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Hire QA Testers star star star star star for Your Product

To ensure your software product works the way it’s expected, you’ll need to continuously implement various types of testing.

With Binary Studio, you adopt a mature QA process ensured by experienced engineers and gain full control over product quality.

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QA services for any stage of development and any product type

Our engineers are here for you wherever you are in your journey. We provide software testing from advisory for the initial set-up to post-launch fixes and improvements.

Whether you need to hire a QA tester to extend your team or require building a testing team, we’ll offer the services provided by the engineers experienced in different industries.

Our QA services


Manual testing

Manual testing is meant for verifying complex features and analyzing the product’s UI/UX to ensure that it performs the way your end users expect it to. Our testers have plenty of real-world experience to understand and meet your requirements, user needs, and industry best practices.

Automation testing

With automation testing, you can save time and effort by running several tasks simultaneously and eliminating human error. Our test automation engineers will define the scope of automation and find the best tools to provide you with an efficient testing process across web and mobile applications.

Platform-specific testing

At Binary Studio, we’ve been working on various mobile, web, and cross-platform projects for 19+, years. We have the expertise to build robust and intricate test coverage for your product regardless of the platform, operating system, and supported devices.

Functional testing

With functional testing being concentrated on the needs of users, we build QA processes based on your business context and particular use cases. By understanding the specifics of your niche, testers provide effective test coverage and avoid wasting time on unnecessary tests.

Performance testing

Our QA engineers will evaluate your solution against any performance issues, risks, or vulnerabilities that may arise. We use the latest tools to understand what modules are under the heaviest user load and what functions are creating bottlenecks. We also analyze collected data to create testing scenarios for future performance issues.

API testing

If your solution involves APIs, you’ll need to validate its functionality, check its security, and make sure the responses work as expected regardless of the type and number of requests. Proper API testing also helps maintain an efficient development process by identifying the issues with core product functionality.

How to Create a Comprehensive Test Strategy

A well-formulated test strategy is crucial for software quality and risk reduction. The core elements of an effective strategy include:



Identify priority focus areas, high-risk scenarios, and quality goals guiding all testing efforts.

Scope & Coverage

Define extent of functionality, platforms, and use cases in scope, outlining what will and will not be tested.

Test Types

Determine knowledge-building, validating and other types needed, like functionality, performance, security, accessibility testing.


Catalog equipment, software configurations and test data essential to support execution for all testing levels, whether QA or UAT.

Process Integration

Outline how testing workflows, defect management and reporting coordinate with other project activities from build integration to release.

Team Collaboration

Confirm channels facilitating real-time communication on status, risks, and issues across test engineers, developers and business teams.

With a sound multi-faceted strategy guiding testing, teams can surface crucial feedback and validate software readiness. This game plan enables maximizing quality and value.

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Hire Developers

Why hire QA engineers from Binary Studio



Our company culture at Binary Studio revolves around 100% ownership of all processes, open communication, and continuous learning. If these are the values you share, let’s talk about your project.


We work on client products as if they were our own, building long-lasting partnerships. Numerous clients return to us after the initial cooperation, with some companies trusting us for 15+ years.


Our QA engineers and teams follow Agile principles to ensure clarity in documentation, effective communication, and a continuous iterative approach.

Quick hiring and

With Binary Studio, it’s easy to hire a QA tester and integrate them into your processes. Hiring, as well as building a dedicated testing team, can take no longer than 4 weeks, and we’ll take care of administrative support.

Seamless integration
and scaling

You can scale your team with the best QA talents at any moment. We can help you easily integrate engineers into your business processes and enhance the team based on the project’s scope and your desired timeframe.

Continuous training
and coaching

At Binary Studio, we select only the top 0.5% of tech talents and we’re dedicated to helping them extend their expertise. We value knowledge sharing and ensure our specialists get access to the latest tools and educational resources.

Why Software Testing is Important


Find bugs

Testing helps identify defects and flaws in the software before release. Without thorough software testing, bugs could go undetected and impact customers in the field. Testing exposes issues early so development teams can fix them.

Ensure quality

Testing improves the overall quality of the software by fixing the found issues. Testing not only finds bugs but verifies key quality attributes like reliability, performance, security, and usability. Comprehensive testing leads to higher quality software.

Save money

Finding issues early in testing saves time and money compared to finding them in production. Fixing bugs during development is cheaper than fixing bugs once released. Less issues in production means fewer patch releases and happier customers.

Ensure functionality

Testing verifies all the features and functionality of the software works correctly as expected under different scenarios. It checks the UI, APIs, integrations, workflows and ensures they function properly end-to-end.

Build confidence

Successful testing across various test types and environments gives confidence that the software works correctly under different conditions. Comprehensive testing leaves no doubts about software readiness.

Meet requirements

Testing checks the software against specified business, functional and technical requirements and validates if it meets them as expected. This ensures alignment with what customers and stakeholders want.

What Our Clients Say

Binary Studio is a huge part of why we've been able to be so productive, so quickly
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One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
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Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
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David Burton
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Partnership Model

The Time and Material (T&M) pricing model is an effective approach for small and medium-sized businesses, especially those with complex, long-term projects. It also works well for ongoing testing, bug fixing, maintenance and support efforts. With T&M, scope and budgets are defined iteratively versus upfront payment for the entire project. This provides flexibility to adjust effort and plans as needs change over time.

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By scoping and estimating iteratively, T&M pricing can adapt to changing needs. For SMBs, this incremental style matches the way many technology projects unfold. T&M provides an adjustable framework to evolve systems over time.

Key benefits of the T&M approach:

  • Accommodates fluid requirements that emerge during project execution
  • Allows for changes in timeline or resources required
  • Gives client control to pivot priorities as market conditions shift
  • Suits prolonged engagements across multiple phases

The process of hiring quality assurance testers

Step 01

First of all, you need to understand the scope of your testing needs and possible limitations regarding timeframe or budget. If you’re not sure, we can consult you on the testing approach for your product.

Step 02

To hire QA testers, you’ll need to find a reliable partner. When searching for the providers of quality assurance services, see if they have experience with similar products, ask how they select the best engineers, and learn about the possible collaboration models.

Step 03

Once you hire quality assurance testers and decide on the engagement model, you’ll have to sign contracts and NDAs if needed. And that’s it—you can onboard engineers and incorporate the chosen testing methods.

Case Studies


  • Why does my business need software testing services?

    Without continuous testing, a software product is susceptible to numerous problems from crashes to poor UX. Quality assurance services will help you develop a product that performs fast, is bug-free, and delights end users.

  • At what stage of development do I need to hire a QA tester?

    Testing starts with project requirement analysis and when done right, saves time and money for future implementation. However, you can change and extend your QA team at any stage—at Binary Studio, we can provide you with the right specialist for post-release fixes as well as for initial testing.

  • What types of testing do I need?

    Different types of testing address different aspects of your software. You might need:

    • unit testing for checking the functionality of separate parts of the product
    • integration testing for verifying the interactions between integrated components
    • regression testing for detecting and fixing issues related to changes in the development environment
    • system testing for evaluating the use of system resources and UX quality
    • acceptance testing for ensuring that the requirements are met

    To get the full picture of what tests should be carried out for your project, drop us a line, and we’ll explain all the details.

  • How quickly can you staff testers to our project?

    With our efficient hiring process, we can swiftly onboard test engineers with the required skills based on seniority level and technical area. For expertise in widely adopted technologies, QA resources can be assigned within as little as 2-4 weeks to hit the ground running on testing initiatives.
    We would be pleased to provide a specific timeline estimate tailored to the technologies and testing approaches needed for your projects.

  • What is the minimum number of software testers required per contract?

    We provide flexible arrangements to meet your exact testing needs. You can start with just one QA engineer focused on test automation or manual testing without being locked into larger commitments.
    As needs evolve, additional specialized testers can easily be added to scale capacity. We work with you to define the ideal testing approach and staffing levels to match workloads and budgets. There are no rigid minimum hiring requirements.

  • When do I need manual and automation QA services?

    Automation testing makes the process faster and more efficient, allowing you to streamline repetitive tasks. In its turn, manual testing can be applied to more laborious features or aspects that require a human perspective. Most projects deal with both types of testing.

  • How much does it cost to hire QA engineers?

    The hourly rate of a QA tester can range between $15 and $80 on average. The cost depends on the specialist’s location and level of seniority. With Binary Studio, you can find affordable software testing services performed by the top 0.5% of engineers.

  • How to hire a QA engineer?

    If you want to hire remote specialists, find a QA service provider that matches your values and has relevant expertise. Choose a provider that offers pre-vetted specialists and a fast hiring process. At Binary Studio, we can build a QA team for your business in just 4 weeks.

  • Can your QA engineers join mid-project?

    Absolutely. Our experienced QA testers are skilled at efficiently onboarding onto software projects that are already underway. We ensure a thorough transition process for them to quickly get up to speed on where testing stands in your development lifecycle, priorities, processes, and codebases.
    They integrate seamlessly into your team to provide continuous test coverage designed to your specifications without disruption. Our engineers are well-versed at diving into ongoing initiatives to maximize quality and progress.

But enough about us. Let’s talk about your project!

Send us a message describing your project idea or schedule a free 1-hour consultation right away:

  • Define your project requirements
  • Discuss your timeline and budget
  • Sign an NDA before you share any materials with us
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But enough about us. Let’s talk about your project!

Key QA Activities

Quality assurance engineers play a vital role across the software development life cycle. Key QA responsibilities span:

Requirements Gathering

QA reviews specs to ensure testability and begins test planning. Understanding what the software aims to achieve is crucial.

Test Planning

Based on the requirements, QA defines overall test strategy, types of testing needed and creates initial test cases to verify key functionality.

Test Execution

QA executes test cases, analyzes results, logs defects, and may automate repetitive tests. Verifying software behavior is the heart of the QA role.

Bug Tracking

Defects get documented, are then prioritized for developers,and then are re-tested after fixes to check for proper resolution. No issue should slip through the cracks.

Regression Testing

Existing test cases get executed with each software change to catch any new issues introduced. QA assures older functionality remains intact.


Once all tests have passed and priority bugs fixed, QA signs off to release a high quality, thoroughly-validated software version to customers.

How do you create a test script?

Creating robust test automation scripts is a key skill for QA engineers. The key steps include:

team image

Well-designed test automation scripts enhance efficiency and reduce the risks of regressions in key processes. The right approach ensures a successful and reliable platform.

  • Identify Test Scenarios

    Select high risk areas, frequent workflows or complex functions as candidates to automate. Focus where automation can maximize coverage.

  • Map the Test Flow

    Outline the sequenced steps, inputs, and expected outcomes for the scenario to automate. Document test data needed to execute the steps.

  • Code the Script

    Use a coding language like Selenium or an automation tool to systematically encode the test scenario and validation logic.

  • Test & Refine

    Run the script iteratively to check logic, troubleshoot issues, and refine until it is executing flawlessly.

  • Integrate & Maintain

    Include automated scripts within the regression test suite. Check regularly to address any impacts from application changes.

Traits to Seek in Top QA Test Engineers

Top QA testers blend collaborative teamwork with relentless curiosity. Assess these qualities in interviews via real-world debugging scenarios.

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    Partners in Quality

    Look for test engineers who proactively partner with program managers, developers and users. Key traits include:

    • Careful, detailed bug reporting to replicate issues
    • Clarifying requirements and calling out implementation gaps
    • Keeping teams informed of risks found in testing

    Quality is a team effort. QA drives understanding of how code maps to specifications and use cases.

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    Tireless Explorers

    We also seek testers who dig deeper into product internals and usage contexts, such as:

    • Questioning specs to uncover missing elements
    • Expanding domain knowledge through hands-on product research
    • Experimenting via exploratory testing to push software limits
    • Relentlessly trying to break code to reveal flaws

    Innovative testing comes from genuine curiosity into application construction, customer needs and industry direction. Top QA talent lights the way.