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Reliable eLearning Software Development Company

We provide app prototyping, development, and testing services for EdTech startups and SMBs. Rely on our expertise in building a custom LMS trusted by 15,000+ IT students yearly.

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Why choose eLearning development services from Binary Studio


Own IT education experience

Our IT Academy has been preparing qualified specialists for years, and we’ve even built a custom software solution to help teachers manage their curriculums and students learn new skills in a fast and efficient manner.

Top 0.5% of eLearning software developers

Through our own IT Academy, we train new specialists and hire only 0.05% of them, making sure that our development teams always consist of the best engineers, motivated to improve their skills and oriented toward the end product success.

Expertise in eLearning development solutions

Throughout the years, we’ve partnered with different companies looking to design training platforms for their employees or educational apps. We’ve built fell-fledged eLearning platforms from scratch and also modernized the existing ones.

Strong focus on product success

Our developers don’t just write code—they are dedicated to understanding the ins and outs of every product they build. This level of ownership and commitment makes for the inevitable success of your eLearning software development project.

Fast eLearning project kick-off

By partnering with us, you can enjoy a super-fast project launch. Upon discussing the requirements and agreeing on the timeframe, we can build a dedicated team and start the development within just two weeks.

Commitment to a long-term partnership

Regardless of the niche or type of product, we strive to maintain long-lasting relationships with our clients, and they often return to us not only to improve the software solutions we’ve built but also to carry out new projects.

Our eLearning software development services


Educational applications

We can build a custom solution accessible on web and mobile platforms. Based on the type of application you need—corporate training, language learning, etc.—we’ll build an engaging solution that helps users navigate educational content with fun and ease.

Custom digital learning platforms

We can help you create an educational platform that facilitates learning and offers the benefits of convenience and personalization. Among the features, it can include class enrollment and scheduling, embedded content, video conferencing, media sharing, assessment, etc.

School management software

As an eLearning development company, we can create tools for streamlining administrative processes in an educational institution. A school management platform can automate document sharing and routine tasks, as well as provide immediate reports on attendance and grading.

eLearning software testing

If you want to fix errors or improve the performance of your eLearning software, we can build a QA team for you. Our engineers will conduct various types of testing to make sure that the educational app handles the desired user load, responds fast, and is easy to navigate.

Binary Studio’s awards

Binary Studio is an eLearning software development company that shows excellence and gets industry recognition. Each year, Clutch features us on various lists of top development companies.

The process of building eLearning software

The process of custom eLearning software development will depend on a particular scope of work. Here are the major steps you’ll go through.

Icon Icon Icon Icon
1 Assessing your requirements We’ll discuss the type of software you need to build, your target audience, essential features, possible limitations, as well as the desired budget and timeframe. Based on all these details, we’ll suggest an optimal technical solution and build an experienced team. 1-2 weeks
Team member Team member

Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

2 Building a team and launching the development Based on your specifications and the development plan we’ve agreed on, we’ll put together a team of experienced eLearning developers. You’ll always be able to directly communicate with developers and adjust the process. 3-6 weeks
Team member Team member

Head of PMO

Delivery Manager

3 Developing an MVP of your eLearning software Our engineers will bring your vision to life, developing, designing, and testing the solution. The process will be done according to Agile principles, where you’ll be reviewing a working version of your application at the end of each sprint. 3-6 months
Team member

Development Team

4 Supporting your elearning software After the release of your eLearning software, we’ll make sure it functions as intended at any moment. We can also make improvements based on real user feedback: scale the solution, add more integrations to it, modify the UI/UX design, etc. Ongoing
Team member

Development Team

Need eLearning development services?

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Successful eLearning software development cases

Our eLearning development services range from modernizing an existing platform for employees to creating a complex educational platform from scratch.

Want to build an educational app?

Trust the process to our experienced eLearning developers

What our clients say

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
Binary Studio has really been pivotal in FanAngel's success
David Burton - CEO /
Binary Studio is an ideal software development partner and our experience working with them has been fantastic
Pascal Desmarets - Founder & CEO /
Mark Volkmann
Mark Volkmann
CEO / MassageBook
Charleston, SC Charleston, SC
David Burton
David Burton
CEO / FanAngel
San Luis Obispo, CA San Luis Obispo, CA
Pascal Desmarets
Pascal Desmarets
Founder & CEO / Hackolade
Brussels, Belgium Brussels, Belgium

Who needs eLearning development services


Startups looking to launch an EdTech app

If you have an idea for a particular eLearning software, we can help you realize it. Whether you envision a solution that helps students make notes and track their progress, a platform for video classes, or an interactive app for learning new skills, we have the know-how to build it.

Entreprises that need a corporate training system

Our eLearning development company can help you create a system for internal use where you can onboard employees and help them learn how to perform the essential functions that concern your operations and tech stack.

Schools and other educational institutions

Schools drowning in paperwork and administrative tasks might greatly benefit from a modern and flexible edtech solution that handles their documentation, tracks student attendance, sends out newsletters, etc.

eLearning development service FAQ

  • What does eLearning software development entail?

    eLearning development means building an educational solution whose target users will learn new skills or how to perform certain operations. The exact functionality of the solution will depend on a particular context: for example, it can be a tool for booking appointments with teachers that allows for video conferencing, or it can be an app for learning a certain discipline that will automatically create and correct school tasks.

  • What team do I need to build an eLearning app or other types of educational software?

    A dedicated team that will work on eLearning development from scratch will typically include a project manager, 1-3 developers, 1-3 designers, and 1-2 QA specialists. If you already have an internal IT team, you can hire individual eLearning developers or testers.

  • How long will eLearning software development take?

    It depends on the complexity of your project. If you’re looking for minor improvements to an existing educational app, it can take a few months, but if you need to build a custom eLearning solution with multiple integrations, and unique features, the development will take 6 to 12 months on average, and sometimes more.

  • Can I modernize and improve an existing eLearning platform?

    Yes. You can partner with an eLearning development agency to modernize an outdated solution and fix problems with UI/UX, security, or performance.

  • What if I’m not sure about how to implement current training into an eLearning platform?

    We can help you design your eLearning solution, making sure that the educational or training material you have accurately translates into online learning. With our expertise in EdTech development and our own training of IT specialists, we know what it takes to create a truly effective and engaging eLearning platform, how to create and manage educational content, and what features to add to make the learning process more intuitive and fun.

Let’s discuss your eLearning project!

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  • We’ll analyze the type of eLearning software you want to build
  • We’ll suggest the best technologies and approaches
  • We’ll put together a team of experienced EdTech engineers
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Let’s discuss your eLearning project!

Essential features of eLearning software

Flexible content management

Since education content is at the core of any elearning solution, the system should allow for easy content updates and changes, support various forms of media, and offer interactive forms of learning (for instance, automatically create quizzes out of added content).

Scheduling and timetable management

Whether it’s a solution for individual learning or a platform for a school administration, it’s essential to provide tools for convenient class scheduling or rescheduling, connecting the timetable to other calendar services, managing attendance, etc.

Automated reports

Analytics can help students using an elearning app get insights into their progress, while for teachers and institutions, reporting tools can help evaluate the quality of educational content, as well as track homework and tests.

Integrations with other services

Depending on particular functionality, you might want your elearning platform to be connected to video conferencing tools, calendar apps, and emails. Companies looking for corporate training app development will need their app to be integrated with an HR or ERP system.

Innovative technologies

AI assistants and AR/VR imagery have been reshaping the way people learn, and it’s crucial to consider some of these technologies in elearning software development services. They can help students learn faster and test their knowledge in realistic scenarios from day one.

Interactivity and gamification

To maintain motivation and guarantee results, an elearning service should be easy to interact with and offer some fun incentives. There are many ways gamification can be added to the learning flow: competitions between users, badges, virtual prizes, etc.

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