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Middle React Native Developer

Support the platform to create, manage and conduct surveys during the elections in the US.

Ukraine, Remote
React Native

About the project:


Platform to create, manage and conduct surveys during the elections in the
US. Mobile app and admin tool. Mobile side is focused on providing access to
the surveys for contractors performing said surveys. Contractor can select
surveys from the list, the survey will provide the area and navigation tips
for the contractor.

Project technology stack:


.NET, React, React Native

Team composition: 3 BE, 2 FE, 1 Mobile, 1 PM on our side,
QA and Product owner on customer side.

We expect from you:

  • At least 3 years of experience as a React Native developer Experience with
    React, Redux
  • Good knowledge of JavaScript, experience with TypeScript
  • Good understanding of security best practices in React Native applications
  • Ability to structure larger services for long term maintainability
  • Strong problem solving ability and able to articulate solutions clearly
  • Intermediate/Upper intermediate level of English, as communication with
    the customer is direct
  • Ability to identify risks and mitigate them
  • Confident skills with Expo CLI as a plus.

Main tasks:

  • Participate in the development of the application on React Native
  • Ensuring stable code quality
  • Strict adherence to project requirements
  • Close cooperation with the team at all stages of development
  • Active participation in team meetings.

About Binary Studio


Binary Studio is an environment of professionals where we create complex
applications for small and medium businesses. Here’s what you need to know
about us:

We are very meticulous in choosing projects:


Among 20-25 potential projects, we choose only ~ 5, because we are not
indifferent to the comfortable working conditions of each of the Binarians.
Among the main criteria by which we select projects are:

  • complexity and challenge — our portfolio includes a system for Swiss
    rescue services, a multitenant healthcare startup that helps nurses look
    for additional work, a platform for modeling and building database
  • adequate condition of the code or readiness of customers to rewrite it if
  • long-term perspective — we work with projects lasting 6+ months, and the
    average duration of projects in Binary Studio — 2.5 years;
  • the opportunity to communicate directly with the decision makers of the

We appreciate the constant development:

  • we conduct Binary Studio Academy — online courses for developing web
    applications for beginners in programming. The academy is free, and
    getting there is a big challenge (in 2020, out of 5,500 applicants, only
    170 were enrolled). For Binarians, participating in the Academy as a
    lecturer, team member or article author is the perfect platform to hone
    their leadership and public speaking skills, as well as work with
    technologies that are not used in a commercial project;
  • we organize technical lectures within the company — for example, about
    Kubernetes, Kotlin and Web optimization; call on technical Zoom talks;
  • we also remember socially important topics — for example, we learn to sort
    garbage together. In addition, each Binarian has an education budget and a
    professional development plan.

Take care of our Binarians:


We strive to create conditions in which our specialists will be comfortable
working together and spending free time. We regularly have 1-1 conversations
and organize cool get-togethers (such as a trip to a golf club, an evening
of table games etc.)


If it sounds interesting and you would like to meet our team — send us
your CV! We are happy to talk!

Alina Alpatova
Alina Alpatova
Alina Alpatova
Alina Alpatova

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Content Writer

Technical Writer

We are interested in a Content Writer who makes high-quality materials on non-trivial subjects, where each thought is reconciled, relevant, and appropriate.

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Middle QA Engineer


Join our team to ensure the smooth development of the software solution for a healthcare marketplace.

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Binary Studio's Delivery Department is committed to supporting the company’s technical growth, taking an active part in developing business strategy from a people management perspective.

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