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Bespoke Software - Advantages and Disadvantages

The success of any business lies in your raw data. Relatively speaking, when starting a new startup, you must have one of two things: either an advantage over potential competitors or a vision of how and by what means to provide this advantage. It would seem that these are obvious statements. But, the main problem is how to achieve these goals. And for this, the modern market offers many solutions. The main challenge in this is to choose the right tools to achieve your goals.

And at this stage, your head will definitely start spinning. The tools for administration, software development, human resources management, and production optimization are so numerous that it is complicated to choose them. And we are talking only about ready-made solutions with narrow customization options for our purposes. But, the market can also offer you endless possibilities for the preparation and development of software with individual properties, which will take into account all your specific needs.

And here you are, faced with the most difficult choice - to save money and purchase a ready-made software solution for your business or develop a more expensive but individual solution for your specific project. This dilemma is similar to the notion that a good quality business suit can only be made to measure by a tailor. But, is it not so? After all, you can choose a ready-made suit for your size. Yes, it is. But, if you buy high-quality clothes, then in the same store, the tailor will offer to modify them for you. On the other hand, you can get a cheap suit. You will wear it with less pleasure, but you will still have an excellent look at first glance. But, the fabric will wear out soon, and you will have to buy new clothes. Quite confusing.

With business software, the situation is eerily similar. So, let's try to figure out which option is the best and which path is ideal for you.

What is bespoke software?

First, let's take a look at the main question. What is bespoke software?

This is a product created for you and your company, just like a business suit made to measure according to your measurements. An individual approach is what fully characterizes the product. The stage of direct development is preceded by a painstaking process of studying your case, needs, prospects, and tasks. Collecting data and thoroughly examining your business leads to a detailed plan.

But do not think that this is all. Competitors, their model of work, successful decisions, and miscalculations are also subjected to thorough analysis. The cost of error is high here. And it's not just the amount you spend on software development, but also the amount of lost benefit that you can miss if the result is unsatisfactory.

Of course, this is a costly path. But if professionals are involved in your case, the costs will not only quickly pay off but will also lead to a rapid increase in income. That is why you need a competent and trained team of specialists who can provide the best result.

Why you might need an off-the-shelf software?

But, more money and more effort do not always mean better results. Therefore, in some cases, a ready-made solution may become exactly the impetus that will take the business to new heights. And this is logical. To choose a tool, it is important to understand where and how you will use it. You are unlikely to buy an expensive sports car if you are waiting for a trip on a country road.

Therefore, carefully weigh all the nuances, and if analytics show the possibility of using off-the-shelf software, use it. In any case, in the future, the practice of using standard software solutions will greatly simplify the preparatory stage when preparing bespoke software. In general, there are several marker questions after the answers, to which you will determine what you need.

First, consider how quickly you need to implement the software. Naturally, the creation of a product for special requirements will take time. But, if you do not have enough time and see a satisfying product on the market, then why not.

The second important aspect is how clearly you see and understand the requirements and objectives of the product that you need. No matter how well you imagine the final product, you will still feel the pulse with custom development. But, if you understand everything and know right away - why not find a program that suits your ideas?

Well, and do not forget that for a small team, more often than not, cumbersome and fine-tuned individual solutions are not needed. The off-the-shelf software market was created just for them, and the cost also considers the average income of small companies.

Advantages of tailor-made software

It isn't easy to highlight all the advantages of individual software, since it is made for you, considering all your wishes. Nevertheless, let's be specific.

You choose what you pay for. Ready-made toolkits are equipped with a certain unified set of functions that you buy regardless of whether you need them. In the same case, if you form a task for development, you yourself plan what the application will be like and what it will be able to do. With this algorithm, you may even have the opportunity to save money compared to buying a ready-made program.

In addition, multi-stage development and careful study of every nuance of the program minimizes the likelihood of errors. Also, do not forget that companies that undertake the obligation to perform such complex tasks are staffed with the best specialists who know exactly how to do their job efficiently.

A deep understanding of your needs allows you to implement the product in the management structure in stages and gently.

It is quite natural that the result of the development will be the most personalized and individual software product that will have unique functions and the ability to integrate into existing processes quickly. It should be noted that the product will solve urgent problems and take into account the predicted dynamics of the company's development and its vectors of predicted development.

Well, it's worth remembering such an important factor as data protection. In the modern world, it is impossible and threatening not to attach importance to this. And, you must understand that hackers are constantly breaking into the software. If your business operates with a unique product, then cyber criminals will need to look for unique ways to hack your program. And, having hacked a universal program, they will gain access to the information of all its users. Naturally, this will not guarantee security, but it will significantly minimize potential threats.

Disadvantages of bespoke software

Everything has its pros and cons. This is the law of life and one of the main laws of modern, cruel, and unforgiving business. Therefore, any, even the most thoughtful and reliable project, has its drawbacks. Bespoke software is no exception. Now we will tell you what negative sides this software integration model has.

The first thing that comes to mind is time. This is a problem with any product that has individual characteristics. As with any non-standard product made according to a unique plan, you have to pay in time and money. And, if we are already talking about money, then let's say right away that this is also a disadvantage. Development is expensive for objective reasons because specialists are working on the project, creating a unique product.

Also, do not forget that the team's work will not end the creation of the final build. You will need further support, and that also costs money. In the event of a change, development, or reorientation of the business, you will have to pay for significant changes to the program. For the reason that a unique product cannot contain a full range of developments for the future, even if you consider the prospects for the business.

In addition, even if you are willing to shell out a considerable amount of money for development, you will face the problem of hiring professional performers. You see, there are many consumer software companies. This is a kind of conveyor belt. But the production of a unique product is not so popular. And there are very few specialists on the market.

Even from a security standpoint, there are potential problems. After all, the developer will also have the source code and maintenance access codes in the case of maintenance. This means that outsiders will have access to the product besides you. And forecasts will be useless here.

The truth is that introducing new software systems into a business is stressful, time-consuming, and expensive. It makes no difference which of the suggested paths you choose. The path will be difficult. But, the result will definitely exceed your expectations.

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