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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 08.08.2014

Insideout: Saveliy

Education DonNTU (Software development)
Works at Binary Studio for 1+ years
Pets Cat (Pixel)

I am always curious how people chose their way in life. So, my first question is: “Why did you become a developer?”

I don’t think I really know how I became a developer. I think I should start with short preview of my life before I had to make this kind of a choice. In my kindergarten my parents understood that I was good at different sciences, inparticularly math, which is always connected to informatics. Most of the times if you do well in math you can work as a developer. But in real life I had lots of proofs that it might be different: it is possible to be good at humanities but still write good code.

When I was in 2nd or 3d grade (I don’t really remember for sure) my parents took me swimming and that was the time when I started doing sports in my life. I mean, my extracurricular activities weren’t connected to programming, but sport taught me a lot in life  and that turned out to be helpful in  my current work. It gives you the understanding that you should work hard and monotonous to achieve the results you want. I did swimming up to my university years. We used to go to different competitions with our university team, so it was really interesting and exciting. I liked the practice itself. Of course, it was never easy, I always had to struggle. I mean figuratively speaking I had to “die” (work as hard as possible) during the practice to get the feeling of full satisfaction in the end.

Swimming in fact involves all muscles of your body, so when all of your muscles work hard you feel very relaxed after all. Swimming also played a huge role in my social development and further life. I was always in a group of kids, where we communicated a lot and had fun - so, I was never bored.

During my university years it got even better – all the day you work hard studying (solve some problems, search for the solutions) and by the end of the day you lay yourself out during the swimming practice: your day is worth something. I always felt that I didn’t just waste my time. So, back to the question, until the 5th grade nobody knew what specialty I would pick in the future.

savelii .net developer binary studio.JPG

Did you have a dream of who you’d want to be?

You mean like a lot of kids dream about being a spaceman?:) Nope. The same as my parents, until the 5th grade I had no idea what I’d like to do in life. Then my parents bought me the computer and I got interested in computer games. I liked to work with 3d design and 3d graphics – it was interesting to do some sketches, some animated work. I always liked to be creative.

I never thought that I would become a developer right until the university. In my 11th grade I faced the necessity to choose where to go, what university to pick. I liked working on the computer and I thought that it was very perspective job. Of course, I also want to advance my knowledge in other spheres of life – but I haven’t figured out in what way yet. I think it will be connected with management or combination of development and design.

What other interests do you have in life except the programming? Any hobbies?

I always liked to read books. Actually my dad reads a lot, I guess I took it from him. I remember he used to read fantasy, so I also read some of those books we had at home.  I understood that fantasy is not just an action – it also has some deep meaning (in feelings, ideas). You really can learn a couple of lessons from those books. Until the graduation from school I liked this genre. Now I chose a little bit different books- something connected to psychology. It is a way to understand people, their emotions, and the world around you – why people act in one way or another.

Of course, it is sport - I can’t imagine my life without it. It is a kind of a habit and it will never change. Here, in Uzhgorod, I don’t go to swimming pool, but I am working on it. At the moment it is better for me to spend half an hour in the morning to jog than to keep all my evening busy with swimming. This way I still do sports, but I also have free evening to do other things I like.

So, how did you find out about Binary Studio?

It was impossible not to know since we have professional managers who do great marketing job here. I saw this bright orange poster hanging on the wall in my university. There was some information about the Binary Studio Academy organized that time. I thought: “Why not?” The areas they offered were .Net, PHP and C++. Of course, I was thinking about .NET, but I also wasn’t against C++. By the time I applied to the academy I had decided to write in C# rather than in C++.

Since I made a decision to get into the academy I was ready to do my best to bring this idea to life. My first though on how to increase my chances of getting the spot in the academy was: “I know C++ and .NET. I had some experience in both. So, I have to learn PHP which I had never worked with.” I knew there were going to be tests, so I had to pass all: C++, .NET and PHP.  I started to read a book “PHP for dummies”. But, I didn’t have good examples of code or any experience in it, so I didn’t like working with PHP. But now I understand that those were just my emotions and PHP is not as bad as it seemed at that moment.

So, I passed tests and was invited to the interview for the Academy. Studying there I made a decision to start working. The project I worked on was very interesting – we had to write a WPF clients that would connect to the remote ventilation unit through the GSM module and would read different indications from that ventilation unit.

So, we learned a lot: how to work with GSM module; how to set up the connection using GPRS – it was awesome.

I mean the Academy was not less interesting. I had a really cool coach – Roma who gave me a lot of knowledge I have now. After the Academy Binary Studio made an offer to stay for a developer position which I did.

You said the project was very interesting. What are you criteria of an interesting project? What does interesting project mean to you –?

Well… First of all it depends on the person – for everyone the criteria might be different. But if to speak from my point of view: project is interesting when you can learn something new, try new tricks working on it. I like when I can show not only my knowledge in development from the angle of architecture, logic, code writing, but also use some creativity.

Interesting work doesn’t always mean different projects all the time. You can work on the same project, but the tasks you perform may be very different. If you have to look for unusual solutions all the time - it is not a monotonous work anymore. So, you always have to make various decisions which is a process of self-development.

What do you like at Binary Studio?

The atmosphere – the feeling that you are part of a big family. When there are a lot of people in the company you might get lost among them. And in Binary Studio I feel that I am needed here and I am connected with everything going on inside the company. As an example, let’s go back to the story about the Academy. All the lectures are handled by the employees from Binary Studio. I even did get a chance to deliver one lecture during the Academy this year and it was awesome. There are also a lot of other activities like hang-outs and so on. For every person it is important to know that you are valuable for the company. You work to benefit and the company appreciates it!

Also we have very interesting people working here and this is a big plus. All of us are different and at the same time cool and fun. It is interesting to work with such people any time of the day!

Can you share with us some flashback from your life?

I have a lot of memories to think of actually. But one has just popped up in my mind and I can share it with you. My grandfather from my mother’s side once told me a very interesting and wise phrase and I still remember and use it in my life. I was studying in school and was very upset because of something: wasn’t really in the mood. Here is what he told me: “You should never think about how hard the situation is. What you should do is to think about the various solutions for this problem - this way you will be much closer to figuring out the problem.”

A lot of times in my life I went back to that moment in my mind and used this advice. And you know what – it always worked. I don’t know, let’s use swimming as an example. You have a distance - 2km and, no matter what, you have to do it and fit the time frames. There is a feeling that you don’t even want to start, because it is impossible. So, what I used to do was I thought: “So what? Just start swimming and see how it goes. If you can’t finish it – well at least you’ve tried.” You keep on swimming; it is very exhausting – but you don’t think about how many km you have left – you just continue trying. In the end there is always a result, it might not be the one you expected but it is more than nothing. That’s the memory that I always go back to - it helped me a lot in life. Those were just the right words told by the right man in the right moment of my life.

Name 5 things that would characterize you as a person you are at the moment.

things savelii .net developer binary studio.jpg

Sport (1) - it is very important to me. (The swimmer on the picture is Saveliy himself.) If I do sport in the morning then I get the energy for the whole day. If we speak about evening sports then it is emotional boom – you kind of give away all the negative emotions gathered during the day and go to sleep in good mood. The second thing is a book (2) - I mean in general any book. As I’ve mentioned before I like reading a lot. I always have my e-book with me, so whenever I get some free time or get bored I read. I like to develop my knowledge, learn something new - not to stay at one point in life. My next thing would be my headphones and the phone (3) which I use as a Walkman. To be more specific I’d say it is music. It is like my hobby- when I walk somewhere or do some monotonous tasks and there no need to think then I listen to music. It helps me in distracting from everyday life and brings some colors into the world.

Traveling (4) - the world is huge and many-sided. Every person has some model of understanding the world around, which influences everyday decisions and behavior. Traveling helps you broaden the horizons and see the world from different sides. You get the understanding that people may live differently than you used to and as a result you become more tolerant. I am not sure but I think that if more people had an opportunity to travel there might be less conflicts in the world. Traveling is interesting and useful for everyone.

Fifth point I’d like to combine. I like people who are very sincere and spontaneous (5) - those are the features I try to work on in my character. When you speak to this kind of person you are 100 % sure that he/she is honest and wouldn’t lie or hide something from you. This person would always say what’s on his/her mind – wouldn’t exaggerate or try to meet your expectations. If something is wrong this person would tell you this. I think that every person should have this features.

What priorities do you have in life?

My main priority in life is self-development and not just in professional area but in life in general. The process is never-ending – you can’t be ideal, so you keep on learning and learning non-stop. I’d like to travel much more in the future. I also know that there should be more humor and positive attitude to life. I want to be a person who you can rely on; who can be trusted – so people wouldn’t be ashamed to know me.

And the easiest question:) What did you have for lunch today?

For lunch I had smiles of people I like, brightest summer sun and the cleanest air of UzhgorodJ (Saveliy didn’t tell us, but we know that he ate spaghetti).