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Alexandra Gavrylyuk Operations Manager 01.04.2014

Overview: Outsourcing Forum, Lviv

29 of March, Lviv, western Ukraine, all types of IT businesses get together for Lviv Inernational Outsourcing Forum 14 - the whole day annual event taking place the sixth time now. Compared to the last year's growth and marketing strategies talks predominating, this  year we couldn't but talk about the situation Ukraine is in right now. And of course what changes should ITO industry of Ukrine expect. Leaders of the market all agree  that it's quite difficult to speak about growth this spring after Maidan Revolution in winter and Russia occupating Crimea now. We all understand that image of our own country has been damaged significantly by all the cruel recent events, which would of course decrease the level of trust to Ukraine as an ITO dstination across the globe.

However the most important pitch we got this year is that IT industry is the moving locomotive of Ukraine's Economy and our government understands it really well, moreover they say they are ready to invest into development of IT education. The minister of economy Pavlo Sheremeta understands the value that growing ukraine's IT talents will bring to the country: new businesses, healthy cashflow, international exposure, taxes filing in govermental budgets etc.

The most active companies are getting together  in order to perform various educational initiatives starting from school level. That said we are here to populate the proffession of software engineers, to increase the number of applicants to IT faculties and improve the quality of the education they get, to bring our country forward, to tune Ukraine's economy with IT ahead.

Binary Studio attending  LIOF14.jpg

Binary Studio is not going to stay aside the initiatives and is creating a series of tutorials for entry level developers, the materials will of course be available for free. Of course this summer we are going to invite some of the best students of Donetsk Region to our own educational program IT Academy and train the students in real lfe teams, on real pojects. Every contribution into Ukraine's intellectual potential is a small step into our country's prosperous future.

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