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Digitalizing real estate
with proptech software

Binary Studio is the real estate software development company that goes the extra mile to build exceptional products for startups and SMBs.

Digital transformation for real estate and construction companies

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Property management

software development

Recognized for extreme product ownership, we partner with you to deliver scalable cloud-based solutions optimized for all property types and stakeholders:

  • residential properties - end-to-end management for landlords, investors, and tenants
  • commercial properties - advanced functionality for offices, retail, industrial, and mixed-use spaces
  • HOA - hi-tech community management with portals for homeowners and board members
  • vacation rentals - streamlined short-term rentals with automated workflows
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Real estate fintech and

investing apps

Combining real estate and fintech experience, we help you develop secure, reliable platforms to manage real estate investments online:

  • investment and crowdfunding platforms to empower investors to browse opportunities and fund real estate projects
  • financing platforms to remove friction from real estate transactions with lending marketplaces, and digital mortgage solutions
  • peer-to-peer lending to connect investors and borrowers through advanced matchmaking algorithms
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Construction software


Our approach is to deeply understand your project details and deliver a flexible software meeting the needs of contractors and construction companies:

  • construction ERP software to handle accounting, HR, equipment, inventory tracking, and data analysis in one integrated platform
  • construction CRM software to drive sales with pipeline and contact management, estimating, bid tracking, and custom workflows
  • document management software to centralize project drawings, plans, contracts, and design documents
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Real estate marketplace

and listing software

We become an extension of your team, providing the technical expertise and project management to turn your software vision into reality:

  • MLS solutions to optimize listing management and searching across your brokerage ecosystem
  • virtual tour technologies to showcase your properties through 3D and interactive tours
  • rental listing tools to maximize exposure and automation for your rental property portfolio
  • brokerage management systems to help you efficiently oversee all operations

Custom proptech software development

  • 01
    Web development

    From CRM and ERP systems to marketplaces and collaboration tools, we’ve been delivering web platforms since 2005. Our product development team will collaborate with you to shape the vision and select the optimal technology to design and build software that achieves your specific goals. Our software engineers are recognized for their full-stack expertise, delivering integrated solutions in the most efficient way.

  • 02
    Mobile and cross-platform apps

    Promoting an individual approach and demonstrating extreme product ownership, we are ready to join you at any stage of your app development and build mobile solutions that transform the real estate and construction industries. We can help you create a standalone mobile app from scratch or complement the functionality of your existing web platform. We also provide ongoing maintenance and support to continually refine and enhance your app over time.

  • 03
    IoT software development

    Leverage IoT integration to facilitate seamless communication between diverse equipment types, enhancing building efficiency and minimizing pollution. Our expertise empowers your proptech software development with a crucial component: interoperability. We achieve this by providing robust, scalable web and mobile platforms capable of efficiently processing and managing data sourced from various devices.

  • 04
    Idea validation and MVP

    Our role as your digital partner is to deliver a successful and user-centric solution. To transform fresh ideas into profitable products, we employ a comprehensive discovery process, encompassing market research, hypothesis testing, prototyping, and requirements creation. Once your idea is validated, we move to building a first version of your app to gather feedback from real users.

We deliver product development excellence rooted in company values

  • Extreme product ownershipand outstanding quality

    We nurture a product-centric mindset, diving into each project as if it was our own. This approach originates from our company values — ownership and initiative, leadership and expertise, and being a student always. These values infuse all our processes, from hiring to software engineering, project management, and handling customer communication.

    We act far beyond the checkbox of development on a mission to deliver the best product and keep both our client and our team satisfied. Sharing the core principles with our partners, we emphasize transparent communication and streamlined processes.

  • Unique hiringand training process

    Our engineering team comprises the top 0.5% of international tech talent who share a deep product-focused mindset. They undergo intensive training through our exclusive product development program at Binary Studio Academy. With a meticulous selection process, we welcome only the most dedicated individuals from a pool of 15,000 applicants each year.

    Starting off by working in teams guided by experienced Binary Studio mentors, they collaboratively build MVPs for our own product ideas. This blend of skills and values sets our Academy graduates apart, ensuring that each team member is fully prepared to exceed customer expectations from day one.

Ownership and initiative

Ownership and initiative

Embracing the responsibility for product quality drives us to go beyond limits, initiating improvements and influencing outcomes

Leadership and expertise

Leadership and expertise

Full-stack mindset and problem-solving approach backed by deep domain expertise enable us to provide the most efficient and elegant solutions

Student always

Student always

We uphold an open and proactive learning mindset, constantly acquiring fresh skills to enhance the value we bring to our clients

Do our values match?

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How our typical product development lifecycle looks like

We are committed to building successful products, and we follow mature processes at any stage of their development.

1 Full discovery service To turn an idea into a successful product, we offer a comprehensive market research, hypotheses testing, building a prototype, and defining requirements, based on the gathered data 2-3 weeks
Real estate software development company-10 Real estate software development company-11
Real estate software development company-12

Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

2-3 weeks

2 Inception Before the project starts, we crystallize product and tech requirements, and turn them into a detailed roadmap to make an accurate estimation and ensure transparent process 10 days
Real estate software development company-13 Real estate software development company-14
Real estate software development company-15

Delivery Manager

Head of PMO

10 days

3 Project kickoff Once all details are agreed and documents are signed, we start project setup and team onboarding to ensure streamlined development and communication 10 days
Real estate software development company-16 Real estate software development company-17
Real estate software development company-18

Head of PMO

Project Manager

10 days

4 MVP development Releasing the core functionality first and gathering insights from real users reduces risks, allows you to test the market, and allocate resources more efficiently 3-6 months
Real estate software development company-19
Real estate software development company-20

Product development team

3-6 months

5 Iterative development and testing We promote a flexible agile development process that allows adapting to changing requirements and fine-tuning product features Product lifetime
Real estate software development company-21
Real estate software development company-22

Product development team

Product lifetime

6 Support and maintenance Our proactive maintenance approach involves regular updates, patches, and enhancements to keep your product functioning optimally, promptly addressing any vulnerabilities or seizing improvement opportunities Product lifetime
Real estate software development company-23
Real estate software development company-24

Product development team

Product lifetime

  • 100+

    Delivered projects

  • 19+

    Years of business excellence

  • 4.9

    Review rate on Clutch

  • Real estate software development company-25

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