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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 19.09.2014

Binary Studio at UTGEM in San Francisco

September 18th, San Francisco. Hayat Regency - posh hotel in the heart of the city has become the center of Ukraine Tech life just for one day.  European Business Association together with Happy farm business accelerator organized probably the most ambitious event of the Ukrainian IT abroad - UTGEM.
UTGEM by Artem Goncharov - CEO Binary Studio.JPG

Supported by the Government of Ukraine, and the Consulate General of Ukraine in San Francisco, the event boasted a great number of speakers from both US and Ukrane, among them prominent speakers, such as Steve Goldberg (Venrock) , Ruslana Lyzhychko, Torben Majgaard (Ciklum), Sridhar Solur (Director @ HP Mobility and Cloud Services).
Binary Studio at UTGEM in San Francisco.JPG

Our CEO Artem Goncharov who’s recently moved to Silicon Valley and is currently doing his MBA program at UC Berkeley attended UTGEM. Artem shares his impressions about the event:

“The atmosphere of the event was exceptional; the rooms were filled with patriotic symbolics, people wearing national cloths (vishivankas). Such atmosphere made me believe I was back home. The exhibition hall included company presentation stalls, startup and VC alleys. They also organized demonstration of Ukrainian tech products, that’s how I tested Petcube!

San Francisco UTGEM Binary Studio.JPG

Unfortunately I didn’t have a chance to spend a whole day, so I listened just to a few talks by Torben Majgaard from Ciklum and CEO of Epam. Ruslana was extremely proactive and open, talking to people her main point was to understand what she could do to help Ukrainian IT.”

Ruslana at UTGEM by Binary Studio.JPG

We hope that events of such kind will become a tradition and thus Ukraine will become well known worldwide as a tech gem of the Europe.