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Ensure the high quality of your application by partnering with expert mobile testers

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Why choose Binary Studio’s mobile app testing services


Top 0.5% mobile testing engineers

We have a rigorous selection process and provide you with the best mobile testers who are not only experts in different tools and frameworks but also are great communicators and have a product-centered approach, which implies a deep understanding of each product.

All types of mobile apps covered

Whether you need to ensure the quality of a native, cross-platform, or web mobile application, our testers can take on the challenge. We carry out tests that cover all existing platforms and devices to make sure that all potential use cases are covered.

Flexible mobile testing services

As a mobile app testing company, we can offer you a dedicated team or provide you with individual engineers, but in either case, we’ll always be ready to adjust the processes to your timeline and goals. Moreover, you’ll always be in full control over mobile testing.

Our mobile testing services


Usability testing

We’ll check if your application’s UI is intuitive and easy to use, as well as if it fits the expectations of the target audience. This type of mobile testing involves manual checks of the human interactions that will be performed in your app.

Functionality testing

The features of your application should perform as expected across different screen resolutions, under different network conditions, and in different user scenarios. Our testers will help you ensure that the app meets all functional requirements.

Performance testing

Our QA engineers will check the performance of your app’s backend and see if it can handle growing volumes of data and spikes in user traffic. This type of mobile testing is especially important if your app has a lot of server-side data.

Accessibility testing

Mobile application testing services should also include accessibility checks to make sure that the final product is compliant with ADA and other standards, and thus cause no issues for mobile users with disabilities.

Security testing

We’ll run manual and automation tests to protect your mobile application from unauthorized access to data, hacker attacks, and leaks. Our engineers can also check the security of the servers you use to run your application.

Compatibility testing

Among the mobile software testing services we provide, we can run compatibility tests to validate the app’s performance across various browsers and operating systems and its compatibility with the hardware of different supported devices.

Binary Studio’s awards

We’re proud to be included in lists of top development service providers by the B2B platform Clutch. In recent years, we’ve been recognized among the best software testers and the best cross-platform app developers.

The process of mobile testing

When you work with a mobile testing company, you can either extend your team with QA engineers or have a dedicated team built for your project specifically. In either case, you’ll go from requirements gathering to testing analytics in the full cycle of mobile QA.

Icon Icon Icon Icon
1 Analyzing the requirements for mobile testing Our engineers will analyze your requirements and business goals to define the scope of testing and choose the right tools. 1-2 weeks
Team member Team member

Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

2 Planning the mobile testing process We’ll carefully plan the process, identifying essential testing types, choosing what will be done automatically and what manually, and setting up the testing environment. 1-2 weeks
Team member

Testing Team

3 Designing and executing mobile app tests We’ll design test cases based on the crafted plan and carry out different types of mobile testing while documenting the results and insights. 1-2 weeks
Team member

Testing Team

4 Analyzing the results of mobile testing services After the cycle of mobile testing, we’ll provide you with a full report on the issues we’ve identified and fixed, as well as the time it took to do so. 1-2 weeks
Team member

Testing Team

Need cost-efficient mobile app testing services?

We have 19+ years of experience in software testing

Our success stories with mobile QA services

As a mobile application testing company, we’ve worked with numerous businesses in healthcare, proptech, and other niches, helping them modernize existing software and create new mobile apps that meet the latest industry standards and the evolving expectations of users.

Looking for robust mobile testing?

We can help you achieve the highest quality of your product

What our clients say

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
David Burton - CEO /
Binary Studio is an ideal software development partner and our experience working with them has been fantastic
Pascal Desmarets - Founder & CEO /
Mark Volkmann
Mark Volkmann
CEO / MassageBook
Charleston, SC Charleston, SC
David Burton
David Burton
CEO / FanAngel
San Luis Obispo, CA San Luis Obispo, CA
Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
Founder & CEO / Hackolade
Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

Mobile app testing service FAQ

  • What types of testing does a mobile app require?

    The exact range of testing types will depend on the complexity of your application, the number of platforms and devices it supports, the availability of a server, the need for industry compliance, etc. Normally, a mobile testing service provider will carry out functional, performance, security, and usability tests. If you have doubts about the scope of testing or want to know more about what types of tests are required for your app, drop us a line—and we’ll help you build the optimal mobile testing strategy.

  • Can you automate mobile testing services?

    Some parts of mobile application testing can and should be automated. Automation tools can help you quickly cover a lot of test cases and achieve greater precision and accuracy. However, some aspects of an app should be verified with real human input. Manual QA engineers will check how the app performs from the real user’s point of view: how easy it is to navigate, if there’s no confusion in the functionality, and so on.

  • How long does it take to test a mobile app?

    Depending on the size of your app—the number of features, integrations, and supported devices—the testing process can take from a few weeks up to several months. Book a free call with our company to get an estimate of your particular mobile testing project.

  • What to consider before starting mobile testing?

    Before you hire testers or a mobile QA company, think about the goals you want to achieve with mobile testing, who are the target audience of your app, and what types of platforms, devices, and operational systems you want to support.

Let’s discuss the testing of your mobile app

Book a free consultation to discuss the scope of mobile testing:

  • We’ll analyze your application and business requirements
  • Our QA engineers will devise the optimal testing strategy
  • We’ll provide you with the best testers to ensure the quality of your app
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Let’s discuss the testing of your mobile app