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Human Resource Director

home Location: Remote
home Cooperation: Full-Time

About Binary Studio

  • Binary Studio is a boutique software development agency established in 2005. We differentiate ourselves by building strategic long-term partnerships with our clients and sourcing only the top 0.5% of Eastern Europe’s tech talent. As a reliable partner for dozens of companies around the world, our focus is to exceed expectations across all stages of your application development lifecycle.

As a part of the interview, we’ll check on your culture fit:

  • Student Always — We share our knowledge & educate the team (e.g. our Binary Studio Academy) and are constant learners ourselves
  • Striving for Excellence — We strive for top-notch results in everything we do
  • Ownership & Initiative — We evaluate Binarians’ performance by the number of things they take ownership over and deliver
  • No Assholes — we don’t work with arrogant people

Expected knowledge and competencies:

  • 5+ years of HR experience, ideally in fast-paced small/mid-sized IT companies (100-400 employees)
  • Experience in IT outstaffing/outsourcing companies is required
  • Prior HR leadership position experience is highly desirable (but not a must-have)
  • A profound understanding of HR strategies, policies, and practices, with a focus on developing and optimizing performance and growth processes
  • Strong collaboration, communication, and interpersonal skills
  • Strong negotiation and presentation skills
  • Ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, ever-evolving environment
  • A good sense of humor and the ability to stay resilient during challenges. It’s HRM in crisis times, we need it :)
  • English proficiency at least at an Upper-Intermediate level
  • Coaching experience and relevant certifications would be a plus

We expect you to perform such Outcomes/Responsibilities:

Strategic Leadership:

  • Collaborate with top leadership to develop HR strategies in line with business goals
  • Work on OKRs for the HR department that align with business objectives and current needs
  • Revise HR roles and strategies in accordance with the company’s growth stages
  • Use HR analytics approaches to evaluate organizational dynamics and provide data-driven insights that strengthen decision-making processes

HR Excellence:

  • Drive continuous improvement by identifying opportunities for process and roles optimization in alignment with the company’s evolving stage of development
  • Continuously optimize HR processes and practices to ensure operational efficiency
  • Lead practical tools design processes, sharing best practices, and providing training for managers on essential people management practices
  • Identify leadership gaps and implement strategies to nurture and develop potential people leaders within the organization
  • Be a motivating and inspiring leader for People Operational teams (HR and Recruitment), fostering a professional culture of HR roles within the organization

Culture and Community:

  • Collaborate with the Engineering Director to strengthen our engineering culture and foster the “Student Always” community
  • Foster a positive work culture that reflects our values and supports employee engagement and retention
  • Drive cultural transformation initiatives that promote transparent communication between management and Binarians
  • Guide and support Binarians through challenges related to maintaining company culture in a constantly changing environment
  • Contribute to the optimization of the hiring procedures for Binary Studio Academy (, providing HR support for the Academy’s initiatives

International hiring and cross-cultural challenges:

  • Refine processes and approaches for international hiring, ensuring efficient and culturally-aligned talent acquisition
  • Address cross-cultural challenges and facilitate initiatives to harmonize diverse workforces
  • Preserve and promote Binary Studio’s unique company culture while expanding into new markets, ensuring that our core values remain intact irrespective of geographical and cultural boundaries

Talent Management and Retention:

  • Oversee and support resourcing and recruitment processes to meet our ambitious growth goals
  • Implement strategies that focus on the retention of clients and Binarians. Design and implement initiatives to increase employee satisfaction, engagement, and retention, considering the unique challenges of a rapidly growing organization
  • Advocate and cultivate a culture of continuous feedback and improvement, fostering a supportive environment for personal and professional growth
  • Continuously assess and refine Performance and Growth processes, aligning them with the company’s development stages and goals

What we offer:

  • A unique culture focused on people development and results
  • No bureaucracy: autonomy in decision-making after the probation period is over
  •  Opportunity to lead engaged super cool HR and Recruitment teams
  • Opportunity to hone your skills on real problems