Engagement (Client) Manager


Position for expats with native English, excellent communicators, able to build relationship with clients.

Ukraine, Kyiv, Lviv
Sales, Business Development, Marketing

    Are you a motivated, proactive people-person who enjoys dynamic challenges? Do you prefer working in a results-oriented environment where you are compensated for the effort you make instead of the hours you clock? Are you capable of taking on a sales position which requires end-to-end involvement, making up your own strategies and approaches as you go? If this sounds appealing, then we’d certainly like to have a chat with you!

    Binary Studio, a boutique software development firm based out of Lviv and Kyiv, Ukraine, is looking for a new Engagement (Client) Manager to handle sales processes within our company. This is a very unique career option for expat who seeks to truly build a professional career in IT sales. This is a demanding job that will require a great deal of travel and independence as you will be expected to carry the bulk of the sales processes for our business.

    Intrigued? Then let us provide a bit more information on what to expect!

    Roles and Responsibilities:

      As the face of our company and the first line of contact between our firm and clients, you’ll be expected to make an exceptionally positive first impression and go the extra mile to keep our customers happy and saying wonderful (true!) things about us so that we’ll continue to grow and secure the best projects for our engineers. Here’s a list of responsibilities and duties to expect from your role as engagement manager:

      Communicate and meet with leads and potential clients:

    • Handle inbound inquiries, via email, phone, and even in-person visits to both our Kyiv and Lviv offices
    • Keep an updated CRM with information on every client and lead, relaying information to our technical/management teams and assessing/prioritizing quality leads
    • Work in tandem with our marketing team, travel to and attend conferences and meetups and introduce our company to our future customers
    • Generate leads and proactively expand our list of clients:

    • Research, test, and execute a variety of strategies to generate new leads and close deals to increase company revenue
    • Actively reach out to prospective leads through a variety of platforms - email, phone, in person meetings, SMM, and more
    • Evaluate ideal markets/communities for the company to enter, preparing detailed, data-driven research to back up your assessments
    • Travel to and interact with leads in person throughout Europe/North America on a regular basis
    • Handle the sales process and close deals:

    • Negotiate with clients, handle contract negotiations, work closely with our team to further our business interests and secure new projects
    • Work hand in hand with our technical team to evaluate leads and propose solutions to clients based on our capabilities/approaches
    • Monitor new accounts closely, acting as a liaison between the client and our company
    • Promote Binary Studio and spread our brand image:

    • Help with proofreading, copywriting, and other text communication where your native language skills will come in handy
    • Assist marketing team in creating appealing and effective slogans/descriptions of our services to further attract new clients
    • Participate in local events and programs to promote professional development within the company


      This is a very dynamic role, and as such, we don’t expect someone to have the exact professional background that we’re looking for. Therefore, we weigh heavily on personality traits and a desire and conviction to get things done and produce results over all else. That being said:

      You must be:

    • A people-person. You need to be a sociable, positive individual who can make a great impression on someone in record time, and be able to “turn on” your sales skills at a moments notice - i.e. be the master of the “elevator pitch.”
    • A consummate professional. It is a given that you treat the job with the respect it deserves - be on time, fulfill promises you make to clients, and rise to the challenge/business demands of the job whenever it is required.
    • An organized, self-driven worker. You’ll be in charge of the entire sales process, and will be expected to keep track of and manage all new business accounts in the company. This isn’t a job where you’ll be told what to do at every step - you definitely need to be proactive!
    • A fluent, native or near-native English speaker. You’ll need to be able to communicate in clear English on a regular basis, both in writing and in person.
    • Able to travel - you can expect to travel visiting conferences, clients, and meetups while keeping up with your other responsibilities.

      It would be nice if you are:

    • A good public speaker. We don’t mind if you are not there yet, but willingness and readiness to master this skill is a must
    • Good at networking. You love meeting new people and keeping in touch with them
    • Experienced in sales, specifically in the IT sphere, although certainly isn’t a hard requirement
    • Fluent in languages (besides English) that fit our target demographic of clients (Scandinavian/Germanic languages are a big plus!)
    • Familiar with development technologies and methodologies, or have engineering experience yourself

    What we offer:

      We expect a lot from our employees here at Binary Studio, and give a lot in return. We don’t brag about being the best in the business without offering a compensation package and work environment to match! You can expect:

      • A competitive compensation package - both a base salary and commission bonuses
      • 19 paid vacation days, plus national holidays, sick leave, and other standard employment perks
      • A very independent and results-driven role in our company, where you are free to try to approaches and experiment with new ideas
      • Endless opportunities for professional growth, you will build a very strong T-Shape set of competencies in a wide range of areas (from marketing and project management to design and behavioural psychology)
      • An inspiring and friendly team who does great work and has a lot of fun together
      • A modern, comfortable office, complete with an endless supply of cookies/coffee:)

    So what are you waiting for?

      If you’re ready to take the plunge and face the professional challenge of your sales career, send us your CV, we’ll be happy to speak with you!

Khrystyna Lopatovska
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Khrystyna Lopatovska
Khrystyna Lopatovska

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