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Ionova — A Forecasting Add-On
That Puts You In Total Control Of
Your Company's Finances

LOCATION: United Kingdom United Kingdom

The Project

Indigo is a FinTech platform built by Ionova which connects to your accounting software and provides a detailed forecast of your business's projected cash flow. It provides an intuitive and easy to use way of keeping track of your company's finances.

Technologies used

React / Redux / ES2018 / SASS / Python

  • 2
    Full-Stack JS
  • 6+
    Months of

Our Involvement

The Indigo team wanted to create a plug-and-play option for businesses to integrate with their current accounting software. The core of the platform would be clear, visual feedback of a company's financial health and projected earnings/expenses. To this end, they built Indigo to be a responsive, versatile tool which wouldn't be bogged down by a poor interface and confusing superfluous features.

Binary Studio's job was to create the entire front-end portion of the application. Adhering to the above-mentioned principles, they produced a user-friendly interface that could relay necessary information quickly and hassle-free. They also helped build important features to allow users to test potential financial scenarios, which extended beyond their front-end work and into the core of the program.

Binary Studio assists the Indigo team in several tasks which are paramount to the development of the platform, including:

  • Building the entire front-end portion of the application from scratch.
  • Creating multiple different graphical elements, including charts, tables, and graphs.
  • Designing an intuitive design which minimized clutter and highlighted important info.
  • Working on a variety of yet-to-be-released side projects for the customer.
  • Integrating Xero's accounting package into the platform.
Jahan Zahid
CEO / Indigo Cashflow

The developers worked very efficiently, and adapted quickly to understand our preferences and meet our requirements.

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