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Swissphone Mobile — On-
Site Solutions for Rescue

LOCATION: Switzerland Switzerland
INDUSTRY: Resource planning software

The project

Swissphone's s.ONE platform is a full-stack software solution for rescue operations. As part of our cooperation, we developed three mobile applications that communicate with special pager devices and support rescue workers on-site.

Technologies used

C# / .NET / Xamarin / Bluetooth Low Energy / ASP.NET MVC / Web API / SQL Server NHibernate / Rest API

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Swissphone is a leading international supplier of modern alerting and communication solutions that are widely renowned for their exceptional quality and reliability

Swissphone produces robust paging systems for emergency services and designs secure alerting networks and mobile products for organizations with extremely time-critical message notification requirements. Furthermore, the company develops innovative software solutions for resource management.
Joerg Lichtin
Technical Solution Manager
SwitzerlandSamstagern, CH SwitzerlandSamstagern, CH

I would like to say thank you especially to the whole team for their hard work (in often not simple project).We continue to rely on your dedication and perseverance.


Binary Studio team has developed, designed and released three mobile applications based on Xamarin. They were implemented as cross-platform applications for both iOS and Android and feature built-in support for communication with special pager devices.

  • S.One Mobile: This mobile client for the core backend system allows dispatch centers to instantly respond to emergencies and lets them take the appropriate actions for each individual case – such as alerting relief forces, notifying the operational command and allocate available rescue workers.
  • S.Quad: This application is the functional intermediary between specialized pager devices and the dispatch system within the core system. It also complements pagers with GPS, maps and Bluetooth enlarging functionality.
  • SOS: An application for factory workers and miners without nearby colleagues. It detects emergency incidents (such as a fall or a suspicious absence of movement) and sends targeted alerts to the operator. It also emits acoustic alarm signals that help rescuers to locate the person in need of help.
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Swissphone needed a strategic long-term partner to help them build a highly reliable software solution, based on the entire .NET stack. Looking at the mobile part of our cooperation, Swissphone greatly profited from our proficiency in working with Xamarin, which was the perfect technical fit for their requirements.

In terms of the overall project, Swissphone was looking to establish a cooperation with a dependable partner who could commit to their extremely high quality standards. As a Microsoft certified vendor with outstanding references and a similar mindset, Binary Studio soon became a top choice.
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