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Hire Flutter App star star star star star Developers

Looking for efficient cross-platform app development or want to move existing apps to a single cross-platform codebase?

Hire Flutter app developers with relevant experience.


Our Flutter development services


Mobile app

We build fast and sleek apps using the latest Flutter technologies and industry best practices. Our Flutter developers can also migrate native apps to a cross-platform framework and add third-party integrations of any complexity.

Web app

With Flutter, you can create not only both iOS and Android apps but also web apps with the same single codebase. Hire Flutter web developers to build reliable and interactive PWAs or SPAs.

and support

Our tech experts will continuously monitor your apps to identify and fix any bugs, as well as security or performance issues. Partner with Binary Studio for full-cycle Flutter development and testing.


If your app suffers from slow performance, you can hire Flutter developers to optimize it. Experienced engineers from Binary Studio will analyze what causes the problem and apply all the necessary techniques to improve perceived performance and app load.

Benefits of choosing Flutter for your project


Fewer development
hours = lower costs

With Flutter, you get the native-like look and feel without having to develop individual solutions for different platforms. Plus, Flutter’s capabilities, such as a hot reload feature, allow for fast change implementation and experimenting, which leads to reduced expenses on development and testing.

Faster time
to market

Flutter is meant to speed up every step of the development process. It has pre-built widgets that help quickly create interactive interfaces and enables developers to manage code changes in real time. With experienced Flutter developers, you can launch your product in no time.

Support and clear

Flutter is an open-source development kit that is convenient for developers. With a growing community of Flutter enthusiasts and extensive documentation by Google, this technology proves to be easy and beneficial to work with.
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Why hire dedicated Flutter developers from Binary Studio

  • Top 0.5% engineers

    We have a unique approach to hiring and training engineers. We evaluate their skills against 50+ different metrics and provide the best applicants with an intensive educational course that gives real-life challenges and teaches a product-centered mindset.

  • Unparalleled product ownership

    At Binary Studio, we approach your products as our own and always dive deep into your product vision and industry-specific challenges. We focus on working with startups and SMBs, providing our clients with unmatched dedication and superior quality.

  • Values-driven development

    We build any cooperation on our core principles: adopting new technologies, encouraging expertise sharing, and taking accountability for project results. We value transparent communication, and our Flutter developers are personally invested in each product they build and always contribute ideas for improvements.

  • AI and ML expertise

    When choosing projects, we are particularly excited about those that require the implementation of AI technologies. Our Flutter developers have the expertise to integrate AI/ML into software, for example, for the app to learn from user behavior and cater more personalized experiences.

Case Studies

What Our Clients Say

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
David Burton - CEO /
Binary Studio is an ideal software development partner and our experience working with them has been fantastic
Pascal Desmarets - Founder & CEO /
Mark Volkmann
Mark Volkmann
CEO / MassageBook
Charleston, SC Charleston, SC
David Burton
David Burton
CEO / FanAngel
San Luis Obispo, CA San Luis Obispo, CA
Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
Founder & CEO / Hackolade
Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium
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Award-winning services

At Binary Studio, we have a team of experienced Flutter developers and foster a culture of learning and innovation: you can rest assured your product will be in safe hands. Engineering award-winning products for SMBs since 2005, we value transparent cooperation and take extreme ownership over each project we carry out.

The process of hiring remote Flutter developers

01 Step

Shaping the idea and business requirements

Before anything else, you should think of what product you want to build, what platforms should be involved, and who will be the end users. If you don’t have all details straightened out, we can offer you a dedicated team to get involved in the discovery phase and business analysis.

02 Step

Setting deadlines and budgets

When you decide on functional requirements, plan a desired timeframe and budget for your project. If you’re not sure about potential technical limitations, industry regulations, or other details, we at Binary Studio will be happy to consult you on Flutter app development.

03 Step

Choosing a trustworthy partner to hire Flutter developers

To hire Flutter app developers for your project, check out the portfolios of providers experienced in your niche. Research client reviews to explore relevant cases and discover how engineers are selected. To ensure smooth cooperation, before hiring remote Flutter developers, learn what engagement models providers offer and what communication tools they use.

04 Step

Choosing the right engagement model and signing contracts

You might need to hire individual developers that will become an extension of your internal team, or you can have a whole team of specialists built for you. At Binary Studio, we can provide you with a dedicated team from the discovery stage to post-launch product support. Apart from Flutter developers, it can include a project manager, QA engineers, designers, and other specialists.

Flutter development FAQ

  • How many Flutter developers do I need?

    For non-complex projects, you might hire a single developer - for instance, to migrate a simple app or optimize its performance. But if you’re looking to build a Flutter app from scratch and if you need custom integrations with third-party services, you most definitely should hire an experienced development team.

  • Why choose Flutter for app development?

    Flutter allows for cost- and time-efficient development. Engineers appreciate this framework due to its capability for real-time code changes and experimentation, while businesses can benefit from fast development.

  • What projects can be created with Flutter?

    Industry-wise, there are no limitations on implementing Flutter. Its ecosystem is perfectly suited for a variety of use cases, be it payment services, healthcare solutions, or entertainment. Plus, Flutter supports a wide range of hardware that can be connected to your mobile and web apps. When you hire dedicated Flutter developers, they will guide you through possible features and integrations.

  • Can I hire Flutter developers for short-term work?

    Yes, you can hire our Flutter developers for both short and long-term projects. If you need someone for a quick app update or full application build, we provide experts to match your specific needs and timeline. Our flexible resourcing supports any project duration.

  • Where can I hire Flutter developers?

    Binary Studio offers dedicated Flutter developers to build customized, scalable cross-platform apps. With extensive expertise delivering solutions tailored to your specific needs, our Flutter team ensures your product stands out. Partner with our specialists to turn ideas into reality with top-notch development services.

  • How much does it cost to hire Flutter developers?

    The cost of hiring developers depends on their level of seniority and location. Globally, the hourly rates of Flutter specialists range from $40 to $120. By hiring remote Flutter developers, you get access to a rich pool of talents but make sure to check their experience, time zones, and communication tools.

  • Can you move an existing app to Flutter?

    Yes, you can turn a native iOS or Android app to the Flutter framework. This way, you’ll have consistency across the products on different platforms and an easily managed single codebase.

  • What does the process of Flutter development look like?

    If you’re building an app from scratch, you’ll start from the discovery phase, which includes market research and product specification. If you partner with Binary Studio, our experts will help you define business objectives and guide you through the possible app architecture.
    After you decide on the cooperation model and sign all documents, Flutter developers and designers will proceed to create wireframes and write actual code. Depending on the set roadmap, your app will be continuously enriched with new features and tested, while you’ll have regular meetings with the team to review the progress and request adjustments if needed.
    When your product is released, our engineers will handle ongoing support and will incorporate improvements when needed. If you partner with us for full-cycle development, testing, and project management, we’ll provide you with the highest level of involvement and utmost dedication to product quality, security, and correspondence to your needs.

  • What is your process for hiring Flutter developers?

    We follow a thorough screening process to match developer skills with project needs. Our technical experts evaluate candidates to ensure comprehensive assessment. We engage your stakeholders to align on the best fit. This informed process results in ideal Flutter developer hires for your initiatives.

  • Do you sign NDAs?

    Yes, we sign mutual non-disclosure agreements with every client before sharing sensitive information or starting a project. These NDAs safeguard intellectual property and maintain confidentiality throughout our partnership. Let us know if you need any specialized NDA terms. We make contractual confidentiality a priority upfront.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about your project!

Send us a message describing your project idea or schedule a free 1-hour consultation right away:

  • Define your project requirements
  • Discuss your timeline and budget
  • Sign an NDA before you share any materials with us
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But enough about us. Let’s talk about your project!

Top Flutter Developer Interview Questions


How does one ensure responsive design for different device sizes in Flutter?

Developers can use techniques like fluid layouts, flexible widgets, and media queries to create UIs that adapt to various screen sizes. They should adjust orientation, text sizing, and layout based on the viewport to optimize readability and usability across devices. Testing on different devices early on helps catch issues with responsiveness.

What best practices help promote readable Flutter code?

Developers should use descriptive test names, comments explaining complex logic, the Arrange-Act-Assert pattern for test structure to improve readability. Keeping tests focused, concise and consistent indentation/formatting also makes code more readable. Avoiding deep nesting and code duplication improves readability as well.

How does one structure widget trees to build complex layouts in Flutter?

Breaking the UI into smaller reusable widgets and nesting components helps construct intricate designs. Creating custom widgets to handle repetitive UI elements reduces duplication in widget trees. Testing widget trees on various device sizes ensures proper display across platforms and screen sizes. Structured, optimized trees allow crafting complex Flutter layouts.

Tech-Stack Our Flutter Developers For Hire Use

Team image

Binary Studio helps you hire freelance Flutter developers who are experts at creating cross-platform mobile, desktop and web applications using the Flutter framework and Dart programming language. Our developers have in-depth knowledge of Flutter and Dart and are skilled at building robust applications that work seamlessly on Android, iOS, and desktop platforms.

They are also proficient in integrating state management solutions like BLoC, Redux, and Provider for efficient data flow. Additionally, they are familiar with making API calls using HTTP packages to retrieve and synchronize real-time data smoothly.

Our Flutter experts leverage platform-specific APIs and features to fine-tune the behavior of your application for each platform while maintaining consistency across them. Whether it’s integrating platform-specific plugins, ensuring compatibility across screens, or managing push notifications - we do everything required to deliver a seamless user experience.

Flutter Pros and Cons



Flutter apps can be compiled to run on both iOS and Android from a single codebase. This saves significant development time and resources.

Open source

Flutter is open source, so developers can contribute to fixing framework issues and extending functionality. There is an active community behind Flutter.

Fast performance

Flutter apps are compiled to native code so they can achieve performance comparable to native iOS/Android apps. The Flutter engine also uses graphics rendering designed for high performance.

Expressive and flexible UI

Flutter’s layered architecture and widget set allows for creating customizable and expressive user interface designs. The reactive framework makes it easy to build UIs that update dynamically.

Developer productivity

Features like hot reload that allow you to quickly view code changes, reuse code across platforms, and access widgets and tools make Flutter highly productive.


Still young

While Flutter is quite stable and production-ready, it is still a relatively young framework that is less battle-tested than mature native platforms.

Limited third-party support

The number of third-party libraries and tools for Flutter is growing rapidly but still smaller compared to what is available for native iOS/Android development.

Steep learning curve

While Flutter is designed to be easy to pick up, becoming highly productive with it still requires learning its approach of creating UIs with composition of widgets.

App size

The baseline Flutter app size can be large compared to a minimal native app. However, there are ways to reduce Flutter app sizes.

Partnership Model

The Time and Material (T&M) pricing model is an effective approach for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those with complex, long-term projects. It also works well for ongoing testing, bug fixing, maintenance and support efforts. With T&M, scope and budgets are defined iteratively versus upfront payment for the entire project. This provides flexibility to adjust effort and plans as needs change over time.

  • team image
  • team image
  • team image

By scoping and estimating iteratively, T&M pricing can adapt to changing needs. For SMBs, this incremental style matches the way many technology projects unfold. T&M provides an adjustable framework to evolve systems over time.

Key benefits of the T&M approach:

  • Accommodates fluid requirements that emerge during project execution
  • Allows for changes in timeline or resources required
  • Gives client control to pivot priorities as market conditions shift
  • Suits prolonged engagements across multiple phases

How To Hire Flutter Developers?

When looking to hire Flutter developers, there are a few key technical skills to look for.



  • Proficiency in Dart is essential, as it is used to code both the UI and logic in Flutter apps
  • JavaScript skills are useful for web projects or integrating web features
  • Knowledge of Kotlin/Swift helps integrate native Android/iOS features


  • Understanding widgets as the building blocks of Flutter apps
  • Ability to build custom widgets and compose widget libraries
  • Creating reusable components for maintainability and performance optimization


  • Expertise in state management has a big impact on app performance and UX
  • Updating only necessary UI components upon state changes enables smooth interactivity
  • Proper state organization prevents apps from becoming hard to manage and debug

Essential Skills for Flutter Developers

Carefully evaluating a developer's skills is crucial in any field. In software development, both hard and soft skills determine how developers collaborate, solve problems, and get work done. Let's explore some key skills that Flutter developers need to succeed.

  • Hard Skills

    Flutter developers should possess certain technology competencies. These include knowledge of computer science fundamentals, programming principles, cross-platform development tools, and more.

    • Version Control

      Developers should be adept at using Git, an open-source system, to manage projects of any size.

    • Computer Science Concepts

      An understanding of complex computer science concepts is mandatory, as with developers who use other frameworks.

    • Database Languages

      Flutter developers need to know SQL to retrieve and analyze specific data from relational databases.

    • Dart Programming

      Proficiency in Dart is required since it powers the Flutter framework to build feature-rich apps across platforms.

    • Kotlin/Swift

      Being well-versed in these high performance languages is a huge advantage. It enables leveraging native OS capabilities.

    • Android/iOS Platforms

      Understanding the unique features, challenges, and nuances of each platform is key. This knowledge empowers developers to handle cross-platform app complexity.

  • Soft Skills

    While technical skills are crucial, Flutter developers also require key interpersonal abilities to collaborate effectively. When outsourcing Flutter work, ensure the provider’s English communication skills can facilitate understanding between teams.

    • Communication

      Developers need excellent communication skills to clearly present solutions and viewpoints, discuss complex issues, and collective problem-solve. Empathy and emotional intelligence are equally critical.

    • Teamwork

      Developers must collaborate seamlessly with other roles like designers, QA testers, project managers, etc. This requires competencies in work distribution, asking questions, seeking help when needed, respecting perspectives, and aligning on priorities.

    • Problem-Solving

      Developers inevitably face technical bottlenecks. Crucial skills include applying design thinking, thinking creatively, leveraging resources, modeling solutions, and perseverance. These allow them to troubleshoot issues and overcome roadblocks.

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