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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 08.01.2015

Insideout: Tatiana

Binary Studio QA engineer - Tatiana.JPG

Tell us a little bit about yourself.

After my graduation from Donetsk Lyceum "Intellect" I entered Donetsk National Technical University to study system programming. In my second year I decided to switch to German group. I’ve never studied German before, so that year was quite challenging. When I was in my third year we were supposed to have an internship and the company which organized that for me became my first working place. I came to study there and ended up working in that company as a QA engineer.

So, how did you get to Binary Studio?

I had been working at that company for almost 4 years when Kate - our HR manager - contacted me. I was not even looking for a job, but I decided to test myself and came to the interview. The result was that I stayed at Binary Studio.


How were you found then?

Via LinkedIn, where I have my profile - it appeared to be very useful. At my previous workplace I was testing games in game development industry. I should tell you it is quite interesting. For the first couple of years I tested localizations which means that I received the English version of the game and the translated one. I played the game and monitored if the translation was correct. Sounds simple enough, right? Yet, our team worked really hard and translated lots and lots of products. At some point, I went to the publisher site and was very delighted, when 8 out of 10 games on the page had our localizations. After some time I moved to the department that developed social network games and got wider range of responsibilities.


Sounds very interesting. So, what do you do in general? What are your main responsibilities?

I am quality assurance engineer (QA). You can say, my main objective is information retrieval. There is some specific product or part of it, and I have to provide the information to product owners and other stakeholders about how well it works. Of course, during this process I find bugs which I note and send over to the developers. Let me tell you, if there are no bugs then it is just perfect, but almost impossible =) Also, I look at the product from the user point of view and I find ways how we can make the product better, so I make improval suggestions as well.


How exactly do you work with applications - through the interface as a user?

Yep, you are correct. I do write automated tests, but still I do that using the GUI. Let me put it that way - I write the tests that would emulate my actions in the application. I mean some QA engineers do code review and provide the suggestions on how to optimize the code, but what I do is different. It is called black-box testing.

Tatiana - QA.jpg


Do you like working with mostly guys in the company?

The work is going great. Starting from the Lyceum I am surrounded by men in my team as well as in the university and at my previous job. So, it is nothing unusual for me.


What do you like at Binary Studio?

I like that there is always a great motivation for work and self-development. We have a good office, interesting and active people working in it. During my work at Binary Studio I started to read more and to write better and more confident letters to customers. Also, I signed up for testing courses and conferences - in November 2014 I visited QA Fest in Kiev. For QA engineer outsourcing is a kind of challenge. You have to learn how to organize yourself, stay enthusiastic all the time and stay in touch with clients. Of course, it’s true for developers as well.


What project are you currently involved in?

Canadian project - employees’ motivation tools for HR Department.

What do you plan for the future? Have you considered changing what you do?

My profession is quite interesting. I mean, children do not dream about becoming “QA”. However, when I started the internship and wrote a test it appeared that I am good at it and I enjoyed it. So, I was not even thinking to become someone else. Of course, there is lots of information to learn in order to be better professional. Currently I am improving my knowledge in two spheres: automation testing and business analysis, so I can be a great all-in-one QA specialist.


To be a QA engineer requires lots of attention at work, doesn’t it?

Of course, you are absolutely correct. You have to be attentive to details while keeping in mind the general picture and improve your concentration every day. However, it is not only about attention. To start as a QA is not that difficult – you do not need to have any specific skills at the first stage. Later on you discover lots of theoretical information which you need to learn. However, at the beginning, while you learn, you require attention, curiosity, analytical thinking, perseverance and the “gut feeling”. You’ll have to write a lot of documentation as in any research, but the exploration process totally worth it.

Tania - Binary Studio QA.JPG


What about the requirements? Who provides those – customer?

At my current project I got lucky with the requirements. There are some projects where the requirements exist only in conversations or are outdated. As for my project, we have a documentation that describes the main features of the product and how it is supposed to work. I do have to clarify lots of things, but the main information is provided.


So, communication with customers is also part of your job?

That is true. Sometimes QA engineers even analyze the feedback forms from users. So, you have to be very patient to work with users and understand what they meant in each message. However, I do not do that at my current project. In any case as a QA you always search information. There is not much of code writing, but exploration, investigation and communication.


Can you share with us the brightest memory of your life?

Very memorable for me was the time when I learned to ski. Couple of days I tried to ski slowly, learned how to turn and stop. You won’t believe, but I almost never fell. However, I couldn’t get what was so fun about skiing – why people loved it so much. There was one time when I fell down so hard that I rode the hill on my belly. After that it appeared that there was nothing scary in falling down and skiing became a lot of fun for me (smiling) =)

Name 5 things that would characterize your personality at this moment.

Half a year ago I could name about 10 things that could characterize me. Now, it's only 5, and they are more activities than the things: reading, coffee & chocolate (can't ignore this bad habit =), walking by the riverside (I treasure it at our current office), continuously improve and discipline myself, learning to enjoy life. In our current situation, when you leave home and are far away from people you care about, keeping a positive approach and enjoy life is the hardest, but I try and succeed!

Binary Sudio QA  - Tatiana.JPG


The easiest question of all =) What did you have for lunch today?

It was salad.


That is it? Just salad?

Well, I am planning to eat one more time later on today. I try to have less food at one meal, but eat more often.