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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 30.04.2014

Binary Studio Inside out: Tetiana

We are starting our new rubric of our blog, let's call it Binary Studio: Insideout.

Diana Binary Studio.jpgMy name is Diana and I've recenly joined this great team as a Customer Care Manager. I am happy to kick off our new rubric, where I’ll interview each employee at Binary Studio. We are going to find out a lot of interesting things about people who work here. I would say something that they might have not shared with anyone before. Moreover, you will see stuff that they use every day and cannot live without. I promise it will be interesting! And don’t forget, you might be next for the interview 😉

Today our first interview is about Tetiana Papko, who works as a senior developer at .NET department.


Education: Donetsk National Technical University
Works at Binary Studio for: 3+ years
Favorite color: dark blue and maroon
Pets: aquarium with fish

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Don’t even know where to start. Ok… Let me tell you about my student life. We had really interesting group at my university. All of my group mates always tried to start doing projects as soon as possible. We had some kind of race all the time. When lectors gave us assignments we never waited till the last moment as usually students do. If someone started handing in their work everybody else tried to catch up. Nobody liked to be the last one. Sometimes all our group mates would hand in study projects way before the deadline, because someone started doing it early (smiling).


How did you get in Binary Studio?

Tanya Binary Studio.jpgOh, that’s an interesting story. Right after the university I was looking for my first job, so I had to go to different interviews. My first job wasn’t at Binary Studio, but I have to tell you the prehistory. The company where I got accepted right after the university was renting an apartment for their office in some building on the second floor. My work in that company lasted 5 years.  Then recession started and I had to look for another place of work. That’s the time I found Binary Studio on the Internet. So, before going there I looked up the address and what do you think? It was the same address where I went 5 years ago: the same building, the same floor, just another apartment, the one across (laughing).

Do  you like working with mostly guys in the company?

Wow! I can’t imagine the other way around. It’s been like that all the time.

What are your main responsibilities in the company? What exactly do you do?

I am a senior .NET developer. Right now we work on the Swiss project. We develop software for firemen. I would tell you more, but it is a very long story.

What do you like at Binary Studio?

I can definitely say that most of all I like people here. They are amazing, outstanding and unique personalities.  I also value the management team at Binary Studio. They always take into account your point of view. It is great, that there is always a possibility to agree upon some decision that would consider your personal interests and interests of the company.

Can you share with us some flashback about Binary Studio?

Well… I think I can. It was some time ago. We had just moved in the new office on the sixth floor with a huge balcony. So, of course there were preparations before our first working day. We stayed late in the office doing some work on the balcony and didn’t even notice how it got dark. The view from this balcony was so beautiful that I can’t even describe it. We were sitting there with our legs hanging out to the street. Even though I am so afraid of heights, I didn’t even think about it, I was just enjoying the moment and the view. It was really great!

Name 5 things that would characterize your personality at this moment.

Insideout Tetiana.jpg

That is a difficult question you ask. First of all I like to ride bicycle, sometimes I use it to get to work (1). I can’t say that I am a super great rider, but last year I used to ride bike to work every day. I’ll tell you more. My lunch box was always taken from home, so there was no need to buy anything on my way to work.  At some point I realized that I hadn’t used my wallet for more than two weeks and it was very weird. Usually we use our wallets many times a day. And I didn’t even know where it was and how much money I had in it (laughing). One more thing I take with me every day is mp3 player (2). Mostly I listen to books. Music? I would say not too often. It seems to me that you have to listen to music… hm... very attentively I could say. Everything started because of English. What I mean is that I have to understand clients at work, so I downloaded various lectures (on philosophy, literature etc.) to understand the language. Usually I try listening one book couple of times, so even if I don’t hear something from the first time, it is not a problem. Let’s move on. I try not to get attached to clothes or to some things, because once I do, I always lose or break it. Although, I have a really cool cup, which I like a lot (3). I bought it in Disney Land in Paris this December. Also, I can’t imagine my life without English and German (4). I missed one more thing and it is international passport cover with elephants (laughing) (5). And of course, I am crazy about traveling, who isn’t?:)

And the easiest question =) What did you have for lunch today?

Ha-ha-ha… I had chop. I like meat a lot, so today I ate pork.