Event Manager


Organization of corporate events (team buildings, conferences, etc.) accompanied with SMM activities.

Ukraine, Lviv


    Unlike traditional HR positions, this job promises a very wide spectrum of roles and responsibilities for an eager candidate who seeks to apply creativity and organizational skills at work. To give you a rough idea of what your typical work day will be like, here is just a few responsibilities you will take on at Binary Studio:


    • Plan and organize corporate events, parties, get-togethers, quests, challenges, team buildings, etc. This will take up at least half of your time, since we hold such events regularly and do our best to make them exceptional. The events will take place in both Lviv and Kyiv office, so there will be some travelling involved.
    • Plan, organize and hold meetups for the local IT community
    • Support and hold internal educational events (Academy PRO, seminars, webinars, trainings)
    • Help select, order, prepare and distribute birthday presents for employees


    • The world has to know what’s going on at Binary Studio, so one of your responsibilities will be to transmit Binary Studio experiences through SMM channels (FB, twitter, Instagram, etc.)


    • Make sure our office is always an inspiring work environment. Feel free to introduce small caring touches and bring your creative soul to the office (e.g. fresh flowers in the kitchen, seasonal decor in the working spaces, cool postcards for the colleagues, etc.)

    More responsibilities will add on to this list along the way and will mostly depend on your skills, abilities, preferences as well as company needs. With time there will be opportunities for you to gradually shift and advance your career in other spheres (be it recruitment, operations, HR management, Marketing, etc.).

A good candidate is:

  • An implementer. Generating ideas is cool, but you have to be ready to turn them into actions and organize work that needs to be done. What is also important here is a huge attention to details and endless desire to improve processes, operations,and everything else around you.
  • A cool teammate. We have a “no asshole rule” in the company, so our Happiness manager is a cooperative and diplomatic person.
  • A mature person, who loves taking care of people, making the lives of their close ones exciting and fun.

What we offer:

  • A rewarding, long-term job that brings constant challenge and good career opportunities as you develop
  • An inspiring and friendly team who does great work and has a lot of fun together (see us on Facebook)
  • A competitive salary
  • The freedom and support in developing your own ideas

P.S.: Some projects and events may include working on Saturdays or late evenings, as well as travelling occasionally to our second office in Lviv / Kyiv. Otherwise said, going beyond your comfort zone. Just a heads up!

Lyudmyla Koshchuk
Lyudmyla Koshchuk HR Manager
Lyudmyla Koshchuk
Lyudmyla Koshchuk
HR Manager

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