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  • LOCATION: flag Sweden

  • Type of Service: Dedicated Development Team

  • INDUSTRY: Media Production

  • KEY TECHNOLOGY: Custom framework DMAF (DinahMoe Application Framework)

  • Project Type: Interactive Websites

  • DURATION: 2020 - Present

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  • 3

    Full Stack

The Client

Dinahmoe is a prestigious full service digital production company with an extensive portfolio of award-winning projects. Its mission is to fundamentally change how digital things are built with constant innovation in every step of the development process. They help agencies and brands create everything from marketing campaigns and digital experiences to large, distributed systems.

Some of their projects have included the Chatbot driven fan video generator for Netflix’s Sense 8, interactive films like Deja View to promote the Nissan Infiniti, and Resistance Radio for Amazon’s The Man in the High Castle. Dinahmoe has the Midas Touch. It’s a recipient of Cannes Lions Awards for creative excellence, the Clio Awards for creative advertising, and was inducted into the Favourite Website Awards Hall of Fame in 2012.

They understand the goals and translate them quickly into good architecture and code.

It was a very smooth process from the start. The work is of high quality and is moving forward at a good speed.

Binary Studio-1

Johan Belin

CEO and ECD, Dinahmoe

Binary Studio-2 Stockholm, Sweden

Client’s Objectives

Dinahmoe initially aimed to find an engineer with software architecture design expertise using JavaScript stack of technologies. This experience would need to encompass knowledge of all aspects of server-side implementation, deep understanding of audio and visual component integration, video playback, streaming, and real-time communication. Due to Dinahmoe’s focus on delivering a wide variety of digital products, the developer also needed to be fluid in high level abstract “outside the box” thinking.

The objectives for cooperation included:

  • 01

    Provide support for ongoing software development for Dinahmoe customers with deeply interactive websites.

  • 02

    Constant improvement of custom Dinahmoe Application Framework (DMAF)

  • 03

    Update Dinahmoe’s website with new interactive project portfolio and visual components.

Binary Studio-3
Binary Studio-4

Solution and Outcome

  • Dinahmoe’s management carefully explained to us the requirements associated with all of their projects and the difficulties he had encountered in working with many other developers. The developer needed to be an expert in Javascript and fixated on quality, but also have a highly adaptive and innovative mindset. The latter can only be ascertained from direct personal interaction, not resumes or CVs. This underscores one role of the Binary Studio Academy in providing us direct experience of each of the engineers on our team.
Binary Studio-5
Binary Studio-6
Binary Studio-7
Binary Studio-8

The nature of our initial collaboration involved Dinahmoe’s art director and Binary Studio software engineer working closely together. As the cooperation progressed, and given the ability of Binary Studio to fulfill such a specific software engineering position, Dinahmoe suggested extending the team and letting us take part in building interactive websites for their customers. The software development process was built in a way to focus on a continuous stream of small deliverables for a variety of projects in line with Dinahmoe’s objectives:

  • Stage 1

    Implementing several interactive websites for Dinahmoe’s clients, working with their creative director to create award-winning designs and user interfaces like Kaidan Universe.

  • Stage 2

    Constantly improving the Dinahmoe Application Framework to make it highly reusable and well-tested, including support of cross-browser functionality.

  • Stage 3

    Implementing case studies in the form of interactive single page applications for each of the Dinahmoe clients, which were added to the company’s portfolio at the client-facing part of the platform.

Continuous Innovation

  • Dinahmoe’s focus on developing delightful “out of the box” multimedia experiences is a continuous challenge even for veteran developers. Our team consistently rises to deliver unique websites and applications through a combination of technology and methodology. First, our developer’s expertise is regularly applied to the development of the proprietary Dinahmoe Application Framework (DMAF) which allows true reuse of functions from earlier projects. Rapid iterations from close collaboration with Dinahmoe’s art director culminate in being able to deliver functionality that other production companies would not find feasible to maintain.

About Binary Studio

  • Binary Studio is a boutique software development agency established in 2005. We differentiate ourselves by building strategic long-term partnerships with our clients and sourcing only the top 0.5% of Eastern Europe’s tech talent. As a reliable partner for dozens of companies around the world, our focus is to exceed expectations across all stages of your application development lifecycle.
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