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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 23.06.2014

Binary Studio Inside out: Denis

Education: Donetsk National Technical University (Faculty of computer information technologies and autonation; telecommunication and networks)
Works at Binary Studio for:1,5+ years
Pets:dog (Rex)



Tell us a little bit about yourself.

Starting form my childhood I guess 🙂 I was born in Kirovsk (near Yenakievo) and at some point my parents decided to move to Donetsk, because Kirovsk was quite a small town. My father is from Russia, so when I was small I always had to travell: Kirovsk – Donetsk – Russia. We had to rent houses since we didn’t have our own place to live when we moved to Donetsk. I guess that was the reason, I studied in different schools in Donetsk. Until the 5th grade I studied in Donetsk Gymnasium, which was similar to kindergarten, but with some educational program different from a regular school. By now I understood that all the knowledge we recieved was really cool and useful. We learned  to write and to read, also studied French, English and German. I remember nothing, but it was important that we learned it. We had meals during the day and relaxing hours were organized for us when we were listening to classic music. We could also play games and do sports outside. The school I graduated from was № 21 where everything was very strict. I mean the studying process and exams were organized and taken very seriously. We had a very interesting English teacher. One day she told us that based on statists Americans didn't know any rules in the English language. We asked her: “Why do we need to learn them, if they don’t?” Her answer was easy: “But  you are not Americans, right?”:) I mean studying in school was interesting although I didn’t like general subjects, I liked Math and Physics.  In my opinion if teachers work hard and give the information in unusual way,  students like to be engaged. We had really cool and fun Physics teacher who explained the material very clearly. She always made jokes and had really creative approach to her subject. I guess if the university curriculum didn't include programmimng, I wouldn’t have become a developer by now. We had subjects such as  "Mobile connection" and "Computer LANs" which influenced my life a lot. If I hadn’t studied those, I wouldn’t have explored different protocols like TCP IP or the way web works, so the education at the university played a certain role in my life. I wanted to work within my major, but never happened. I wasn’t interested in signals’ modulation or how it interacted, but the technical side of it was really exciting for me in particular modulators, demodulators, and coders. I started looking for a job, unfortunately working experience was obligatory everywhere and I didn’t have any.  So, now I can tell you why I started programming. In summer during my second year of university I got bored, so I asked my friend to explain HTML/CSS-coder to me. For more than two months I was immersed in this information and finally I got hired for the position with part time schedule (hourly rate). I am a self-educated person in this sphere. If we talk about HTML and CSS I had some time to gather working experience, but with PHP there was no time to hesitate. My friend offered to work on the projects together, so I would look for the customers and he would perform the work. I found some PHP projects, but my friend decided to leave it all to me alone. All I could do was to learn PHP as fast as possible. Of course, I finished those projects even though it was very tensely.

Denis Php Developer Binary Studio.jpg

How did you get into Binary Studio?

Well… I was ready to begin working on one project when I got a call from Binary Studio. I was interviewed by Sergei Golovin and Egor Gumenyuk. They kept on asking me questions and I mostly knew the answers. Frankly speaking I told Kate that I had another job offer and that I needed time to think. Next day Kate called and informed me that I had passed the interview and could come to work but I still needed some time to make the decision. I was almost ready to accept the offer from Binary Studio when Kate called me again and made the job offer, I couldn’t resist. So, my choice was made:)

What do you like at Binary Studio?

I like everything at Binary Studio. I can point out one thing - people I work with. We’ve got here such great unique personalities - easy to communicate with and responsible at the same time, but with their own small world inside. Everyone has their own personal views on life, very special way of communication, but noone is really big headed. Also there is no tension and pressure from the management team. They always talk to you and discuss everything you should be aware of. I get the understanding of safety and the feeling that I won’t get set up at some point which is why it is stable at Binary Studio. I like when my work is worth something and as an example I can tell you about the Academy we organize at Binary Studio. You get the chance to teach students which means that you are considered as a highly qualified professional. Management feels certain in my qualification  and that flatters me.

Can you share with us some flashback from your life?

I don’t even have to think about it. It was the time I jumped with parachute. So, I went to the airfield; listened to the training; jumped; got a whole range of various emotions,  but only on the ground I understood that I wanted more. I am thinking of doing it again some time later. You get so much adrenalin which is so cool. I’ve got a big dream to fly the jet aircraft. I guess I just want to overcome laws of nature by which I mean that it is accepted people can’t fly, but I want and I will. I think I just like doing things that are out of my comfort zone - challenges. In this story with parachute I was even attracted by the fact that there was a chance for it not to go off. Although I haven’t had a thought: “AAAhhh….It will not go off.” The idea that slipped in my mind was about my actions in case of emergency.  I thought what might be done in this situation and how to solve the problem.


Name 5 things that would characterize your personality at this moment.

First of all it is my car (1). I don’t know why, but the first time I got behind the wheel the great feeling appeared and I liked it. I guess I don’t see my life without a car.  Maybe the other thing is my watch (2). I carry it with me all the time and take it off only when go swimming. Yesterday I forgot it at home and felt so uncomfortable all day long. Well next thing is my lighter (3). It is a bit shabby, but I like it a lot. I think I bought it around one year ago. At some point I just got the feeling that I wanted a lighter "Zippo". So, when I found it there were no doubts. You can see that it is engraved with the eagle. Number four is obviously my phone (4). I never leave it anywhere. My habit is that I am always, let’s say “online”, and can be reached at any moment. I can use it in different ways even just for the entertainment - to surf the Internet or play games. I am ready to help my friends anytime they need it. So even if they call me at 2 am I will pick up the phone and go to help. The last but not the least is my pen – Parker (5). I don’t know why, but I love it. As you can see, it’s very simple, but at the same time it’s not a regular pen. I don’t use it so often, but I love when this pen is with me. I guess that’s all for now.

What priorities do you have in life?

There is always a goal in my life that has to be achieved. I have some tasks that I need to do and concentrate on those. I think that if there is a problem in your life and you can’t solve it why bother being nervous about it, if you still can’t influence the situation. And if there is a problem you can solve, why should you bother being nervous if at some point you will still influence it. I don’t worry about anything I can’t change. Nobody can say what will happen in 20-30 years. So, you should enjoy the moment you live right now. You never know what might happen tomorrow.

And the easiest question 🙂 What did you have for lunch today?

That is very easy. I had pasta with meat and salad, tomato juice and a tea with Twix for dessert.