Middle .NET Developer


Drive the development of a US platform for consultants/legal experts

Ukraine, Kyiv, Lviv

    Binary Studio is a software development company which helps small and medium technical businesses from all over the world build world-class software projects. Having a profound impact on our client’s projects, we help them build solutions which serve millions of users, are used by many Fortune 500 companies, and are regarded as being top-tier solutions in their respective industries.

    The projects
     we work on involve:

        • Technical challenges - these are usually complex solutions like CRMs, marketplaces, advanced web and desktop platforms, where we aim at implementing industry best practices (i.e. you won’t get stuck rewriting the same three lines of code for months on end)
        • Direct communication with the customers who are often technically savvy (CTOs), which helps us solve all questions quickly and efficiently
        • Authority in making technical decisions to guarantee the project's overall quality
        • Our clients rely heavily on our expertise, know-how, skill as subject matter experts in our field

    The team we have at Binary Studio:

        • Are top-notch engineers, who believe that programming is an art and spend a lot of time looking for new approaches and better solutions. We believe that real professionals are the ones who constantly look for new ways to solve problems and create complex products, rather than just “code as they’re told”
        • Monitors the quality of development and takes pride in the work they do. We look for people who have an eye for the future and build products that actually enables users to accomplish their goals
        • Is long-term oriented - many of our engineers have been with us for years - clearly, we’re doing something right if they’ve stuck with us all this time 🙂

    What you’ll be working on:

      The project is a US platform that helps connect professional experts in certain industries with companies, which require consulting services.

      The system allows financial, manufacturing and technology firms to seek consultants for their open projects. With the help of the platform algorithm, qualified professionals, who are already registered & available on the website, are identified within minutes. That reduces the process time significantly and helps focus on executing the necessary project.

      The platform has been developed from scratch by our .NET engineers, working directly with the product CEO. Therefore, you may be sure the code is in good shape! 

      Core project technologies are:

      • Language: C# / JavaScript / TypeScript / HTML / SASS
      • Frameworks: ASP.NET WebAPI / AngularJS / Angular
      • DB: MS SQL
      • Tools: SignalR / Entity Framework / IoC (i.e. SimpleInjector) / Webpack (Gulp)

    Your primary responsibilities:

    • Develop finely-crafted .NET code
    • Drive the development process of the project/product
    • Ensure the platform works like a Swiss watch while developing, restructuring and maintaining our existing code based on the latest trends in tech industry
    • Add new functionality & features to the platform
    • Take on and resolve any issues and challenges associated with the project
    • Collaborate with the product owners

    Have a look at the core skills required for this position:

    • Superb software development skills in a .NET environment
    • Experience in delivering backend applications with ASP.NET
    • Experience in building domain with a code-first database using modern ORM
    • Good knowledge of HTML/CSS/JS
    • Experience in delivering frontend applications with AngularJS/Angular
    • Experience in building component-based architecture within SPA using JS frameworks
    • Solid communication and interpersonal skills, since the position requires direct communication with the customer and close interaction with the team on our side
    • Being a self-motivated and well-organized person, since you will be the one to lead & deliver the project
    • Last but not least - English level Upper-Intermediate+ - otherwise, it won’t be that easy for you to communicate with client ¯\_('.')_/¯

    It would also be sweet if you had:

      • Experience with CI/CD, deployment
      • VCS (branching strategy)
      • SQL knowledge
      • A shelf with read books about SOLID and other software principles
      • Being detail-oriented goes without saying here
      • Willingness to take ownership and responsibility to deliver the result
      Sounds good so far? Cool! Now let us show you what we’re offering from our end:

    Pay, perks & such - the good stuff:

      Binary Studio offers lots of well-known and must-have perks, such as a charming office with a beautiful view of High Castle, challenging tasks and good career opportunities, support in receiving certificates/attending conferences, free English classes, etc.

      However, that’s not all! Our key focus is sharpening the technological skills of our engineers, and we do that through a variety of different ways:

            • In 2017-2019 we organized over 50 (!) events, both internal fun stuff for our team like parties, quests, get-togethers, yearly corporate Eurotrips, or educational academies, courses, lectures, leadership schools and external events like conferences and meetups for the local IT community. The life is pretty vibrant in Binary Studio and we plan to continue along the same lines!
            • We have the most competitive software development school in Ukraine - Binary Studio Academy. In 2019, we had 4500 applicants, and only 110 were admitted. It’s pretty unique, too: it’s online, free and intensive as hell! You will have a chance to enroll as a coach or a lecturer and develop further leadership and project management skills
            • We aspire to create personal development plans - OKRs - for everyone in the company. This approach has also been used by several major companies including Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, Uber, etc.
            • We have an in-house library of best-selling IT books which is regularly supplemented according to our team’s preferences

      If you feel like this is an opportunity which you would like to learn more about, feel free to send us your CV. We will be happy to get to know you better!


Lyudmyla Koshchuk
Lyudmyla Koshchuk HR Manager
Lyudmyla Koshchuk
Lyudmyla Koshchuk
HR Manager

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