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Frequently Asked Questions

About Binary Studio

Here we have gathered answers to the most common questions on our processes and practices. This is what we would like to share with you to get started.

How long have you been in business?
We started back in 2005, so we've been around for about 12 years now.
Do you have customer references?

Absolutely! Many of them available on our web-site in the form of video testimonials. Moreover, all of the companies that are listed on that page are available for references through direct contact.

Where are your developers & HQ located?

The company has legal branches in the Ukraine, US and EU. Both - the development office and management team are located in Lviv, Ukraine. It is one of the top IT hubs in Ukraine and is located next to EU border with Poland.

We also recommend to check out this report about Lviv.
Some of the information that you may be interested in:

  • More than 15, 000 engineers live in Lviv;
  • That constitutes 15% of Ukrainian IT force;
  • 4, 000 IT specialists graduate from Lviv technical universities every year;
  • around 200 IT companies are located in Lviv.
Can the developers work directly on our system via VPN and remote desktop?

It is certainly possible. We've applied similar approach with a few of our other clients.

Costing & Fees – Average costing for – Junior, Mid-Level & Senior developer?

Prices usually depend on the length of contract and experience level of the developer. Longer contracts (6+ months) will lower the prices as it provides us some stability to offer our developers.

However, please be aware, that due to high demand and limited availability of top-level C++ and Java developers on the market in general (comparing to, let’s say web developers), these positions may be more expensive. The final offer will depend on your specific requirements and candidate’s expertise and skills.

Additional costs, if any?

There are no "start-up fees" or any other additional costs. You simply pay a flat monthly fee agreed in the contract.

What is your cancellation process/policy/fees?

This depends on the contract. If it’s a long-term agreement (i.e. 6+ months, full-time), then we will require 45 to 60 days’ written notice in advance from both sides.

Our ultimate goal is to build a long-term partnership with our clients. For this reason, 95% of our current projects are full-time, long-term partnerships. Many of them last for 4-5 years and a few – over 10 years. Even more importantly, we still work with our very first customer from 2005!

For this reason and unless there are certain problems on the project (for instance, budget issues), we never reallocate resources from an existing customer to other clients/prospects. But even in case if we intend to do so –we have to notify you 2 months in advance (or 45 days).

This helps our clients maintain the project knowledge within the team and avoid unnecessary spendings for recruiting and training new people.

How do you deal with employee turnover on running projects?

Thankfully, we have a very low turnover rate here at Binary Studio. But when it inevitably does happen, we make sure to notify the client of the chance as soon as possible and make sure they are satisfied with the replacement before onboarding them onto the team.

Ideally we try to provide some overlap so the outgoing developer can properly acquaint the newcomer with his duties and sphere of work so that the turnover is as seamless and painless as possible. While this can’t be always achieved, we provide strong incentives to our engineers to assist the company and the clients when and if they leave.

We will require a signed NDA before starting any work - Will this be a problem?

Nope, that's standard practice. Please feel free to send it over once you are ready to proceed.

How long does it typically take to find your developers and start a project?

This really depends on the specific developers you require - we'd like to have a phone call and get the details of the project down before we're confident in giving you a solid answer. Generally speaking though, we are very selective in our company and the recruitment process can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks to get necessary talent onboard and ready to work. We don't bring on a developer unless we're absolutely sure they are going to fit the project needs and help us maintain the long-term relationship with the clients.

Can we manage your developers directly?

Absolutely! We generally run two models at Binary Studio - Custom Software Development and Dedicated Development teams. With custom software development, we provide the management for the project, but in your case you'd be provided a Dedicated Development team which would report directly to you and integrate themselves in your management hierarchy and development methodology. You will always have a direct access (Skype, e-mail etc.) to each of your team members.

Can we be involved in the recruitment process?

Yes, but bear in mind that we try to provide value to you as a client by handling this portion as much as possible so that you can focus on your own business/development tasks. That being said, there are several ways a customer can get involved with the recruitment process:

  • Have the client provide detailed, specific requirements for each of the developers they're looking for;
  • Have the client provide some test tasks of their own (we also have some but we're open to using yours if you'd like);
  • Have interviews with the shortlisted candidates so that they can have some face time before the developer is brought on board.
Can we have references for the developers we would be working with?

It is not a usual practice in Ukraine when a new customer calls the previous employer. It is also uncommon if we were to call the previous employer ourselves, but if you insist – we can do so, go through the pre-defined list of questions that you have and then prepare a report for you. We don’t usually do so (because there’s no such business practice), but we are also interested in attracting the right type of people, so we are open to help.

What is the typical length of time your developers work on projects - minimum, average, maximum?

This is a very wide spectrum, but generally speaking our developers work on a contract for around 3 years on average, with some 5+ year veterans and a few juniors who've been on a project for under a year.

There’s a number of reasons why people may want to leave the company. Some of the most typical – “management issues” on the customer side (unfortunately, it happens) and type of work they are engaged in (i.e. pure bug fixing, low responsibility, “monkey coding” etc.)

Do you offer a pilot/trial program?

Generally, we offer a risk-free trial for the first 21 days. If you're not satisfied with the quality of a person we assign to your project, within 21 days from his/her start date you can request a replacement. To be honest though, we are very confident this won’t be the case (especially so since you want to participate in the recruitment/selection process and will therefore have clear expectations from each candidate).

Do you provide developer facilities or do they work from home?

We have a beautiful, almost 700 sqm office in Lviv, where we work out of, with all the amenities included. If you'd like, we'd love to have you come visit and see the office and team for yourself! We really enjoy having guests and we understand it helps people with some peace of mind after they see we're not working out of cardboard boxes or anything like that.

Is there any additional information you would like to provide regarding how your company works and business model?

Yes, there is.

One of our strategic priorities is to build a culture of technical excellence within the company. It is important to understand therefore that Binary Studio will give you access to some of the most talented engineers in Ukraine.

We have our own training program that only admits graduates from the top-ranked technical universities in Ukraine. We would like to share with you some of the hard data we have about this project:

  • Out of 2500+ applicants (all – CS graduates!) last year we admitted 59
  • After the program concluded, we hired only 7 people
  • That is less than 0.3% from the initial pool. This is the best example of “selectiveness” that we are speaking about.
  • 54% of our employees today are graduates of this training program between 2011 and 2016;

Finally, we realize that you are most likely looking around at several different outsourcing options. We understand that you are looking for an answer to the ultimate question: "how are these guys different than all the rest? " So we wanted to provide a straight answer. We are different, because of the 3 following pillars:

  1. We're selective, due to our crucible recruiting process.
  2. We're dedicated, because of our long-standing commitment to our projects.
  3. We're transparent, thanks to our "inception" onboarding process.

We will be happy to elaborate more on each of these during the call.

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