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Ulyana Falach HR Manager 03.12.2015

Binary Studio opens office in Lviv

The last year and a half were very eventful for Binary Studio: we moved from the eastern Ukraine, our CEO Artem started his MBA at Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley,  we opened an office in San Francisco, and set very challenging goals for the company.
Achieving those goals requires a very developed location with strong IT culture.

We thoroughly explored destinations in Ukraine and in October 2015 Binary Studio finally opened office in Lviv, a progressive IT hub in Eastern Europe.

Our new office is located close to the city center, featuring a great view of the city and comfortable workplaces in spacious rooms.


The choice of the city was not easy, since Ukraine has quite a few destinations with great IT climate. However, Lviv turned out to be the most appealing location due to a number of advantages:

The third biggest IT city in Ukraine

According to DOU.UA 9 000 people work in IT in Lviv, that is about 10% of all IT specialists in Ukraine. Lviv is a venue of dozens of IT meetups and conferences every month, including international ones.

Local IT Cluster, established by major industry players, constantly implements innovative public-private partnership initiatives that greatly increase city’s capacity as an outsourcing destination.

Big pool of young tech talents
Lviv is a leading educational destination in Ukraine and an ancient scientific center in Europe. City has about 38 higher education institutions, graduating every year over 1800 IT specialists.

Collaborating and supporting Universities as well as IT communities has always been among our top priorities. Our recently established partnership with Lviv Polytechnic University enables us to improve the technical proficiency of students and lecturers by participating in updating the curriculum.

Super convenient geographical location and Comfortable Time Zone
Lviv is about 60 km away from European border and about 2 hours of flight to the most European capitals. Lviv airport is one of the largest in Ukraine and provides air connections to such cities as Warsaw, Prague, Amsterdam, Frankfurt, London and Chicago, etc.
Along with convenient location comes the comfortable time zone. Time difference with most European countries is just 1 hour as we are situated in GMT+2 time zone.

Cultural capital of Ukraine
Lviv is a cultural capital of Ukraine and one of the most beautiful cities in the country. The city boasts incredible historical european architecture, diverse festivals and delicious coffee houses. Often called an open-air museum, Lviv attracts tourists from all over the world.
Lviv is among 10 must visit cities for spending weekends in Europe according to Lonely Planet and among top 10 cities of the world to visit in 2014 according to the travel group “The Rough Guide”.

Have a look at this video to get a feeling of the city and check out the investment opportunities Lviv has to offer.

Doors of our office are always opened for new clients, new ideas and new talents.  If you share our values of  continuous self-development and you are up for a new challenge, contact Ulyana Falach to schedule an in person interview.

If you have a great startup idea or you are interested in partnering with us, feel free to schedule a meeting with Artem, our CEO call 510.701.8572 or fill out this form today!