Why Binary Studio?

In a nutshell

While there are many reasons to work with Binary Studio, here we present the ten fundamental principles and qualities that define our culture and make our company stand out

Clients come to us in the first place because they are looking for a trustworthy, long-term and dependable partner
Artem Goncharov -  CEO / Binary Studio
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Individual Approach to Each Client

Customers enjoy the attention and care they get at a small boutique agency. Our short decision making processes give us the flexibility to create individual propositions for our clients, custom-tailored to their needs.

Strategic Partnerships

At Binary Studio, we provide professional services and solutions and we often go the extra mile to become our client's long-term, strategic partner. We dedicate a great deal of attention to meeting our clients' needs today and we are ready to support their growing business needs tomorrow.

Proven Track Record

We have a proven track record of customers who have trusted us on highly complex, mission critical solutions. We are proud of our achievements, so do not hesitate to ask for references!


We are certified partners of Microsoft and MongoDB and many of our engineers have also completed various certification programs.


We run an award-winning summer IT educational program to train the brightest computer science graduates and support our employees' continuous learning. We also host frequent professional events.

Ability to Scale

Based in Lviv, Ukraine, we have access to an enormous talent pool and are able to hire additional developers within weeks.

Business Awareness

We align our services with the business needs of our customers. We have a highly qualified, international management team and our CEO holds an MBA from a top-10 school.

Superior Quality

We believe that you deserve excellence. That's why we never compromise on our extremely high recruitment standards - our customers are continuously thrilled by the outstanding skills of our developers.

Strong Company Culture

Here we could talk about our Personal Development Plans, free English classes, weekend activities and other office perks. But more importantly, Binary Studio is a place where developers feel understood and are proud of working together as one big team.

Professional Communication

At Binary Studio, we want you to feel understood. We care deeply about your requirements and make sure that we know them in detail. We are committed to our promises and deadlines. We are candid when we share our concerns, give regular updates to our customers and frequently ask them for feedback. Moreover, all our developers speak sufficient English to effectively communicate with our customers directly.

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