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Custom MLS Software Development Services

Use MLS software development services to power real estate agents with a handy tool for property listing management. MLS resources are essential for quick and booming sales in the modern market.

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Why choose Binary for custom MLS software development


Quick project start

We can define your MLS software requirements, create a project roadmap, and assemble a team in 3 weeks. Getting your multiple listing service without delays can make your real estate business more profitable and competitive.

Top tech talents

We carefully prescreen MLS developers before hiring them and invest in their professional growth during their employment. That's why our team consists of only highly qualified engineers with advanced tech proficiency and soft skills.

Adaptive resourcing

Uniting 140+ engineers, we can build MLS software development teams of different sizes and quickly scale them up or down as a project evolves. Such services give your business flexibility in resources and great agility.

Industry expertise

Real estate and MLS development services belong to our core tech expertise. Our team has launched multiple projects in the field and has substantial experience to rely on while completing new projects.

Best industry practices

We carefully study your requirements to build MLS software that meets business needs and industry standards. Our multiple listing solutions are convenient, secure, and regulatory compliant.

Long-term partnerships

Once a partner, always a partner. Our MLS software development company is committed to building products and relationships that last. With an average partnership lasting 3.5 years, some clients have been with us for 15+ years.

Our MLS software development services


MLS web platforms

Create web-based MLS services to provide real estate agents, brokers, and property owners with user-friendly online platforms. Such software allows users to conveniently check listing details to view information on accounting, commissions, contracts, and more.

MLS cross-platform apps

Enable MLS software users to access the required functionality on any device for extra convenience. Cross-platform services offer a native-like experience while being much faster and cost-efficient to develop.

MLS mobile apps

Make real estate listings and services available on-the-go with native iOS and Android apps. Such apps may include real-time notifications, property pricing alerts, GPS-based property location, and other handy custom features.

MLS integrations

Power your MLS with additional capabilities like a CRM system, property valuation, or data analytics through integrations. Just tell us what functionality your current MLS misses, and we will find an optimum way to connect it.

MLS software refactoring

Improve the operation of your legacy solution with our services if you already own an MLS system. Our engineering team will use the best coding practices to enhance your app's performance, scalability, and maintainability.

MLS software support

Get a guarantee that your multiple listing system always works as expected and stays secure. After MLS release, we keep maintaining the software with bug fixing services, performance tests, and regular updates.

Collaborate with industry leaders

Our MLS development company has been in the tech market for two decades. We have a proven track record as a top software development services provider that unites skilled tech talents ready to build software of any complexity. Our team has completed multiple award-winning projects to be proud of.

Steps of multiple listing service software development

Binary Studio's software development life cycle is straightforward and mature. We follow the previously agreed-upon plan to deliver high-quality real estate solutions within your deadline and requirements.

Icon Icon Icon Icon
1 Product discovery and planning Most projects start with discovery services when our team validates your idea, outlines a clear project scope and tech stack. We also do planning and provide a detailed estimate and timeline. 1-2 weeks
Team member Team member

Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

2 Architecture design Our MLS software developers build an architecture of the future system. It includes all core components and how they interact to complete the required actions. 2-3 weeks
Team member

Development Team

3 Design and prototyping By creating a prototype, we ensure the software is convenient to use and that you like its look. Only after your validation and adjustments, we continue UI development. 2-3 weeks
Team member

Design Team

4 MLS development Engineers collaborate with QA specialists to develop and thoroughly test the MLS software. We work in sprints, regularly delivering interim results for your review and approval. Up from 2 months
Team member

Development Team

5 Release and support After the product launch, we may continue with maintenance services to fine-tune it based on user feedback. Support is essential to keep the software up and running without crashes. Ongoing
Team member

Development Team

Need any help with real estate software development?

Set up a quick call to tell us your story and get professional advice on implementing your ideas

Case studies

Review completed projects better to understand our company's software engineering approach and expertise.

Build an MLS for real estate and beyond


Real estate

MLS software is primarily developed for real estate market players and is a must-have solution for this industry. Such platforms allow you to combine multiple real estate options from diverse data sources.

Hospitality and tourism

Hotels, resorts, and other tourism facilities can significantly benefit from listing opportunities similar to MLS software. Use it to manage room availability and reservations across multiple channels.

Employment boards

Listings are an incredible tool to display job openings in one place and match candidates with employees. You can power them with customizable profiles, advanced search, and communication features.

Educational resources

MLS software can help order, manage, and categorize online educational materials. Users will get a convenient search and filtering to quickly find a textbook, lesson plan, video, or test.

Build a custom MLS system with us

Get a team of skilled engineers who can build an MLS solution tailored to your needs

What our clients say

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
David Burton - CEO /
Binary Studio is an ideal software development partner and our experience working with them has been fantastic
Pascal Desmarets - Founder & CEO /
Mark Volkmann
Mark Volkmann
CEO / MassageBook
Charleston, SC Charleston, SC
David Burton
David Burton
CEO / FanAngel
San Luis Obispo, CA San Luis Obispo, CA
Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
Founder & CEO / Hackolade
Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

You need MLS software development if you are:


Real estate agency or brokerage

Multiple listing services allow real estate agencies to manage and update properties more efficiently through a centralized platform. Such software also increases the reach by offering thousands of real estate options.

Developer or builder

With an MLS, real estate developers would be able to list available units to increase sales and gain other benefits like advanced analytics. Enhanced customer experience is another significant reason to build an MLS.

Property management company

Real estate MLS improves property marketing and provides quick access to market data. It also supports a bunch of helpful integrations for property management companies.


  • What is multiple listing service software?

    MLS software is a centralized database where real estate professionals and brokers can share details about properties available for rent or sale and appraisals. It allows them to connect homebuyers to sellers easily.

  • Who needs to use an MLS platform?

    MLS platforms are indispensable for real estate professionals. Yet similar listings can also be used in hospitality and tourism, recruitment, travel and transportation, education, and other fields.

  • Why are custom MLS development services better than using ready-made solutions?

    Third-party software has a standard set of features that would not allow real estate businesses to get a competitive advantage. With a custom solution, you can implement the desired functionality and make your platform unique.

  • What features do I need in an MLS software?

    A typical MLS system has property listing management, search bar and filters, favorites, map integration, user management, and virtual tours. You can also implement predictive analytics to generate real estate market insights.

  • What is the cost of MLS software development services?

    The cost of software development depends on the complexity of the platform and functionality you want to implement. Contact us directly and share your project details to get a detailed estimate.

  • How to monetize real estate MLS software?

    There are several ways to earn from developing MLS solutions, including subscription fees, listing fees, data licensing and syndication, and sponsorships. You can focus on one of them or combine several approaches.

  • What is the process of MLS software development?

    MLS software development cycle is similar to the standard SDLC with discovery, prototype design, development, testing, and release. But you need to put extra focus on data security and regulatory compliance.

  • Why do I need support and maintenance services after the MLS software release?

    Continuous maintenance is essential to keep software running smoothly through regular updates, bug fixing, and performance optimization. You may also need to implement new features or change existing ones based on users’ requests.

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