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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 20.05.2014

Binary Studio Insideout: Kirill


Education: Donetsk National Technical University
Works at Binary Studio for:2+ years
Favorite color: purple and pink
Pets:parrots (Kira and Roma), cat Arthur


Tell us how's your day?

It is great and quite intense. Two of my colleagues are not present today, so I am responsible for most of the work. But it is good, because I like working 😉

How did you get in Binary Studio?

Ohh…  You’ll like this story. It started with the invitation from my good friend to her birthday. Among her other guests there was a guy who worked as a developer, for some reason I’d decided that he was working here. By the way, he attended our last Academy. So, he told me about some great company in Donetsk called Binary Studio and that I could apply for their summer programm Academy. It was the ending of my forth course at university, so I got so excited about the work and such opportunity that at home I looked through Binary Studio web site and found out that there were no vacancies open. I thought: “Well… Ok… There is nothing I can do about it”. So I just read the information about the company, but didn’t send my CV or anything else. After around three weeks I got a call from some unknown number: “Hello! Is it Kirill? My name is Kate, I work as Human Resources Manager at Binary Studio. I know you are finishing your forth year at University. Would you consider our job opening?” I remember I asked her where she got my number, but it was loud around so I couldn’t hear the answer. And until today it is still a mystery where Kate found my number. At that time I was a student and of course I agreed. Kate sent me the test assignment on Silverlight, although I knew only C# and WPF. But Silverlight is similar to WPF just in web. Until that time I never wanted to work with internet and become a web developer. At home I opened that assignment and understood that I wouldn’t be able to finish it within 3 days. No sleep at nights, working all the time that was the price of my work here=) Finally, somehow I almost made it work and at the last moment the Internet connection broke down. Only couple of hours were left before the deadline. The only right decision was to take my laptop and go to my friend to finish the work.  Three days later Kate called me and invited to the interview. My first time at Binary Studio I started looking for that gus who advised me this company and it appeared that he had never worked here. It was just a coincidence.  So, I passed the interview for the Academy, and it was amazing time of my life. Even at home I kept on working, learning something, doing projects, and I had a great desire to do all thaKirill Binary Studio.jpgt. I didn’t do anything except the Academy for a month, but it was worth it. And after that I became a junior developer here. That’s my long story.

Oh… I forgot to tell you… There was one more interesting moment during Academy. I was always confused with “am” and “pm” system. So, we had a meeting scheduled for 6 pm. And I couldn’t understand why it was so early in the morning. I had to wake up at 4 in the morning and go to the office. By the time I came to the door it had been 5:55 in the morning and nobody was there, the door was closed. Fifteen minutes at the door…. I felt something was wrong. I decided to reread the letter, it was 6 pm, I googled “am” and “pm” and understood everything:) After this accident there is no question in my head about “am” and “pm”. I don’t think I’ll ever make this mistake again.

What do you like at Binary Studio?

First of all I like people here and the atmosphere that our girls work on. It's really amazing. Some interesting events always happen at Binary Studio, although you are never disturbed from your work.  What I mean is you can come here on Saturday, do something that is also connected with development just for yourself, just for fun and get some pizza. Woudn’t you like it?  In such atmosphere you get a desire to work, not only sit 8 for hours a day 5 days a week surrounded by 4 walls.

Can you share with us some flashback from your life?

Eventually my brightest memories are about love. I remember I did some crazy stuff. There was a period in relationship when my girlfriend and I kind of broke up, but I still invited her out for dates. I knew that for quite a while she wanted to ride horses, so I found a place where it was possible. But it wasn’t my main plan. I asked one of my friends for help. Beforehand we bought a huge bouquet of white roses.  After the horse-riding my girlfriend and I went to the quay, my friend was supposed to be waiting not far from there and be ready for my signal. So, while we were walking I told her: “I’ve got a surprise for you”. I closed her eyes with my scarf and took her to the place where flowers were supposed to be. But there was nothing! My friend appeared to fear that someone would steal flowers and hid them a little bit. So I was like: “Can you wait here for a second”. And she was standing with covered eyes in the middle of the quay. Of course it wasn’t that long, but I felt like it was forever. In the end it looked very romantic and beautiful: evening, full moon, white roses and we are together.

Name 5 things that would characterize your personality at this moment.


Kirill Buga Insideout.jpg


If we speak about clothes than I like shirts a lot (1). Although I do not wear them very often, but I have 10 pieces of those at home. I think that men should wear shirts. But at the same time I consider developers are very creative people, so shorts and a t-shirt are the best for work. Second thing is my backpack (2). I don’t think I can live without it. Even if I need to carry only like three pieces of paper in it I still take my backpack with me, it makes me feel comfortable. I remember that somewhere around my first and second years at university I used to carry a folder case, which was very popular that time. But how can you feel good if your hands are busy all the time with that folder? I also like bananas very much (3). It is product № 1 in my life which I can eat around 2 kg at a time. It was my third course at university my parents left for the sea for summer. I was lazy to cook, so I just bought bananas and cookies, and that how I was living. Ok… One more thing is a watch (4). At this moment I can’t afford the one I really want but it is coming in the future. And right now if I leave my house without a watch on my hand the day may be counted as lost. Of course I don’t see my life without a computer, because every day I work with it (5). Although I have very negative attitude to social networks. I think it is better to call or meet the person you want, and understand the emotions. I can call my friends using Skype and chat or play online with them. Of course sometime there are moments when I feel like being alone. By the way, I like climbing waste banks. Sometimes it very useful just to go there and think. Later in the future I really want to get an owl as a pet. Really… They are very cute 🙂

What priorities do you have in life?

I think career takes the first place in my life at the moment. Family in meaning mom and dad, of course, is the most important, but if we speak about wife and kids then for now it is career. Somewhere deep inside I want to travel, just to live in different countries, see how it works there. I would like to live in Silicon Valley, in some IT city and I think I stll have a chance in my life, because I am still 22 🙂

And the easiest question 🙂 What did you have for lunch today?

Pilau with meat.