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Transforming an Internal CRM App star star star star star into a Leading ERP System for Construction and Pavement Industry

an Internal CRM App
star star star star star
into a Leading ERP System for Construction and Pavement Industry

  • LOCATION: flag USA

  • Type of Service: Dedicated Development Team

  • INDUSTRY: Construction


  • Project Type: SaaS

  • DURATION: 2015 - Present

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    Full Stack

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The Client

PavementSoft, a US-based company, began within a local paving operation offering commercial and industrial pavement and concrete services since 1985. Drawing on their extensive experience, they identified a need for specialized software to ease administrative tasks for construction business owners. A simple database application initially built for internal use has evolved into ‘PavementSoft’, a leading cloud-based pavement management system with an integrated ERP and a thriving industry community spanning across the US and Canada.

We have forged strong friendships and partnerships with the developers that we work with day in and day out at Binary Studio.

We have experienced immediate interaction and response from our team, which has been a great lift to us as we have been on tight development timelines. Communication has been impeccable, and we view our relationship as a true partnership where Binary Studio has provided valuable insights that go above the scope of their work and beyond the checkbox of development.

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Paul Garner


BPC Case Study-2 Manassas, VA, USA


The client developed a basic pavement software solution (called PSS) that was used internally, and was seeking for a tech partner who would transform it into a cloud-based ERP, which they also could market to construction and pavement firms to help manage their projects.

  • 01

    Develop a cloud-based ERP system with integrated CRM capabilities from scratch using initial software as a base reference

    The initial objective of the collaboration was to build a web application that serves as a single point for handling all databases, documents, and operations. After testing and adopting the product internally, the client expected to offer it to other companies in the construction market.

  • 02

    Upgrade and scale the ERP system, which received a positive response from external users following its initial release

    After a successful release and rising external demand, it was decided to upgrade and expand the capabilities of the ERP system to further empower end-users and directly meet their needs.

  • 03

    Complement the web platform functionality with iOS and Android mobile apps

    To cater to a broader audience and enable on the go usage, it was decided to build mobile apps offering the key functionality of the web application.

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Solution and Outcome

  • The Binary Studio team took full charge of the development process, collaborating closely with the client's management.
  • Our product ownership and ability to effortlessly translate business needs into efficient technical solutions greatly impressed the client. This served as a foundation for our ongoing long-term partnership.
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  • Stage 1

    In the initial phase of product development, we migrated the entire application infrastructure to AWS, established a scalable Node.js backend, and designed a robust MongoDB architecture with support for data validation.

    This first version of the cloud-based ERP solution offered the following functionality:

    • Vendor and asset management
    • Bid management with automatic cost and margin calculations for various construction project types
    • Automatic contract generation based on bid information and predefined contract templates
    • Generation of project information reports for truck drivers and construction workers

    After this significant update, the first external beta users were invited to test it. Based on their feedback, we fine-tuned the system and released it to the public.

  • Stage 2

    The public release was highly successful, with a growing user base and increasing feature requests. As a result, there was a need for enhanced scalability and performance. Thus, the decision was made to modernize the infrastructure, incorporate new features, and integrate third-party solutions.

    PostgreSQL replaced MongoDB as a more versatile database, capable of efficiently handling complex queries. Additionally, Fastify was adopted to replace Express, and we also transitioned to the latest version of the Angular framework.

    Finally, PavementSoft was released with a set of expanded and enhanced features, including:

    • A built-in CRM tool for efficient lead, client, and property management
    • Precise property measurements and work maps plotting with the option to capture snapshots for inclusion in proposals
    • Generation of estimates and the ability to send proposals via email as a link or PDF file
    • Streamlined job scheduling
    • Work order creation functionality
    • Expedited invoicing and payment tracking through a built-in tool or integration with QuickBooks
    • Improved reporting capabilities, allowing users to download raw report data as a .csv file
    • Expanded third-party API integration with such services as HubSpot and DocuSign, among others
  • Stage 3

    In addition to the web platform, we developed mobile applications for both iOS and Android using Flutter. The PavementSoft mobile apps replicate the core functionality of the web platform, empowering users to efficiently manage their projects, which includes tasks such as measuring, bidding, scheduling, and invoicing.

  • Stage 4

    We continue to expand the platform's functionality in response to user feedback. PavementSoft is designed as a highly customizable solution, prioritizing user experience and community input. Beyond feature development, Binary Studio's involvement extends to collaborative discussions with the client regarding feature requests. We define the essential business logic, refine product design, and work on the technical details, always striving to find the most optimal solutions for implementation. Our commitment to this comprehensive approach ensures that PavementSoft evolves in alignment with user needs and industry demands.

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From an internal solution into a leading industry ERP and CRM integrated platform

  • We take pride in our contribution to transforming an internal solution into a comprehensive web and mobile platform designed for paving and concrete professionals across the United States and Canada. With each release, the system becomes increasingly sophisticated, incorporating complex business logic and a high degree of process automation.
  • PavementSoft has evolved beyond being just a comprehensive A-Z construction management platform; it has also grown into a thriving community of industry professionals. This community not only includes industry consultants but also provides access to a wealth of information, resources, and best practices.

About Binary Studio

  • Binary Studio is a boutique software development company, regularly praised for its unique blend of engineering excellence and product ownership that enables its clients to build robust and scalable software products.
  • With our development team made up of top 0.5% international tech talent, we build web and mobile platforms using Node.js, .NET, React Native, Flutter, and integrating AI and ML. We also offer full-cycle QA and project management services to ensure the efficient delivery.
  • Our clients see us as a trusted partner dedicated to turning visions into great products. This is proven by 100+ delivered projects, more than two decades of business excellence, and stellar customer reviews.
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Let’s schedule a quick call to explore how we can support your business objectives.

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