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Cross-Platform Mobile Solution For Spa & Salon Management

Cross-Platform Mobile Solution
For Spa & Salon Management

  • LOCATION: flag USA

  • Type of Service: Dedicated Development Team

  • INDUSTRY: Health & Wellness


  • Project Type: SaaS

  • DURATION: 2014 - Present

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The Client

MassageBook is the most popular all-in-one online platform for massage therapists and bodywork professionals in the US. It was founded by a former massage therapist with a mission to help massage professionals run their independent businesses, grow their practices, and provide them with the necessary software tools. MassageBook offers a comprehensive set of features, including scheduling, client management, a payment module, and marketing tools - all designed to streamline and enhance the management of a massage therapy practice.

They've done fantastic work for us. They take a great deal of ownership for work that they produce and they are really highly skilled people that we would have very much difficulty finding in United States.

Binary engineering team is very good at not just treating us like the project they are working on, but treating it like it was their own. They are also very good at leading us technically, making architectural decisions and deciding what platforms and technologies we are going to use.

Massagebook Mobile-1

James Tetler

Engineering Manager / MassageBook

Massagebook Mobile-2 Charleston, SC, USA

One thing that continues to impress us is the exceptional quality of engineers that Binary Studio is able to provide us
Mark Volkmann - CEO /
Massage Book
They are real experts in both Back End and Front End
James Tetler - Engineering Manager /
Massage Book


The partnership between Binary Studio and MassageBook began in 2012, with a focus on developing their web platform. The success of this web application underscored the need for similar functionality on mobile devices for massage therapists.

Chronologically, the development objectives for the MassageBook mobile platform included:

  • 01

    Launching a hybrid mobile application

    The first version of MassageBook Mobile was a hybrid application. Its aim was to bring the core functionalities of the web platform to smartphones and tablets, giving massage therapists the flexibility to manage their practices on the go.

  • 02

    Developing advanced cross-platform applications for iOS and Android

    Our second objective was to design and develop cross-platform applications for iOS and Android to provide a consistent and modern user experience across mobile platforms.

  • 03

    Ongoing enhancement and security upgrades

    In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, our third objective involves continuous updates using the latest technologies. This ongoing process is essential for maintaining the highest levels of security and functionality. It ensures that our apps not only meet but exceed the expectations of our users and the demands of digital security protocols.

Solution and Outcome

  • Binary Studio has taken full responsibility for the entire mobile app development process, beginning with the Proof of Concept (POC) phase in 2014. We have diligently covered all technical aspects, from recommending new technologies to actively participating in design reviews. Our focus has been on delivering the most cost-effective and high-performing solutions.
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Massagebook Mobile-4
Massagebook Mobile-5
Massagebook Mobile-6
  • Stage 1

    After the successful launch of the MassageBook web version, we focused on expanding its reach through mobile applications. We leveraged Apache Cordova (formerly PhoneGap) and native plugins for iOS and Android to create these additional applications.

    The introduction of the MassageBook mobile app significantly improved the user experience. It enabled therapists to conveniently access the core functionalities of the web platform from their mobile devices, eliminating the need for a computer. A standout feature of the mobile version was its payment integration, which seamlessly synchronized with peripheral devices. This allowed for efficient transaction processing through Bluetooth-enabled credit card readers.

    Binary Studio's comprehensive role in the development of MassageBook's mobile applications included:

    • Developing the core of the mobile application using cross-platform technologies, including HTML5 and Cordova
    • Implementing support for Bluetooth credit card readers via native plugins, using Objective-C for iOS and Java for Android
    • Further enhancing the app to support two-factor authentication on the backend

    These efforts not only broadened the accessibility of MassageBook but also introduced innovative features that catered to the evolving needs of massage therapists.

  • Stage 2

    In a few years, with the significant growth in the usage of smartphones and tablets for daily practice, we made a decision to completely rebuild the MassageBook mobile experience. We developed dedicated, modern apps for iOS and Android from scratch. This decision was driven by the need to integrate with various third-party services, implement a modern design, ensure a smooth user experience, and avoid technical debt and legacy codebase issues.

    We chose Flutter, Google's software development kit, for its cross-platform capabilities. Flutter provided a consistent look and functionality across platforms, a variety of ready-to-use widgets, and a streamlined testing process. This choice expedited development and reduced time-to-market. Flutter also integrated seamlessly with our PHP and MySQL backend.

    The result is the ‘MassageBook Manager’ mobile app, now available on the App Store and Google Play. Built with cutting-edge technologies, it retains all essential features of the older version, along with significant enhancements:

    • Simplified client checkouts and payment processing: Integration with Square and Stripe enables touchless payments. The app supports USB and Bluetooth devices, and the NFC module.
    • Efficient appointment management: The revamped layout facilitates quicker booking and modification of appointments. Predictive actions reduce navigation time, enhancing client engagement.
    • Reliable 24/7 notifications: Users receive push notifications anytime, thanks to the background app refresh feature.
    • Enhanced security and accessibility: Biometric login ensures quick and secure access.
    • Robust management features: The app includes tools for staff and administrative tasks, along with enhanced dashboards.
  • Stage 3

    The MassageBook Manager app was first put through a closed beta testing phase to gather user feedback and gain insights into real-world use cases. Following its public release, the app quickly became popular, earning an impressive 4.8 rating on the App Store, with more than 600 user reviews. We are now focusing on further refinements.

    One of our primary focuses is ensuring uncompromised security and optimal performance. To achieve this, we deliver updates one-two times per month, each including the latest versions of all frameworks.

Massagebook Mobile-7
Massagebook Mobile-8

Exceeding Client Expectations

  • Starting with the quick launch of the initial mobile app, we've consistently delivered results that go beyond what was anticipated. The app's popularity among massage therapists is a testament to this, with over 11,000 massage practices actively using it for their daily business needs.
  • We've kept pace with the ever-changing market and regulatory requirements, ensuring the app stays relevant and compliant. It's this blend of foresight and practical application that has made our partnership with MassageBook a model of effective and user-focused software development.

About Binary Studio

  • Binary Studio is a boutique software development company, regularly praised for its unique blend of engineering excellence and product ownership that enables its clients to build robust and scalable software products.
  • With our development team made up of top 0.5% international tech talent, we build web and mobile platforms using Node.js, .NET, React Native, Flutter, and integrating AI and ML. We also offer full-cycle QA and project management services to ensure the efficient delivery.
  • Our clients see us as a trusted partner dedicated to turning visions into great products. This is proven by 100+ delivered projects, more than two decades of business excellence, and stellar customer reviews.
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