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Aviation Software Development Services

We provide custom software development, legacy system modernization, integration, and migration services for airlines, airports, and independent vendors.

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Why choose Binary Studio for aviation software development


Top 0.5% aviation software engineers

We hire only the best software engineers and have our own IT academy to train and select the most committed professionals. With our aviation developers on your team, you can rest assured of the impeccable quality of your product.

Continuous software innovation

Our engineers always keep track of the industry needs and try out the latest tools and technologies. We maintain a strong focus on AI/ML engineering and strive to bring effective innovation to development.

Aviation industry expertise

As an aviation software development company, we’ve partnered with different businesses to create solutions related to hardware maintenance, logistics, crew management, and flight booking.

Dedicated team model

We can build an airline software development team, taking care of all administrative processes and providing you with a project manager to control the process and make sure the development meets your needs.

Strong focus on aviation software security

We build software solutions that are compliant with industry regulations, while data protection and security are always our top priorities when choosing the right technologies and approaches to build a product.

Efficient and flexible operation

We work according to Agile principles, which means that you’ll be regularly reviewing the working version of your product. You’ll be able to prioritize features or make changes while directly communicating with the software development team.

Our aviation software development services


Cloud-based aviation software

We will develop a scalable cloud-based solution for your business. Our aviation development experts will design the most efficient cloud architecture for your project and choose the optimal cloud service to realize your idea.

Airline application development

We can build web, desktop, and mobile applications to serve various purposes: flight booking, crew management, airport logistics, or anything else. With 19+ years of experience, we guarantee the uncompromisable security and quality of your software product.

Legacy system modernization

We can help you move from an old software system to one that is more secure, allows for expansion, and is based on the latest technologies. We’ll re-engineer the backend and frontend parts of your aviation software according to your vision.

Testing and support of aviation solutions

If you want to test your software before the release or improve something in an already functioning solution, we can provide you with a team of QA engineers who know the nuances of the aviation industry.

Binary Studio’s software development awards

We’re continuously hitting the lists of the top development companies on Clutch in different categories. Recognized as industry experts and praised by clients, we provide truly exceptional aviation software development solutions.

The process of aviation software development

We maintain flexibility and adjust the development process to your deadlines and needs, but any project will go through certain stages. Here are the main steps of custom aviation software development:

Icon Icon Icon Icon
1 Requirement analysis We’ll collect all the necessary data about your business goals, required features and integrations, and existing software solutions to find the best approach and tech stack for the project. 2-3 weeks
Team member Team member

Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

2 Aviation software prototyping Upon signing the contract and having all the input data, our engineers and designers will devise the best software architecture and create prototypes of your solution. 2-3 weeks
Team member Team member

Product Manager

UI/UX Designer

3 Development and testing services The process of development and testing will be divided into 2-week sprints, and after each of them, you’ll be reviewing the results and adjusting the agenda if needed. 3-6 months
Team member

Development Team

4 Aviation software product release Once you’re happy with the end result of development, we’ll help you get your product launched, ensuring that there are no issues with performance, security, or user experience. 1-2 weeks
Team member

Development Team

5 Maintenance and support Our team can continuously monitor your software solution, fix bugs, and improve it based on user feedback. You can also return to us at any time to scale the solution or add new features. Ongoing
Team member

Development Team

Need reliable aviation software developers?

Trust Binary Studio with 19+ years of technology excellence

What our clients say

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
David Burton - CEO /
Binary Studio is an ideal software development partner and our experience working with them has been fantastic
Pascal Desmarets - Founder & CEO /
Mark Volkmann
Mark Volkmann
CEO / MassageBook
Charleston, SC Charleston, SC
David Burton
David Burton
CEO / FanAngel
San Luis Obispo, CA San Luis Obispo, CA
Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
Founder & CEO / Hackolade
Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

Who needs aviation application development services


Airlines of different sizes

Given a growing customer demand for easy-to-use flight booking and management apps, airlines need intuitive solutions to automate their processes and personalize communication with users.


Airports can greatly benefit from software systems for innovative logistics and management that will allow them to eliminate delays and make routine aviation processes such as baggage handling and equipment monitoring much easier.

Aircraft technology providers

Manufacturers of various equipment for the aviation industry often need software tools for inventory and supply chain management, quality control and data-driven insights, and automations to improve production processes.

Aviation software development services FAQ

  • What types of airline and aviation software can you build?

    We can build an aviation software solution of any functionality and complexity. Whether you need a flight booking portal for customers, a risk management system for airports or aircraft control, a drone mapping solution, an airport crew management app, or other services—we’ll help you build the software you envision in accordance with the best development practices and compliance with the aviation industry regulations. Regarding the supported platforms, we can develop cross-platform and native mobile apps, web-based and desktop tools, or full-fledged cloud systems integrated with other hardware and software solutions.

  • How much do airline software development services cost?

    The cost estimate depends on the complexity of your project and the rates of aviation software developers. There’s no universal answer to the question, but you can expect the cost range to start at $100,000 for the full cycle of custom development and testing that includes multiple features and bespoke integrations, as well as considers industry regulations and security requirements. The more features and innovative technologies you need in your aviation software, the more time and money it will take to build it. However, you can greatly cut the overall cost by partnering with an outsourcing aviation software development company.

  • Can you integrate AI into my aviation software?

    Yes. Our engineers with AI/ML expertise can help you incorporate AI into the solution for advanced data analytics, predictive maintenance, enhanced air traffic control, or other needs. Based on the type of aviation software development services you need, we can build AI-powered algorithms to optimize your operations, make way for sustainable development, or improve passenger experience.

  • Do I need custom development of airline or aviation software?

    There are some off-the-shelf software solutions designed for particular purposes, for instance, aviation management. If your company requires minimum functionality and integrations, you can opt for these solutions. However, custom development will be more reasonable in most cases. With custom aviation development, you can tailor the solution to your particular operation, scale it according to your needs, and include as many integrations with various systems as you want. It might seem like a significant financial investment but can appear to be more cost-effective in the long run, as you’ll have your own software whose quality doesn’t rely on other providers and whose functionality you can adjust at any moment.

  • How do you make sure the aviation software is compliant with regulations?

    Given that regulations depend on your particular functionality and the region your company operates in, our specialists will research the regulatory landscape to make sure that the solution adheres to all guidelines and standards set by industry authorities, such as the Federal Aviation Administration within the US or International Air Transport Association.

  • How to find a suitable airline software development company?

    When looking for a reliable development partner for airline or aviation software projects, explore B2B platforms like Clutch where you can see the reviews and completed cases. Choose a provider that has relevant expertise and schedule a call to discuss your requirements, get a cost and timeframe estimate, and learn about the stages of the development and testing process. At Binary Studio, we’ve been developing various applications and software systems for almost two decades: we know what it takes to build a performant, scalable, and secure solution according to your business needs.

Let’s discuss your aviation software project

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Let’s discuss your aviation software project

The major features your aviation software might need

Flight planning and monitoring

Projecting flight paths and calculating fuel reserves as part of preparation can be automated and improved with specific software, while real-time monitoring of flights enables airlines and airports to respond quickly to any issues.

Crew scheduling

Aviation companies might need software that allows managing crew schedules to efficiently allocate crew members. Scheduling capabilities can help airports and airlines minimize delays and optimize the use of resources.

Real-time data processing

Data analytics is essential for aviation software products tailored to operation improvements and smart predictions. For instance, real-time updates of meteorological data can help analyze current weather conditions and anticipate potential hazards.

Personalized passenger management

Thanks to data insights collected through AI-powered software, airline companies can improve the process of account and flight management, automatically send relevant promotions, and maintain a comprehensive overview of each customer.

Airports can make navigation much easier for both passengers and crew members with the help of a software solution that features a map of all facilities, an overview of available services, and other relevant information.

Aircraft path simulation

An aviation company can develop a software solution to simulate flight dynamics and airplane performance for training purposes or a solution that simulates various scenarios to optimize flight trajectories, reduce emissions, and improve other operational aspects.

Regulatory compliance and reports

Regulatory audits and document management in the aviation industry can become much easier if there’s automation in place. Software systems can help businesses continuously monitor if they comply with the requirements.

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