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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 30.09.2014

The top 10 mistakes entrepreneurs make by Guy Kawasaki

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Binary Studio CEO is working hard through his first term of MBA at UC Berkeley in the very heart of Bay Area. This is the place where 90% of tech innovation news comes from. Last week Guy Kawasaki held a talk at Berkeley University and that was the talk not be missed. Guy is a well known inspiring speaker and ex-evangelist of Apple, an author of business best-sellers: APE, What the Plus!, Enchantment; currently he works at Canva – amazingly simple design tool for blogs, presentations etc.

So here is the essence of Guy’s speech Artem shared publicly:
1) Multiply by 1%;

You won’t get 1% of China's population drinking soda; Be realistic - make your figures bottom up instead, i.e. assess potential audience of similar sites and take 1% from that figure only.

2) Scale too fast;

You don’t want to drive your overhead costs crazy by opening numerous warehouses, buying the most expensive, the best, the most sophisticated bla bla bla. “Eat what you kill” - buy what you need only.

3) Form partnerships;

4) Focus on pitches;

Better focus on MVVVP = minimum viable valuable validating product.

5) Use too many slides;

Obey 10-20-30 rule; be F15/F16 instead of heavy Boeing 747.

6) Proceed serially;

No – better do things in parallel.
7) Retain control

I liked this one the most. If you take money from outside - you work for other people. Period. They will take part of your company. Period. If you want to get more money – “bake a bigger pie”. Better to have 1% of Google than 51% of …you name it…

8) Use patents for defensibility;

Use success for defensibility!

9) Hire in your image;

NO NO NO- organizations need diversity! Hire to complement!

10) Be friends with your investors;

You better exceed expectations, perhaps by giving 90% initial estimates; no friends in this business!

- VCs are our crack dealers;
- Two essential roles in startups: you either create or sell. If you can’t create – sell. If you can’t sell – create. Simple!
- “Don't worry, be crappy” - do prototypes! Prototypes are the keys!
- Android is better (I knew it !!!)
- Be nice - register at www.canva.com