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Nikita Semenistyi Ex-CTO 23.04.2014

How to become a web programmer

Web Development is one of the most popular categories of programming today, as most entertainment and business applications complete the transition to the web, and at the same time, many products and projects want to have information represented on the Web exclusively.

1. How did you decide on the programming language and how successful you consider this choice now?

While studying at university, I knew very little about web programming. In my understanding, it was the html layout with tables and a few tags (b, a, i, u).

To be honest, for all the time working I used these tags probably less than 10 times. In the end, I chose a supervisor who specialized in web development and made one small project that helped me get to wholesale throw pillows JavaScript and, of course , jQuery. On the server side, the choice was obvious for a person who heard very little about web development - PHP. This was my experience I wish not to remember, but nevertheless it was true.

Anyway, from the first days I was writing mainly in JS and I'm very glad that fate brought me to it because my familiarity with it coincided with the active promotion of Node.Js and I like the current state of it both on the server and on the client side of JS development, and perspectives that will be opened with the adoption of new language standards.

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2. How important is computer education?

All the time while studying at university (DonNTU) I thought it was rather futile exercise than one that may eventually bring me necessary knowledge. Frankly, I still do not completely like the quality and integrity of the knowledge acquired at the university, but during my work, I grew sure that the knowledge obtained at university becomes very important in the critical moments when the task requires deviate a little from the simplest solutions.

Thus, in my opinion, having a higher computer education is certainly a plus for the programmer, because it gives him the basis for building the next level of knowledge with understanding the mechanisms of each of the elements of the process.

3. How did Binary Studio Academy affect your becoming a programmer?

For me, the Academy was a turning point in my professional life when I began to understand the real shape of commercial programming and teamwork.

Pretty often the main goal in university was frequently to find a solution and tutors checked the result only. The academy also held regular code-review and the coaches helped us to find the right solutions for a given task. I believe that such a practice would help improve university education too.

4. What is the key point of success for beginners?

The constant desire to get better and better is the key tip from me to beginners. I think budding professionals are obliged to devote not only work time, but also the most of free time studying technology, reading books, articles, watching webinars and finding solutions for different tasks.

Among other things, it is important to have a seasoned developer by your side to help you save the time spent studying the problem, which is open-and-shut for him. He can lay the foundation for the project and give architectural advice to the beginner.

5. What book do you think is a must read every every self-respecting programmer? What other resources do you recommend?

I believe that any programmer should be constantly learning and follow modern technology standards of their language and the web in general.

Book GoF "Design Patterns: Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software" (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Design_Patterns) is an indispensable source of knowledge about design patterns assisting to help find the best solutions and to communicate within a common terminology with other developers.

Addy Osmani "Learning JavaScript Design Patterns" (http://www.addyosmani.com/resources/essentialjsdesignpatterns/book/) is a good application of the majority of the patterns in JavaScript language.

David Flanagan "Javascript: The Definitive Guide" is a book that has helped me to dive into the syntax of the language and the best practices of it.

Axel Rauschmayer "Speaking JavaScript" (http://speakingjs.com/). In truth, I have not read this book, but have so much respect for the author, that I recommend it to you.

In addition to books, I regularly read many blogs of such reputable developers like Addy Osmani, Paul Irish, Ilya Grigorik, Steve Souders, Ariya Hidayat, Axel Rauschmayer. If you subscribe to them on Twitter or Google+, you can track releases of their new posts.

The resources like Reddit (http://www.reddit.com/r/javascripthttp://www.reddit.com/r/webdev/) or EchoJs (http://www.echojs.com/) offer quality selection of new in web development.

6. What distinguishes the class from the average programmer?

In my opinion, class programmer distinguishes the perpetual search for better solutions, the most beautiful and productive solutions. Class programmer always keeps pace of the times and knows new standards not only of his language, but also the entire ecosystem with which it is associated.

Cool programmer is not married to a single technology, but is open to new, knowing the advantages and disadvantages of each of the possible approaches.

Among other things, I think a really cool programmer must be familiar with algorithms and data structures. He must understand the mechanisms of functioning of his platform of choice at the level of memory usage and CPU resources. I can’t say that I know all of this, but that's the goal of being classy, ​​which can’t be achieved in a day or a year, but that requires constant self improvement.

7. Why is it cool to be a programmer?

Most recently, it came to my mind that the programmers – are the happiest people because they do exactly what most of them strive to since childhood. In a broad sense, we are creative people and if we apply our knowledge properly, we have a chance to make the world better.

Programmers occupy honorary degree in the engineer society in Ukraine, representing a true middle class, which forms the elite of the nation.

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