’t matter whether you're an intern or bearded Senior, IT sphere doesn’t love the one who saves his teeth and doesn’t chew few granites for dinner. IT - means something new every day. And if you are not ready to studying whole life – someone will overtake you.

Binary Studio Academy Kirill.JPG

But first you need to figure out what language you want to start with. Please, remember that programming language -  is a tool, but you have to master it perfectly . I began to code using C++ later tried C#, now I code in  JavaScript and Python. Programmer is a state of soul (just like a  Blondie), during your career you will try a lot of programming languages. But firstly I advise you to choose just one to start with. I think C# will be the best choice. Why? Great support, intuitive C-like syntax and a huge amount of useful functionality out of the box. It helps beginners quickly become a master in the difficult world of IT.

As I mentioned above, the basic for young professionals is to read a lot. Most students get lost in the abundance of sources that are available to them. Therefore, I would like to highlight a few of them, which, in my opinion, you can and should pay attention to.

1. Habrahabr

One of the best Russian IT communities. And if you don’t know about it just stop everything (except reading this article), and open your browser. Here you can find information about everything that is related to software development, interesting news from the world of IT and more. Habrahabr - is alive a self-governing community. Your rating is controlled by other users. Wrote a good article, left an interesting review - get a cookie. Made some bad things – get penalty. It's simple.

2. Eric Freeman and Elizabeth Freeman - Design Patterns

A great book about design patterns with an incredible manner of presentation. All examples are based on actual processes of life. The best thing I've ever read about patterns.


3. Stoyan Stefanov - JavaScript

The book for JS beginners who are familiar with any of the C-like languages. Detailed description of language structure and basic designs, working with DOM, examples of patterns implementation on JavaScript. Excellent book from O'Relly.


4. J. Richter - CLR via C # (4th Edition)

The “must-read” book for C# beginners.  Jeffrey Richter became a well-known figure in the computer world, IT specialist, author of the coolest books and articles about Net framework's and C# language. The book describes in detail the structure of the .Net platform, especially its implementation, compile order, build libraries, packages and applications. The book is huge (about 800 pages), but after reading it you will immediately become familiar with the .Net world.

5.  Paulo Coehlo

Neither the author nor his work requires reporting. A wonderful book about motivation J.

Well, I would also like to say some words about Binary Studio Academy. It was the most incredible two months of my life! Have you ever thought that you can enjoy the haste, sleepless nights and whole days coding, tons read articles and studied material? No? You just haven’t been here. You will not believe, but we literally fought for a chance  to take a particular task. Everyone tried to read, understand, and implement it in working code as much as possible. For 2 months, we plunged into the world of real development: communication with customers, system design, day (and not only) phoned discussing enjoying of the first working version and bitterness of failed release. During the first two weeks, we have learned more new words and concepts than abusive words in the childhood. We were in the prostration from a misunderstanding of what is happening, but every day loved it more and more. You just spend your days working, and you want to do it. It’s difficult to describe, but the effect is impressive - you gain invaluable experience from cool coaches, get into teamwork and learn to independently find and use the right material.

Academy Binary Studio Go out.JPG

Programmer is a way of life. A whole slew of interesting, non-trivial tasks, hangouts and events, travel and business trips abroad, communicating with aliens and more. If you think that this is what you need if you're willing to fight obesity and your laziness, to learn something new every day - you're on the right way.

Inspired? Get started today and maybe tomorrow you will become a part of the world IT, a part of the Academy, a part of the Binary Studio star team.