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Diana Ivanova Customer Care Manager 12.02.2015

Insideout: Anton

We continue our rubrics - Insideout - where we reveal personalities and share life values of our developers, talk about the activities they perform daily and find out why they like working at Binary Studio.  This time we've interviewed Anton - co-founder of Binary Studio.


Anton you are probably the most mysterious person in the company. Although, you are working at Binary Studio from the first day, we do not know much about you and your interests. However, it was easy to understand your importance in the company when the conference room was stuffed with people who wanted to attend your code-review. There is a couple of questions which I would like to ask you, so we can get to know you better:

With the 9th Binary Studio birthday coming up I would like to start from the beginning. Artem and you founded the company during your student years, when you both were on your early twenties. So, how did it happened that such young boys created from scratch a strong IT Company?

Artem was the one who came up with the idea and made it possible for the company to exist. I was only working on the computer and clicking the keyboard.

Could you, please, tell us in more details how the company started? What was your role when the company was created?

Artem found the customer in the Internet and I was the one who wrote the code for him.

Inside the company we say- “If Anton

I am sure Artem and you faced some difficulties during the company growth? What were the challenges you had to overcome?

It was quite difficult not to be sarcastic with people I did not know in the team. Currently I try to learn how to avoid this habit, but sometimes I can’t help it.

Now I would like to focus on the technical aspects in the company foundation and its further development. I'm sure, there was a stage when you had to become guru of programming. So, how did it happen?

I do not think I am guru in any way. The experience in software development accumulates gradually - you just need to take a job you can accomplish, so you do not have to deal with it heroically.

Can you tell us about the brightest memory during your work at Binary Studio? I am sure you’ve got lots of those during 9 years..

I remember every single day of my life. Of course, we don’t think that much about offices where we spend years of our life, as about people, who fulfill and bring life to the rooms.

Do you mean that people you have worked with all these years left the main trace in your memory? Maybe there's some interesting story associated with your colleagues?

Definitely. I would even say that it is not about some "funny" stories, but more about human character and relationships between people.

Here is one more unsolved mystery about you. Every Wednesday you bring a bunch of candies for all of us (thank you for that). Where did that tradition come from?

It is absolutely normal to treat your friends and family at the place where I grew up. It is just a symbolic tradition, which I keep on following - there is nothing special about it. I just want to make the day a little better for my colleagues.

I’ve heard a lot about your genius decisions for the Hackathon and the high quality of the code you write. What do you get inspired by? How do you improve your professional skills?

I got lucky to work alone at most of my projects, that’s why my colleagues simply can’t see my bugs.

It seems that you try to minimize your merits, because after code review guys mentioned that the quality of your code was exceptional. Maybe you have some resources to share with others: services, books, other ones that help you to improve your skills?

The main resource is a code which is already written by someone else. You take a look at it and try to understand, why something was done exactly in this way or what this particular construction means.

How about we switch from “work” to “leisure” topics? Tells us what else you do besides programming.

I’d say that I am a very boring person. My leisure as well as my work is turning around my PC. As one of my teachers characterized me, I am a computer addict.

Let me guess: you are gamer =)

Some time ago it was like that. Currently I do not play that often.

What books and movies inspire you in life?

I cannot say that I learned anything special from the mass culture. For me it is more of an entertainment – had some laugh and forgot it right away.

Possibly, you find the inspiration in other things? It might be traveling, tasty food or meeting new people. What do you say?

I don’t know a person who wouldn’t like to have a delicious meal or travel abroad. We are all people, so nothing human is alien to me.

What five things or principles can you highlight in your life as the main ones?

I do my best considering my opportunities in life and try to be guided by the rules of formal logic as strange as it may sound.

So, the last and the most not serious question: all of us are very interested what you had for lunch yesterday?

First meal, second meal and compote.

Can you share a secret what that was?)

I didn’t pay much of attention.