Help us extend our top-notch team with new talents. It's a long-term opportunity.

Ukraine, Kyiv, Lviv

When changing a job, developers may consider many different things. But generally speaking it all comes down to:

  • Challenge and opportunities for professional growth
  • The nice and smart folks in the team and in the company
  • Good compensation

Good news for our future recruiter: we have all of this! And more. Much more. Trust us, you will be proud to tell your candidates about Binary Studio during interviews.

  • You will talk about our internal tech courses, library, tech meetups, OKRs and a considerable budget for self-development for every Binarian.
  • You will inspire people describing the selectiveness of our own software development school - Binary Studio Academy (4000 applicants and only 100 admitted - the admission rate is close to Harvard’s!) and will explain how being a coach in the most competitive Academy in Ukraine helps develop leadership skills while working with the most talented students from all over Ukraine.
  • You will share our philosophy of hiring people who are not only technically excellent, but also are a good cultural match. Because to find “our guy” is often more important than to close a deal with a customer and poison the culture.
  • You will give lots of details about a meaningful project a developer will be working on: be it an app that saves people’s lives, a super sophisticated BI platform for patent analysis, a marketplace that serves thousands of users, or a CRM that facilitates business processes. Whatever the project - it will always be something challenging and always with world-class potential.
  • You might even drop a few stories from our adventures from our Eurotrips - a yearly tradition of Binary Studio to spend Christmas Eve at different countries altogether.
  • And much more)

But the best thing, we believe, will be a rewarding experience when you realize that people you helped bring to the company are truly happy months and years after they’d been onboarded. As well as the understanding that you are the key to growing an amazing Binary Studio team.



Recruitment - finding great people for our offices in Lviv and Kyiv and enjoying watching them grow in Binary Studio, which includes:

    • preparation, publication & promotion of Developers vacancies as well as “back-office” positions (HR managers, office managers, administrators, accountants, etc.)
    • active search of candidates, headhunting
    • applicant tracking (we do not have an ATS at the moment, but we would like you to suggest one and move there our DB)
    • conducting interviews
    • providing constant feedback to all candidates via various resources (mailbox, LinkedIn, djinni, Facebook, etc.).

Time permitting, you might also be engaged into other our HR activities, for instance onboarding & adaptation of newbies or various HR marketing activities, like provide assistance in organizing meetups, conferences, internal events. Though your focus will still be on recruitment, you could be actively involved in the development of our Lviv and/or Kyiv offices and become a crucial part of our People Operations Team.


What you’ll get on this position:

  • Free reign in implementing your ideas and initiatives in recruitment - we want our recruiter to not only engage in time-tested methods of attracting talent but also come up with new, unorthodox and brilliant ways of building our team of stellar developers;
  • Company sponsorship of relevant events, certifications and activities aimed at improving your skills;
  • Standard “IT package” is also included (English classes, comfortable office, corporate parties, cookies, ping pong table and stuff like that);
  • Love, support, help - whatever you will require throughout the whole period of working with us.


  • Advanced English (minimum upper-intermediate)
  • Excellent copy-writing skills
  • Previous experience in IT recruitment
  • Readiness and willingness to learn constantly, apply new techniques and master your recruitment skills
  • Being a good networker
  • Broad outlook
  • Being polite, super responsible and proactive


  • It’s a long-term gig. We carefully search for “our people” and once we find them - we work together happily ever after. So if you are looking for a temporary trampoline to HR position - we are not the best fit for you.
  • It’s 80-100% about recruitment. Please, note that this position is for people who already LOVE recruitment or are ready to give it a serious try. If you dream of pure HR (or another adjacent field) in not very distant future - think twice before applying.
  • This position presupposes a mandatory test task (you can do it at home and it will most probably take a couple of hours).

Are you excited about joining Binary Studio and becoming a key contributor to building a brilliant team? Don’t wait up - apply now!

Mariya Simkiv
Mariya Simkiv HR Specialist
Mariya Simkiv
Mariya Simkiv
HR Specialist

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