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Taking a Healthcare Startup from MVP to $1.8 Billion star star star star star Revenue in 4 Years

Taking a Healthcare
Startup from MVP
star star star star star
to $1.5 Billion Revenue in 4 Years

  • LOCATION: flag USA

  • Type of Service: Custom Software Development

  • INDUSTRY: Healthtech


  • Project Type: Marketplace

  • DURATION: 2017 - Present

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    Full Stack

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The Client

SnapCare (formerly SnapNurse) is the fastest-growing leader in US healthcare staffing solutions. They provide a Joint Commission certified platform for real-time matching of qualified clinicians and healthcare facilities across the country.

SnapCare’s proprietary cloud-based engines offer instant payments, accurate tax calculations, and streamlined reporting. By leveraging machine learning algorithms, they ensure precise staffing solutions for short-term contracts or same-day shift fulfillment.

Since its launch, SnapCare has registered over 350,000 nurses and allied certified professionals, supporting more than 1,000 healthcare facilities nationwide.

Recognized for their remarkable growth, SnapCare was awarded the 2021 Gold Stevie® Award in the Fastest Growing Company of the Year category and ranked #1 in healthcare and #2 overall on the 2022 Inc. Magazine 5000 list.

They have a very diligent hiring process, and they have a sharp team. I have not seen a single person who has been onboarded onto the team and is not able to help us right away.

They are very easy and quick learners, and ready to jump into the production crunch within a month of them joining. I believe Binary does their due diligence on bringing in resources.

SnapCare healthcare startup-1

Radhika Mitter

SVP Engineering Management

SnapCare healthcare startup-2 Atlanta, GA, USA


SnapCare selected Binary Studio to create a minimum viable product (MVP) for their new project based on the success of our previous collaboration and the shared values of our companies. We built the web platform from scratch, and the initial release was well-received. This led to our long-term collaboration on the development of a full-featured healthcare staffing platform.

  • 01

    Achieve digital transformation with an MVP

    The original objective of the collaboration was to transform an offline solution into a digital product by building a nurse booking management tool for healthcare organizations with instant payment processing.

  • 02

    Address diverse legal and tax requirements with a full-featured platform

    The successful launch of the MVP and the overwhelming number of user registrations led SnapCare to build a full-fledged platform. However, there were a few important challenges to address, including:

    • Diverse tax and legal regulations for clinicians working in different states
    • Rapidly changing requirements of hospitals
    • Risks of fraudulent nurse documentation
  • 03

    Enhance user-experience and expand functionality to address changing market needs

    SnapCare is a dynamic platform that is constantly evolving to meet the needs of users and adapt to the market. The COVID-19 pandemic presented many challenges to the healthcare industry, requiring a focus on quick data processing with growing data volumes. Now, as market conditions change again, enhancing the experience of platform admins and recruiters, as well as integrating new payment systems, are among the highest priorities.

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Solution and Outcome

  • Collaboration on the project began with the development of the MVP. It involved Binary Studio’s leading software engineer and a QA specialist, the client’s CTO, SVP Engineering management, product managers, and designers. From the very beginning, we have been working in agile teams that have grown along with the product’s evolution.
  • Within a year, the Binary Studio team has significantly expanded, and after the addition of the second project manager, we have reorganized into scrum teams to efficiently manage the development and delivery processes.
  • Now, we continue to follow an agile methodology while also adopting a feature-oriented approach. This allows us to rapidly deliver essential functionality and effectively address the dynamic needs of the market.
  • The Binary Studio product development team is responsible not only for implementing features, but also for ensuring system architecture, providing technical solutions, and offering guidance on UI/UX design that guarantee the best user experience. We also gather and refine requirements coming from different stakeholders to align potentially conflicting demands and ensure a cohesive vision.
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Redux Toolkit
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Redux Saga

The SnapCare web platform successfully progressed according to its objectives across three distinct stages:

  • Stage 1

    To kickstart the project and plan the implementation of the first version of the platform, Binary Studio conducted a discovery phase with SnapCare executives and created a roadmap for web-based applications. We selected React, Node.js, and JavaScript as our main technology stack and Heroku as our hosting platform.

    The MVP was released in three months and was built as a booking system between hospitals and nurses. The platform also included time management and payment systems.

    SnapCare launched to an early adoption audience of 1,500 nurses and a dozen hospitals. In the first year, they saw a whopping 77,000% growth, becoming the fastest-growing tech-enabled nurse staffing company in the United States.

  • Stage 2

    The success of the MVP led to the expansion of the product development team to create a full-featured application for SnapCare. Binary Studio organized multiple development teams and also helped to change the development process to better adapt to a growing software development department.

    The system was expanded to support credentialing, time management, per diem and PRN expenses, and many more features. Binary Studio also developed and integrated a separate verification service that checks the authenticity and validity of the documentation and clinicians’ work experience details provided. This has become a differentiator for the SnapCare platform that guarantees its credibility.

    As nursing regulations, payment, and taxation rules vary by state, it became crucial to address different and changing requirements across the United States. With the expansion of functionality, the number of deployments significantly increased, from three-week releases to a more frequent cadence.

    Finally, newer services were moved to Amazon Web Services (AWS). Personal data is securely stored on AWS, which, together with advanced user management, helps ensure the development of a HIPAA-compliant solution.

  • Stage 3

    The current stage of the project is focused on enhancing performance and the user experience and extending the platform’s functionality. The growing volume and diversity of gathered data, such as the increasing number of users and documents, requires an optimized approach to working with databases.

    In order to not overwhelm different categories of users with extending functionality and better address the needs of nurses, Android and iOS apps were released. The system supports clinicians once on assignment and is used for the processing of hourly timecards, reimbursement requests, etc. Binary Studio is also responsible for the development of mobile apps, which is covered in detail in a separate case study about the SnapCare Mobile system.

SnapCare healthcare startup-14
SnapCare healthcare startup-15

Explosive Growth

  • SnapCare has experienced remarkable growth since its establishment in 2017 as an innovative nurse staffing agency. Referred to as "Uber for nurses," SnapCare quickly gained recognition for its ability to place medical staff within 24 to 48 hours, compared to the industry standard of 11 to 14 days. This efficiency propelled SnapCare to achieve extraordinary growth of 77,000% in the first year alone, serving an initial audience of 1,500 nurses and a dozen of hospitals.
  • From 2018 to 2021, SnapCare continued its impressive trajectory, experiencing nearly 150,000% growth. The platform facilitated over 10,000 medical deployments in 2020, and in November of the same year, SnapCare secured $15 million in funding. Since its launch, over 350,000 medical professionals have registered on the platform. Notably, in 2021, SnapCare reported reaching a milestone of $1.5 billion in annual revenue.
  • SnapCare’s exceptional growth and achievements earned it the prestigious rankings of #1 in healthcare and #2 overall on the 2022 Inc. Magazine 5000 list, boasting a yearly growth rate of 146,319%.
  • SnapCare continues to work with Binary Studio in what has proven to be a very successful partnership.

About Binary Studio

  • Binary Studio is a boutique software development company, regularly praised for its unique blend of engineering excellence and product ownership that enables its clients to build robust and scalable software products.
  • With our development team made up of top 0.5% international tech talent, we build web and mobile platforms using Node.js, .NET, React Native, Flutter, and integrating AI and ML. We also offer full-cycle QA and project management services to ensure the efficient delivery.
  • Our clients see us as a trusted partner dedicated to turning visions into great products. This is proven by 100+ delivered projects, more than two decades of business excellence, and stellar customer reviews.
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