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Award-Winning SaaS Application Development Services

Want to build a SaaS application to attract customers and gain consistent revenue?

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Why Binary Studio for SaaS development services


SaaS development expertise

Binary Studio has been delivering exceptional software products for 19+ years, including SaaS projects in different niches. We know what it takes to build secure, fast-loading, and engaging SaaS that meets all your requirements and user expectations.

Top 0.5% SaaS developers

We hire only the best engineers committed to the impeccable quality of every product they build. Developers from our teams never stop learning and are always trying out new tools and methods to be able to find the most optimal technical solution for each project.

Focus on product success

We believe that everyone on a team should understand the product they’re working on and stay committed to its success. Besides technical excellence, our engineers are deeply engaged in the business logic and strategies behind every SaaS product.

Fast launch of your SaaS development project

As a SaaS development company, Binary Studio can help you bring your idea to your customers as fast as possible. Within only two weeks upon signing the contracts, we’ll provide you with a team and start building your SaaS product.

Industry recognition in web development

We’ve been continuously included on the lists of the best web and web application developers by Clutch. Such recognition highlights our expertise in modern web technologies which are essential in SaaS development.

From consulting to ongoing support

We provide you with a full cycle of development, including pre-development consulting—helping you with research and discovery, suggesting several SaaS architecture options based on your needs, etc.—and post-release improvements.

Our SaaS application development services


SaaS architecture design

We’ll convert your idea into a clear vision and development plan, suggesting the optimal architecture for your SaaS product. Our expert engineers will consult you on several applicable options and suggest the best modern technologies.

SaaS application development from scratch

No matter what your industry is and what features you’d like to see in a SaaS application, we can build it from scratch, starting with business analysis to validate your idea and transform a rough concept into a functional piece of software.

Improving an existing SaaS product

You can reach out to us if you already have a SaaS app but want to improve certain aspects of its performance or functionality. Whether it’s optimizing server performance or load balance, we can help you drive product growth.

SaaS application testing

Our SaaS software development services include a full cycle of QA testing. Our QA engineers will conduct different types of testing to ensure that your SaaS product shows stable performance and that all its components work as expected.

Migration to a SaaS model

We can migrate your existing software to a cloud-based SaaS. Our engineers will carefully assess all systems and risks to provide you with reliable architecture redesign, seamless codebase update, and secure data migration.

Maintenance and support of SaaS

As a SaaS development company, we can support your product after its release, identifying and fixing bugs, solving issues based on real user feedback, and doing any other improvements you might need.

Binary Studio’s awards

Binary Studio has been recognized by Clutch among leaders in different niches of software development. In 2022-23, we’ve been featured on the lists of the top software testing companies, top web developers, and top cross-platform developers, among other awards.

The process of custom SaaS development

When partnering with a SaaS app development company, you can hire individual engineers or have a dedicated team built for your project. Typically, the process will go through the following stages:

Icon Icon Icon Icon
1 Business analysis and development plan Our team learns about your business goals and target customers to understand what type of solution you need and what tech stack will suit it best. 1-2 weeks
Team member Team member

Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

2 Building a SaaS development team We’ll provide you with a team of the best SaaS engineers and other IT specialists that will bring your idea to life. 1-2 weeks
Team member Team member

Head of PMO

Project Manager

3 Developing and testing a SaaS app We’ll build your SaaS solution and ensure it’s secure, scalable, fast-loading, user-friendly, and meets all your requirements. 4-12 weeks
Team member

Development Team

4 Scaling and improving your SaaS Once the app is deployed and released, we’ll continue monitoring its performance and fixing issues that may arise. Ongoing
Team member

Development Team

Expand your reach with an engaging SaaS product

Let’s discuss the development of your SaaS

Our SaaS app development cases

As a SaaS software development company, we cooperated with companies from the energy sector, construction, and other industries, delivering robust and secure solutions.

Industries we excel at


Green energy and sustainability

By migrating to software-as-a-service or creating new SaaS apps, greentech companies can make better, data-driven decisions, efficiently manage partnerships, and keep track of the sustainability aspects of their operation.

Healthcare and social services

SaaS development services can equip medical providers with convenient tools for managing patient data, appointment bookings, finances, and documentation, making the processes more cost-efficient and eliminating the fragmentation of using multiple tools.

Real estate and property management

Effective SaaS solutions have the potential to transform the proptech industry by allowing for improved data tracking and reporting, remote access to information, and cost-efficient expansion and scaling.


User-friendly fintech applications can make a lot of routine processes related to payments, lending, or insurance management easier and more enjoyable. You can partner with a SaaS development agency to make an impact with your fintech SaaS.

Looking for experienced SaaS developers?

We know how to build an excellent solution

What our clients say

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
David Burton - CEO /
Binary Studio is an ideal software development partner and our experience working with them has been fantastic
Pascal Desmarets - Founder & CEO /
Mark Volkmann
Mark Volkmann
CEO / MassageBook
Charleston, SC Charleston, SC
David Burton
David Burton
CEO / FanAngel
San Luis Obispo, CA San Luis Obispo, CA
Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
Founder & CEO / Hackolade
Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

Who needs SaaS development



If you have an idea of a cloud-based software that might solve the pain points of your target customers, we’ll help you build it. The market of SaaS applications is steadily growing, and this might be your chance to build a profitable product.

Small-to-medium businesses

SaaS applications can serve a variety of purposes for SMBs, whether it’s optimizing internal operations, integrating the existing tech stack with other tools, or providing customers with the services they need.


There’s a growing demand for enterprise-level SaaS solutions as they help large companies improve the efficiency of their operations. You might need a cloud-based ERP or CRM system to have remote, unified access to all data points and processes.

SaaS app development services FAQ

  • How does a SaaS model work?

    SaaS stands for “software as a service” and it means providing users with a cloud-based tool that can be accessed online, without downloading it to a computer. It usually involves a subscription-based pricing model, but businesses also employ other options. The major advantages of SaaS apps include safe storage in the cloud and interactivity made possible by modern web technologies.

  • Why consider SaaS app development?

    SaaS tools are proven effective in attracting and retaining customers, as they are accessible and engaging products for end users. This solution is cost-effective for businesses and can open ways to increase revenue streams, reach new markets, and continuously offer real value to customers. Compared to traditional software development, SaaS solutions typically have lower entry barriers, which is perfect for startups and small businesses. In turn, enterprise-level companies can enjoy a high level of scalability and global accessibility of SaaS products.

  • Can I have a privately hosted SaaS solution?

    Yes. SaaS apps can be built on private or public cloud environments, with the former meaning that only your organization will have access to the app’s capabilities. If you want to provide a subscription-based SaaS to customers and make money from it, your solution will be built on a public cloud. But if you need an internal tool, you can opt for private SaaS fully managed by your organization only.

  • What pricing models can I choose for a SaaS app?

    Typically, SaaS businesses adopt a subscription-based pricing system, although you can also have pay-as-you-go or other pricing options, tiers based on usage, or a combination of several pricing models.

  • What steps are involved in migrating to the SaaS model?

    First of all, engineers will assess your existing software to understand if its architecture and codebase can be migrated, or if you require a full redesign of the system you’re using. They will also analyze your business requirements to understand what should be implemented in a SaaS solution, what integrations are needed, and what issues might arise in the process (related to security, compliance, etc.). Then, developers will redesign your architecture and migrate all the data, layer by layer, to a cloud-based environment. This will also involve a separate data migration strategy to ensure that it’s done securely and consistently. After that, developers, designers, and testers will work on the required functionality, providing you with prototypes first and then realizing them in your software solution.

  • Can you add custom integrations to my existing SaaS application?

    Yes. We can incorporate any third-party integrations into your SaaS apps in a seamless and secure way. Reach out to us to explain your requirements, and we’ll consult you on how the desired integrations can be added to your solution.

  • How to choose the right SaaS application development company?

    Search for a SaaS-based product development company that has already built projects similar to yours. Explore the portfolio and client reviews on B2B platforms like Clutch. Book a free introductory call to learn more about the company and its approaches to see if there are experienced developers who can handle your project in the most efficient way, as well as if there are cooperation models and communication tools that work for you.

  • How much do SaaS app development services cost?

    As with any custom development, there can’t be a clear estimate without taking into account particular business needs. As a rough estimate, the development of an MVP will start at $30,000, while the cost of building a full-fledged, complex SaaS will start at $150,000. The functionality of a SaaS app is a defining factor in the development cost. The more unique features you need and the more integrations with other systems you require, the higher the cost. Apart from that, the rates of hired developers will impact the project cost. In this regard, it’s proven reasonable to partner with outsourcing SaaS development providers: you’ll have wider access to tech talents, lower hourly rates to pay for, and no administrative expenses related to hiring, onboarding, etc. Book a free consultation with us, and we’ll provide you with an estimate with regard to your particular context. We’ll take into account your requirements, the complexity of features, the scale of expected data and user load, and possible regulatory or budget limitations.

Let’s build your SaaS product!

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  • We’ll decide on the scope of work and start the development
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Let’s build your SaaS product!

Requirements for a successful SaaS app

When you go for SaaS development services, choose a provider with extensive expertise in the field and an understanding of modern technologies and ever-evolving user expectations. Here are the major web standards that software-as-a-service apps should meet:

User-friendly, intuitive UI/UX

Intuitive interfaces, easy navigation, and clear instructions make SaaS applications convenient to use. To ensure a smooth, positive experience, always test your solution in different environments and on different devices.

Fast loading times

To prevent frustration and maintain user engagement, your SaaS application should offer fast response times when loading different features and performing different operations with user input. Interactivity and engaging elements A SaaS solution needs to be engaging, allow users to seamlessly interact with different modules, and dynamically update the data. Various web development tools can make your application stand out with engaging animations and other interactive elements.


In most cases, your target users will want to access the SaaS product from mobile devices as well, so it’s crucial to ensure different device compatibility and responsive layouts that adjust to different screen sizes.

Data security

Since SaaS software often handles huge volumes of sensitive data, security should be a top priority during development and maintenance. As your development provider about security audits and the ways to ensure protection from unauthorized access and data breaches.

Software scalability

As the user base grows, a SaaS solution should adapt to it without losing in loading times and functionality. The crucial thing here is to build a scalable architecture for your project from the very beginning, at the stage of deciding on the development services.

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