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Hummingbird Trading — Intuitive forex and cryptocurrency trading at your fingertips

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Key Technology:
React Native
The project

Hummingbird Trading is a highly performant mobile application which allows users to place trades quickly and easily on the forex and cryptocurrency markets, as well as track their holdings with a simple, intuitive interface that takes less than a minute to learn and is always up-to-date.

Technologies used

React Native / Java / Objective C / Redux / JS / ES2018


React Native

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The product owner sought a highly qualified partner who was capable in React Native, a cutting edge technology at the time of this project's creation. After searching through several outsourcing options for a capable React Native team, Hummingbird came upon Binary Studio, which demonstrated a solid competence in this relatively new mobile development technology stack.

Our engineers quickly integrated themselves into Hummingbird's international remote team, enabling them to keep up with a vigorous development cycle. The Binary Studio team helped make the user experience even more smooth and effective by applying the best engineering practices in order to improve code quality. They also successfully updated several features already inherent in the app, and helped to get it integrated with 3rd party API's.

John Krehbiel, CEO/Founder
John Krehbiel CEO / Founder Germany Berlin, Germany

We use avant-garde technologies for which finding experienced developers is one of our key challenges. Binary Studio developers have the expertise we require and proved to be a flexible, dependable partner who can keep up with our-fast paced development cycle.

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