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We Are Results-oriented

We aim to deliver on your expectations

We adopt best practices of the industry in order to deliver results that meet expectations. It is our firm belief that beginning of the cooperation sets the stride for the whole project, that is why we have introduced project initiation framework - Inception.

We envision Inception as an extremely potent and resourceful way to get better understanding of the product and mold perfect solution. Also, it gives us a chance to align stakeholders’ visions and spark the inspiration within the development team.

The purpose of the Inception session is to study business goals, use cases, roles. And as the result to craft roadmap, which allows the team to adapt constructive approach from the start and deliver outstanding results.


For this process to be fruitful it is essential to set clear and well defined goals. These are the goals we aim to achieve after completing the inception process.

  • Develop understanding of the business environment
  • Set priorities for MVP and specify roadmap
  • Minimize the risks
  • Align product stakeholders
  • Inspire the team
Bringing inception to life

Inception is very organic and fluid, thus feels like one continuous process. Nevertheless, it has several logical stages that have to be completed in order to achieve desired results.

  • Introduction

  • Presentation

    Customer showcases the product at its current state (even if it’s just an idea) , any information exploring peculiarities of the project is important.

  • Issues, benefits, risks/goals

    Customer gives his perspective, helps us understand the context for the product and the rules of the market, as it is his domain. This will help the team to have better understanding of direction where they should be moving and what are their goals.

    • Consumer
    • Business goals
    • Domain knowledge
  • Roles and workflow

    At this stage we work on defining all the possible roles, workflow is defined for each role.

    • Application roles
    • Components
    • Workflow screens
  • Prioritization

    Further on all the technical information is organized into a roadmap according to the level of priority.

General recommendation is that Inception process better paired with Custom Software Development engagement model, it helps start projects and cooperation with development partner on the right foot.

We are dependable

Trust holds great weight when working with remote teams, we would like you to know that we are dependable, you can rely on us. Our customers are the best people to attest to that.

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We are results oriented

Delivering results that meet the expectations is important to us, as we understand that our work directly linked to your success.

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We are selective

Our talent pool is filled with brilliant professionals due to our highly selective process. We make sure the new hire is not only technically strong, but also fits our company values.

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