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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 22.07.2014

Insideout: Vitalik

Education DonNTU (Software development)
Works at Binary Studio for 1,5+ years
Pets Dog - Dachshund (Shakira)

Tell us a little bit about yourself. How did you become a developer?

Well..I guess I’ll start with my school years, so I studied in school №113 from 1998 until the 8th grade. After that I entered Donetsk lyceum called “Intellect”. Of course, it wasn’t my decision from the beginning because in my 14th I couldn’t understand the importance of this choice - I didn’t care at all. There were three ways of future specialization to pick: humanities, economist or apply to the Informatics and Technology class where I studied. It is very unexpected, isn’t it?:) I mean I liked it a lot: until the 9th grade it was kind of my hobby. Starting from 9th grade I participated  in different contests  as everybody else. So, after the 11th grade I had no other choice but to continue exploring development. Oh, noooo… I did have a choice – not to apply to the university at all;)

All of my five student years were very interesting and exciting. I mean studying was easy, but the fun part was very cool,  although I was a very diligent student. I was studying in the university when I had decided to start working. At first of course it wasn’t a full time job - I made lab assignments or course papers for other students from my group. That’s the time when I started earning money. It was my last month before getting a Bachelor degree, when I applied for a full time job. What we did was game development for iPhone and iPad, different apps written in C++. I also had some experience working with Win32 and MVC. There was the time when I understood that writing in this technologies was time-consuming and the apps looked not the way I liked, so I needed some changes. Usually at this point developers go two ways: Java and C#, not including those who had chosen PHP before. By that time I had already tried to write in Java and got the understanding that it didn’t work out for me. So, my choice was easy to make - C#. The first time when I used C# was in the university when I also explored WPF. I understood that using C# it is possible to write cool apps in a short period of time and that influenced me a lot – I was absolutely into C#.Vitalik_Binary Studio.JPG

In 2012 I got the offer for a job to write in C++ and out of curiosity I decided to accept it. The person who invited me was my friend’s acquaintance. The company was placed in some rented apartment which kind of surprised me. I went there – we drank some coffee, talked, did some tasks on computer and I was hired. At the beginning I was working remotely and after finishing university I was able to be present at the office every day. That was my first experience working in the office full time and I liked the atmosphere. We were working 8 hours straight, but there were times when we could communicate, tell jokes and have some fun.

Game development in general is an interesting area of development – particularly testing. There  was an assignment to port  existing games to Play Station, so we could spend half a day testing it 😉 I remember times when I could sit playing games on iPad and no one would say a word, because it was my task to do.

September came, so I entered my 5th course (Master degree). I had a choice – to drop the university or to quit the job. It was so easy to apply for the Master degree that I made a choice in favor of studying, so I had to leave the job.

How did you get in Binary Studio?

I came to Binary Studio in March right before finishing the Master course. One of .NET developers was leaving the current project and the company needed to replace him urgently. I decided to come to the interview since I heard a lot about Binary Studio from Kirill Buga (he was my group mate and had already been working in the company). It was more of a chance to gain the experience of passing the interview rather than thinking of actuall work at Binary Studio. Even when I was interviewed I wasn’t nervous or worried about the result. My thought were: “If I pass the interview – well… Great. I’ll have to figure out how to combine studying and work. If I don’t – not a problem. Maybe, not this time.” Let me say that I liked the company from my first visit because I got some positive attitude towards it. After a couple of days I received a call from Kate (our HRM) saying that I was hired for the project and had to come to work as soon as possible. So, my first working day was on Friday, which was kind of unusual. So, it was more of a coincidence that I became part of the big Binary Studio team. Let me add that it was a lucky match 🙂

What do you like at Binary Studio?

I like that we don’t have such a huge team. It gives the opportunity to have great relations between management and developers and that’s what attracts me. Management takes care of us and the other way around and I am not talking only about corporate trips or holidays.  The atmosphere is so friendly that even new employees after 2-3 weeks of working in a company feel very comfortable like in a family. We are always ready to help each other and that means a lot.

Can you share with us some flashback from your life?

I don’t know…. I think I can’t answer this question. There are so many different and bright memories in my head that it is impossible to point out only one of them. I always had a lot of things going on in my life and I still do. It starts from getting a bike as a present when I was young and up to now when we moved to Uzhorod. Every half a year I get some huge event happening in my life, so I can’t separate only one.

Name 5 things that would characterize your personality at this moment.


Binary Studio Insideout Vitalik.jpg

It is difficult to say right away. I can tell you that every half a year I change my priorities in things I use. Something new appears in my life, something becomes not so important anymore. If we speaking about this moment then for example I have Ukrainian flag standing on my working table (1). Because of all the situation in the country as all normal person I worry about what is going to happen next. It is not because I am such a patriot of my country, but it is Ukrainian flag and Ukraine is my native country, so I’d like all this war to end.  It is also my keyboard and mouse (2). Out of 24 hours a day I spent 19 working at computer and it is not because of my profession. When I am not working I do some of my own assignments, learn new tricks, watch videos or just read news. I guess sarcasm and I are two things that can’t be separated 🙂 (3). It is not something that you can actually show, but it is a part of me. Currently it is not very true but one more thing is bicycle. Some time ago I used to ride it a lot, but now because of the lack of space in the apartment there is no place to keep it. If you talk to my close friends a lot of them will associate me with a soldering iron or a set of tools (4).   Starting from school years I was always interested in radio electronics - I used solder or some other tool to assemble something. We leaved in the house not an apartment, so we had a garage in our back yard where I spent most of my free time. First, I repaired bicycle then I got a motorbike as a present and after all I switched to cars. That’s my story.

What priorities do you have in life?

As everyone I go to work every day, relax on weekends – live my regular life. Of course I’d like to have my own house and my own car. (This weekend Vitaliy bought a car. CONGRATS!!!) I mean there will always be tangibles in our world. It seems like everything is moving in the right direction and I just let it go, although self-development is very important for me. I’d like to improve my professional skills and achieve great working results in my career - it is always interesting to work on different and interesting projects. I guess the bottom line is that you should move forward and have some progress in life every day. If you stop you can get bored and I don’t like to be bored.

And the easiest question 😉 What did you have for lunch today?

Vegetable soup with broccoli (I hate broccoli), risotto, chicken Kiev and compote.