Angular Developer


Develop front-end side of multifunctional SaaS solution using Angular 8.

Ukraine, Kyiv, Lviv

    Binary Studio is a software development company which helps small and medium technical businesses from all over the world build world-class software projects. Having a profound impact on our client’s projects, we help them build solutions which serve millions of users and are used by many Fortune 500 companies.

    The projects we work on involve:

  • Work on core business solutions that are a complex and critical part of our clients’ business. Projects are dynamic, constantly growing and present an interesting challenge where developers are expected to provide their own suggestions and recommendations based on their subject matter expertise and technical knowledge
  • Direct communication with the customers who are often technically savvy (CTOs) - this helps us solve all the questions efficiently
  • Authority in making technical decisions to guarantee the project's overall quality - our clients rely on our expertise, know-how, and ability to implement best practice

    The team we have at Binary Studio:

  • Are top-notch engineers, who believe that programming is an art and spend a lot of time looking for new approaches and better solutions. We believe that real professionals are the ones who constantly look for new ways to solve problems and create complex products, rather than just “code as they’re told”
  • Monitors the quality of development and takes pride in the work they do. We look for people who have an eye for the future and build products that actually enables users to accomplish their goals
  • Is long-term oriented - many of our engineers have been with us for years - clearly we’re doing something right if they’ve stuck with us all this time 🙂

What you will be working on:

    You will take part in the development of a SaaS solution for pavement construction management. This multifunctional cloud tool provides various services for road-building companies and their potential clients, including tools for placing bids, managing the activities of pavement maintenance and placing orders for future repair work. We have been working on this project from the very beginning (meaning, that the code is in good shape) and it is in a production phase right now. Our future candidate will have an opportunity to work directly with a PM on the client’s side, as well as with a Senior Full-stack Developer and a Solutions Architect on our side.

    Since we are moving with the times, you will be able to have a significant influence on the technology stack and implement the newest features to constantly improve the project. In the future, there also might be some back-end-related tasks, in case you are interested in such an opportunity.

    Core project technologies are:

  • Angular 8, TypeScript, Clarity
  • NodeJS, Fastify, Socket.IO, PostgreSQL, OAuth, REST API, JSON Schema, Docker
  • PDF, Stripe, QuickBooks, Google Maps

What an Angular Developer will be doing:

  • Perform a full scope of frontend development
  • Ensure consistent quality of your code
  • Ensure that both design and implementation meet project requirements
  • Communicate with a project team in all stages of development
  • Actively participate in team meetings and peer code reviews
  • Work in an interactive agile environment

Have a look at core skills required for the role:

  • Solid knowledge of JavaScript programming
  • Experience in working with Angular
  • Good knowledge of HTML and advanced CSS techniques
  • Good communication and interpersonal skills
  • Willingness to learn a lot, work hard and become a great team player
  • English level Intermediate +

Pay, Perks & Such:

    Binary Studio offers lots of well-known and must-have perks, such as a charming office with a beautiful view on the High Castle, challenging tasks and good career opportunities, support in receiving certificates/attending conferences, free of charge English classes, etc.

    However, that’s not all! Our key focus is sharpening the technological skills of our engineers, and we do that through a variety of different ways:

  • In 2017-2019 we organized over 40 (!) events, both internal fun stuff for our team like parties, quests, get-togethers, yearly corporate Eurotrips, or educational academies, courses, lectures, leadership schools and external events like conferences and meetups for the local IT community. The life is pretty vibrant in Binary Studio and we plan to continue along the same lines!
  • We have the most competitive software development school in Ukraine - Binary Studio Academy. In 2019, we had 3900 applicants, and only 120 were admitted. It’s pretty unique, too: it’s online, free and intensive as hell! You will have a chance to enroll as a coach or a lecturer and develop further leadership and project management skills
  • We aspire to create personal development plans - OKRs - for everyone in the company. This approach has also been used by several major companies including Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, etc.
  • We have an in-house library of best-selling IT books which is regularly supplemented according to our team’s preferences
    • Sounds intriguing? Well, don’t delay - apply & become a part of our team!

Khrystyna Lopatovska
Khrystyna Lopatovska Recruiter
Khrystyna Lopatovska
Khrystyna Lopatovska

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