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dotJS Conference in Paris November 2014

dotJS Conference in Paris November 2014

Binary Studio Academy 2014 has successfully finished and now: dotJS conference (the largest European JavaScript conference) is waiting for our Academy coaches (Sergey, Kirill, Nikita and Evgeniy).

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When: November 2014

Where: Paris

Why attend: get together with the best hackers in the world to let them share their unique insights with you all.

Format: unlike the majority of tech conferences, dotJS will have a single track with 20-minutes talks, to keep all the audience focused and interested.


  1. Meet with and listen to such speakers as:  Yehuda Katz, Angus Croll, James Halliday aka Substack, Justin Meyer, Paul O’Shannessy, John-David Dalton and Domenic Denicola.
  2. Participate in technical talks and find out great new ideas.
  3. Take a part in daily workshops.

Our coaches’ thoughts and expectations:

Sergey:  “I guess there should be a lot of smart JS developers, so I'd like to talk to them. And of course I'd like to hear from famous JS coders (like Yehuda Katz and John-David Dalton) about new trends in JS.”

Kirill: “dotJs is about atmosphere, communication with cool developers, new ideas, knowledge sharing and, of course, free French cookies.”

Nikita: “Finally able to attend dotJS. Katz, Croll, Substack, Dalton, Denicola - these guys never disappoint.”