HR People Partner


Binary Studio is in search of a talented and experienced HR People Partner!

Ukraine, Kyiv, Remote

    A bit about the HR role at Binary Studio:

    Here at Binary Studio, we don’t actually have an HR department - we call it People Operations. We believe that people are not a ‘resource’, but they go hand-in-hand together with business, sharing mutual achievements and success. That’s why we're building a team that wants to think big and do a meaningful job together. And that’s where we’ll need your help.

      Right now, we have an ambitious plan of growing the team and hence the need to transform the existing processes in People Operations. However, we still want our Binarians to feel comfortable and secure. That’s why we’re looking for a true people partner, who will roll up the sleeves, dive into this challenge and drive changes to enhance our Binarians potential and contribute to the company’s success.

        You will be responsible for:

      • cooperating with the recruitment division to strengthen our Binary team
      • cooperating with sales and delivery teams regarding projects staffing, onboarding and offboarding, bench management
      • coordinating newcomers’ onboarding and adaptation processes
      • regular one-on-one meetings with managers and employees
      • providing partnership and advisory on people management questions for managers of different levels
      • improving and implementing HR processes and initiatives, meeting the needs of the Company’s growth (onboarding, performance review, retention and engagement, C&B, offboarding)
      • people care management and conflict resolution
      • being culture advocate, providing and implementing initiatives to nourish remote culture
      • helping out with Binary Studio Academy whenever needed (together with Academy Coordinator), helping out with SMM activities (our cat Bulka’s Instagram profile and company’s profiles in social media)
      • supervising internal events and celebrations of the Company (partnership with Event Manager)
      • managing People Operations budget together with HR team

        Your experience:

      • +3 years in IT HR roles (People Partner, HR BP), experience in outsourcing companies will be a plus
      • experience in partnership with managers, managers’ advisory and coaching
      • ability to work independently and manage multiple priorities in a fast-changing environment
      • experience in driving changes and implementing new initiatives and optimizing processes
      • you’re passionate about people development, continuous learning and HR
        • You will love this job if you:

        • Realize that every conversation and message to each Binarian has an impact on Company’s profile, and use a personal approach
        • Proactively seek solutions to existing problems, know how to analyze data, and make data-driven decisions
        • Drive strategic and tactic changes to improve Binarians day-to-day life
        • Understand the business and know that HR is not about being overly protective, but about seeking a balance between the business and people’s needs
        • Are a cool teammate. We have a “no asshole rule” in the company, so our HR People Partner is a mature, friendly, cooperative, and diplomatic person
          • You’ll receive:

          • An exciting, rewarding, and long-term job
          • An opportunity to bring changes to People Ops function and build a strong business partnership
          • An inspiring and friendly team who does great work and has a lot of fun together (see us on Facebook and Instagram)
          • A competitive salary
          • Freedom and support in developing your own ideas
            • Sounds interesting so far?

              Then send us your CV to!

              We will be glad to discuss everything in more detail!

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