Native English Teacher


Looking for energetic English teacher to help us improve fluency as well as overall level of English.

Ukraine, Kyiv
Education & Teaching

What we expect from a good candidate:

    Primarily, we expect you to be a native speaker of English language 🙂
    Love to teach! Be a life-long learner of your language!
    We would expect you to have at least 2 years of teaching experience (from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced level students). Teaching experience in IT companies would be a plus for you. Owning TEFL/TESOL certificate would be even a bigger plus.

      We want you to help our developers master and enrich their vocabulary, as well as help overcome their speaking problems. You should, probably, focus a lot on the pronunciation of the language so that our guys could achieve a nice rhythm and flow of the language. Therefore, use the dynamic aspects of English like slang and different expressions.

        Be creative! Use not only well-known approaches but also different materials, resources, a combination of different techniques and practices, in order to make students really interested, motivated and involved.

        What you need to know about our English classes:

        • There will be around 5 groups of 7 - 10 students
        • Levels: from Pre-Intermediate to Advanced
        • Classes take place 2-3 days per week
        • Lessons start from 1 pm till 7 pm (in general, they’ll take approximately 5 hours per week)
        • Duration of 1 lesson is around 1 hour

        We are having English classes not because it’s trendy or because it’s a must-have in an IT company. We are having them because we have 30+ inspired and highly motivated people who need guidance in mastering the fluency of their English.

        What we offer:

        • Inspiring and friendly students, who are very eager to learn!
        • An exciting, rewarding and long-term job
        • Competitive salary
        • Freedom and support in developing your ideas and the best teaching approach for our employees

        In case you are ready to take a new opportunity with Binary Studio, please, feel free to apply!

        Mariya Simkiv
        Mariya Simkiv HR Specialist
        Mariya Simkiv
        Mariya Simkiv
        HR Specialist

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        Challenging and dynamic opportunity for young marketing enthusiast!

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