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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 14.10.2014

QA Fest in Ukraine – Kiev, November 2014

QA Fest in Ukraine – Kiev, November 2014

1st of November Itera Company is organizing QA Fest – Ukrainian conference for professionals in the software testing sphere. Our charming QA engineers – Evgeniya and Tatiana – are planning to visit this event and share with us their impressions and gained knowledge afterwards.

Where: Ukraine, Kiev.


  1. Two different sections with various topics (test management, functional testing, security testing, test automation etc.)
  2. Experienced speakers – experts in their sphere.
  3. QA “Creatiff” – separated section to share your ideas and knowledge.
  4. Fun-reports with near-IT topics.
  5. After-party and QA Rock Band – QA engineers will play for their colleagues.


  1. Vyacheslav Pankratov
  2. Mikalai Alimenkou
  3. Alexei Lupan
  4. Igor Bondarenko
  5. Alexandra Volkova
  6. Ekaterina Ovechenko
  7. Michael Dyrda
  8. Sergey Tsymbal
  9. Nikita Postolakiy

Why our QA engineers would like to attend QA Fest:

qafest binary_studio QA tatiana.JPG

Tatiana: “First time I saw this event in August, in DOU calendar and I thought: "Hey, this sounds big. These guys are great, gathering QA specialists all around Ukraine in our complex situation." It's unlikely, that CIS QA events are going to take place in Ukraine in the nearest future, so it's good our QA community has a new event like that now. I definitely cannot miss it and I was so excited when Binary Studio suggested us to attend this event.”

QA binary_studio qafest evgeniya.JPG

Evgeniya: "I would like to get new knowledge in the field of test automation, test management, functional testing, and security testing; talk to colleagues about general topics, meet new people for further communication and exchange of experience.”



What they expect:

Tatiana: “Well, first of all, it's a lot of new acquaintances. A few of my friends are going to attend it, and we'll meet new colleagues too. It will be nice to talk to QA engineers, share our thoughts and knowledge. I've followed QA Fest speakers for a while - they are great. I think we will get great experience during this event.”


Evgeniya: “I am always open to new experience and knowledge. Looking forward to meet a lot of new and interesting people with who we could discuss our ideas and share professional thoughts.”