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healthtech products

Binary Studio is a values-driven company specializing in custom healthcare software development. We are committed to partnering with startups and SMBs, from building an MVP to extending your product's functionality.

Rely on us to deliver outstanding digital experience

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Healthcare staffing


As your dedicated partner, we help you build software that addresses healthcare staffing gaps. We develop web and mobile platforms that seamlessly connect medical institutions with qualified personnel. We handle the entire technical process and efficiently manage changing requirements.

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Wellness software


Our wellness software development services encompass all-in-one platforms, healthy lifestyle, fitness, and mental health applications. We handle the entire development process, from software infrastructure and architecture to project management, testing, and the third-party integrations.

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Medical device software


Harness the power of IoT with our expertise in building innovative applications for medical wearable devices. Using advanced algorithms, we’ll help you enable processing of data collected from heart-rate, blood pressure, glucose monitors, and other patient monitoring devices.

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AI-based medical

imaging solutions

Taking advantage of machine learning, image and video processing technologies, we help you build cutting-edge AI clinical applications and solutions for radiology that address diagnostic challenges, such as chronic decease and cancer detection.

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Telemedicine app


We are driven by revolutionizing the way healthcare is delivered remotely. We ensure creation of secure telemedicine apps and eTherapy platforms along with the integration of essential features like video consultations, prescription management and more.

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Medical cannabis


We offer custom healthcare software development tailored to cannatech specific needs. From features implementation to full project management, we are here to deliver EMR and telehealth solutions designed for managing medical marijuana patients.

We deliver product development excellence rooted in company values

  • Extreme product ownershipand superior quality

    Unlike many software vendors, we don’t just execute tasks. We treat your products like our own and nurture a product-focused attitude. Our clients see us as a trusted partner dedicated to delivering efficient and elegant solutions. We prioritize collaborating with companies that share our values and ensure transparent communication and long-term relationships.

    Our core principles—being a student always, demonstrating leadership and expertise, and taking ownership and initiative — guide all of our approaches, from hiring to customer interactions and product development.

  • Unique approachto hiring and training

    Our engineering team is made up of the top 0.5% international tech talent with a product-oriented mindset. They are trained through our exclusive product development intensive course at Binary Studio Academy. With a rigorous selection process, only the most dedicated individuals out of 15,000 applicants each year are brought onboard.

    They first work in teams under the guidance of experienced Binary Studio mentors to develop MVPs for our own product ideas. The combination of skills, values, and ambition sets our Academy graduates apart and ensures that every team member exceeds customer expectations from day one.

Ownership and initiative

Ownership and initiative

We approach each project with a personal investment and are accountable for its results, speaking our minds to build better products

Leadership and expertise

Leadership and expertise

Our engineers are well-known for their full-stack mindset and competency in driving complex processes

Student always

Student always

We excel in mastering new technologies and foster culture of innovation and excellence to meet evolving needs of our clients

Do our values match?

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Custom healthcare software development services

  • 01
    Digital health MVP

    To validate your digital health product idea, we start by running a full discovery process. This includes business needs analysis, requirements analysis, and preparation of wireframes and requirements specification. Based on this, we develop an MVP to get traction from real users.

  • 02
    Mobile healthcareapplications

    Our proactive team of healthcare software developers, QA specialists, and project managers works with you from idea to MVP to a full-fledged product. Tailoring our approach to meet your needs, we help you deliver the best mobile experience for patients and medical personnel.

  • 03
    Healthcare webdevelopment

    We provide custom healthcare development services, from system architecture and database design to cloud integration and legacy modernization. We take care and responsibility for the end result, ensuring that your web app is secure, reliable, and easy to use.

  • 04
    AI/ML and third partyintegration

    Advanced AI/ML-powered features and seamless integration with other services significantly boosts existing web and mobile apps. From payment and communication to predictive analytics and image recognition, we have the expertise to create an exceptional user experience.

  • 05
    Dedicateddevelopment team

    Our team of excellent communicators and proven tech experts in project management, software architecture, engineering, cloud integration, and quality assurance will integrate into your business to drive the whole development process.

  • 06
    Quality assuranceservice

    We cover all layers of software testing to make your healthcare application as close to perfection as possible. We offer a variety of QA services, including strategic advisory, fixing existing processes and projects, performance testing, security testing, and usability testing.

  • 100+

    Delivered projects

  • 19+

    Years of business excellence

  • 4.9

    Review rate on Clutch

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How our typical product development lifecycle looks like

We are committed to building successful products, and we follow mature processes at any stage of their development.

1 Full discovery service When you have a product idea or a common vision, we transform your business concept into well-defined software requirements 2-3 weeks
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-14 Custom healthcare software development company of choice-15
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Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

2-3 weeks

2 Inception If you already have product requirements, we provide you with a comprehensive development roadmap, ensuring a clear path forward for your product 2-3 weeks
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-17 Custom healthcare software development company of choice-18
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-19

Delivery Manager

Head of PMO

2-3 weeks

3 Project kickoff Once a development roadmap with an established budget and timeline is agreed upon, you have a product development team ready to start operating with transparent processes 10 days
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-20 Custom healthcare software development company of choice-21
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-22

Head of PMO

Project Manager

10 days

4 MVP development As soon as product wireframes are ready, we develop and introduce the minimum viable product to your users to get some real-life feedback 3-6 months
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-23
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-24

Product development team

3-6 months

5 Iterative development and testing When the MVP is tested, and you are expanding it into the full-featured platform, we facilitate an iterative process of development and testing as your product wins the hearts of your users Product lifetime
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-25
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-26

Product development team

Product lifetime

6 Support and maintenance After the active development phase is completed, we provide ongoing support and essential maintenance to ensure the continuous operation of your product Product lifetime
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-27
Custom healthcare software development company of choice-28

Product development team

Product lifetime

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